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PREDESTINATION absolute, assured as the tides, advancing the tugboat McGuire for Tim Haggin. In the alpha she was laid bottomward beneath borough arrangement on affairs acclimatized by politics, and — as if not abundantly accursed by that—some one extracted the amount of a amber alehouse from what she amount the city. Alee thereafter, with Misfortune her pilot, as it seemed, she threaded the approach of Circumstance, fast basement adjoin the end. Adamantine names followed in her train. Owens, the aboriginal at her caster aback she ran amid the Islands, larboard at the end of six months, with affidavit intelligent, admitting profane. McGinnis had her next, and, as you know, he came from the Union Company, whose tugs are the affliction in the world. But alike McGinnis absent heart; aberrant absolutely for him whose berths had ranged through boats from bad to worse, — tugs wherein afterlife afraid aloft the axis of a shaft.

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“ Some day,” said he sagely, “ her biler ’11 absterge that sudden-like,” — apparent by a breeze of his fingers, — “ and, by me choice. I ’11 not be lavin’ wit’ it.”

McGinnis withdrew, but his able assessment of the McGuire clung like an orphan’s curse. Backroom stepped in to stop the aspersion ; but it was little use. Heffron had her added than a year, actuality atrocious for the appetite of better, with a wife and babes to support. Then, afterwards these three years of astonishing absurdity and bisected her amount in repairs, she was banned by boycott, accursed by the inspectors, and put up at accessible auction.

Simmons, of the Union Company, bought the McGuire at the amount of junk, and added her to his curios. He was absent to use her abrupt as she was, but the inspectors came aback on him with a warning. So afterwards six weeks’ nursing in the Erie Basin she collection up to the Front one day, and there was the absolute Haggin at her wheel.

Now there was a body amid the aircraft that fared by the name of O’Rourke. He was a husky, dip-chested man amid men, with the articulation of a freighter’s winch ; captain of the Blue Star’s tug Annie Rosey, and a assertive array of wit. As they say on the Front, he was the Accomplished Thing. Haggin knew him, but afterwards account ; for, as a accouter hand, Haggin had run curve aloft the Annie Rosey. Three months of that was enough, and the aftermost time he stepped from her to the stringpiece of a pier, he remarked in .the face of the apple that he would advertise aboriginal aloft a Barney dumper afore he would go aback to O’Rourke. Whereupon, from that hour alee O’Rourke rendered unto Haggin all that was due aloft this account; and advance crosses advance abounding times in the anchorage trade.

“ Do you alarm her the McGuire ? ” he asked, aback the tug, with her disorderly beginning paint, lay appropriation at the pier. “ You do, eh? I’m absent of McGuire meself, Tim Haggin, and ye ’re callin’ him out of his name. It’s his sow ye’ve blanket instead, and he ‘ll accept the law on ye.”

“ Sow an’ she may be,” growled Haggin. “but I’ve absent pigs enough, Mister Denny O’Rourke, to save her wallowin’ aerial advance aloft on the Hoboken rocks.”

“ Oh, annoyer ! ” roared Reddy Rogers, Tim Haggin’s engineer, his heel anguish the corruption in delight. The army tittered, too, for it was beginning anamnesis forth the Front how O’Rourke, but a anniversary before, was angled comatose by the alluvion ice, and shouldered aground at the Point.

“ Fair words there,” abstruse the big man, a brick-red afterglow of acrimony afire at the aback of his neck, “ fair words, or I ’ll be bottomward wit’ a anchor to allege me mind, Tim Haggin, and little benevolence to you.”

Haggin accomplished for the blare cord, and the short, aciculate bang brought the accouter easily aerobatics aboard.

“ Cast off them lines,” he ordered, and the tug swung abroad from the pier. “ Ye ’re a big man, Denny O’Rourke, and yer fist’s bigger abstruse nor yer head,” he called. “ But time’s comin’, man, aback ye ’ll accommodated yer mate, and all account to the day.” Haggin, actively prophetic, bore over on the wheel, and the McGuire, racketing at her high-pressure exhaust, coughed eastward aloft the stream.

“ Reddy, me boy, did ye apprehend him ? ” said Haggin bottomward the engine-room tube. “ He was callin’ of her a sow.”

Rogers clucked in his cheek. “ I apprehend him,” he answered, a afflicted agenda in the words. ” Abiding and it’s not too far from her kind. Tim, she ’s decrepit wit’ drip a’ready, but divvil a bit smoother does she about-face over, for all me greasin’ of her machines. What ’s ailin’the baiter I dunno, but she ’s a animal of a beast, and warst of the Simmonses at that.”

“ Ah. accumulate at her, Reddy, lad ; she ’11 appear annular by and by.”

“ Divvil a bit, I ’m thinkin’,” he wailed. “ It’s like that a bend and a sledge ’ll be walkin’ amid these engynes bisected the time o’ steam.”

Reddy angry aback to his cripple, and Haggin, aloft, lurched the McGuire along, her pipes whooping like an asthma.

A abscessed animal of a baiter she was, indeed, yet Haggin had his pride. Aloft all, it was his aboriginal command, and that is abundant to a man. She was his aboriginal love, as it were, admitting amiss uncomely,

— stub-nosed, slat-sided, and as abounding in the flanks as a tub. A attached lay aloft her movements; achievement by stroke, advanced from the linkhead, aft to the coast screw, her engines wrangled like a shrew. On the bottomward thrust

— at abounding beef advanced — the anchorage cavalcade aerial from the bedplates, and for bisected a stroke, it seemed, the addled bolt exhausted in midair. Then, as the cutting crank angry over in its orbit, the weight of metal lurched homeward with a awful crunch, alternate by a ataxia of beef from all her loosepacked valves.

“ Will ye apperception it! ” cried Rogers to the crew, one cheeky deride befuddled aback adjoin the steam-veiled amphitheater of coast steel. “ Time ’s comin’, lads, aback the bond ’ll breach what holds ’em. Then, in me mind, the bloomin’ agent ’ll footfall bottomward t’roo her balloon and bang her daylights out. It’s a abscessed load, indade, that Simmons has on his mind, but what of us, me lads ? ”

But, as it was said, Haggin admired the boat.

The winter grew, and with it the ice. It bore bottomward through the aerial Hudson, gagging the approach way from Liberty Island to the Hook. A white plain, of mornings, lay aloft the Bay, and beef tug and bear fought aloft its face, active atramentous lanes through from anchorage to pier, up and bottomward the waters. At nightfall, fresh-gathering floes wiped out the bisect curve of the behemothic geometry, whereupon aurora arose to renew the struggle. Three canicule of this abject by; the third crawled into aphotic with bisected the anchorage agile at a standstill ; and added tugs than you anytime heard of — afar from dissipate — hobbled homeward, lame, their spiral blades apathetic abbreviate and the chestnut rags aloft their strakes.

“ ’Dad, Tim Haggin, you go accessible area yer goin’ ! ” yelled Reddy up the tube. “’The accomplished dommed affair ’ll be afloat if you go hammerin’ arch on t’roo the muss. Eh — what’s that? Appear bottomward yerself, man, and see it; I’ve been at her wit’ the bend this hour agone. Would yer attending at the barbarian of engynes ability out for a felly for all like a Baxter Street clothesman ? ”

She was active beneath one bell, authoritative fair time in the aisle of a Staten Island ferryboat aloft the Robbin’s Reef alarm buoy. Slouching along, a cable’s breadth astern, was the Annie Rosey, Denny O’Rourke at the pilot-house window, a leer in his eyes. But Haggin had no eye for him. His afterimage was absorbed to the foremast shrouds of a big Glasgow clipper lying in the stream. Halfway up the ratlines her adept stood, a violent, atramentous man, assault to and fro in the cordage.

“ Did ye apprehend me ? ” yelled Reddy through the tube. “ I say, Tim, if ” —

A bouncy agitation of the chime bell, calling abounding acceleration ahead, drowned his bad-tempered grumbling. Instinctively he gave the engines steam, and then, with Abrupt additional thought, cut it abbreviate again, — rank disobedience, by the way. But afresh the alarm tinkled sharply, and a agitated articulation roared accusation through the tube.

“Tim Haggin, shut up!” Reddy hurled aloft. “ D’ ye think, by the body of man, l’m takin’ affairs out actuality in the algid ? Why, boss, ye ‘ll agitate the sow in two if ye go abounding acceleration bangin’ into this drift. What’s crossin’ the course, — what ‘s in the wind, anyhow, to go ringin’ a alarm like that ? ”

“ Reddy, Reddy,” came the argumentation return, “ if ye ’re a man wit’ bisected a soul, exhausted it to her, — agitate out the aftermost link, lad.”

“ Ah-r ! ” growled Reddy. “ What’s up ? ”

“ Agitate her out. I say, or by the larboard bind leg of the barbarian of Balaam I ’ll be bottomward there wit’ a wrench, teachin’ ye yer trade. Reddy! —here the articulation rose to a shriek, — “ attending beyant to the Goosecap ! She’s aground in the drift; she ’s pilin’ fast advanced on the rocks. For the adulation of Heaven, Reddy, boost it to her! She’s activity aground aloft old Colligan’s bat’house ! ”

A abrupt anarchism amid the McGuire’s engines gave acknowledgment to Haggin’s appeal. Trembling advanced and aft, the ample ability shouldered advanced into the ice pack, groaning audibly as in absinthian pain, her crank shaft boot angrily in the whirl. Reddy, with one duke on the lever, continued apparent for a view; airtight aback and gave her addition notch. Aloft was the Goosecap abutting to the beach, and authoritative added agitated signals for aid.

“ Don’t booty a cent beneath than two hundred ! ” yelled Reddy through the tube.

“ Not if I apperceive it,” answered Haggin ; “ but O’Rourke’s got on to her, too.”

“A anathema on him ! We ’ll exhausted him or bust.”

“ That’s the kind, Reddy, — boost it to her! ”

The McGuire leaped ahead, her engines pitched advancement in a tense, accusatory key. One lane lay through the drift, — three lengths advanced and aloft an about solid float of ice. Haggin gauged its backbone with artful eye ; afresh apprenticed on the chance. Arch aboriginal he collection the McGuire adjoin the wall; she groaned as she took it, and, with a bad-tempered lunge, accolade bisected out aloft its bright face. Baffled the baiter slipped back, a deluge of blooming baptize surging about her bitts ; then, all easily blind fast, went at it again. This time the backpack bankrupt beneath her weight, and with aural noises breach advertisement like glass.

Grinding onward, Haggin ploughed her through the drift, the cakes aback tossed aloft the agitated flirting of her screw. Already afresh she brought up standing, and Reddy, with a decrepit prayer, gave her abounding head. Thereupon she burst the berg apart, and, like a bolter hare, tore bottomward the accessible lane of water, with the Annie Rosey fast advancing up behind.

At anniversary ancillary lay the field, knitted fast by the absinthian cold, and majestically across-the-board arctic adjoin the studding rocks of Liberty. At its alien bend canted the Goosecap, her cable parted, a agitation of orders casting from her quarter-deck, and adversity abutting at hand. On the able flood advance she was active fast, and with what accident advanced none ability tell, aback she should rap her duke on the rocks.

“ Here, you, Davy, booty the wheel! ” cried Haggin to his mate, dispatch to the quarter-rail. ” How much?” he yelled aloft the ice to the clipper. “ What ? ” — a cheeky barrage at the answer. “ Fifty ? Not much. Accomplish it three hundred, or not at all.”

“ Out of the way there, Tim Haggin ! ” came the admonishing with a bang of whistles from astern.

Haggin looked aback in a abrupt agitation : the Annie Rosey, swathed in steam, was baking up the lane of accessible water, a ample ablution of cream spuming from her bows. Haggin captivated his animation ; afresh the bang of agent accretion addled aloft his ears, and he coiled to Davy within.

“ Aback there, and adamantine aport.”

Davy Brown understood, and nodded. The McGuire befuddled angrily as her engines angry over, and a moment afterwards droned annular till addition alarm brought her to a standstill, abounding angular the channel.

“ Authority her! ” airtight Haggin, axis accept to the babble skipper in the Goosecap’s shrouds. “ My job, Denny O’Rourke,” he warned the Rosey’s captain. “You’ll meddle elsewhere, man, or there’s agitation brewin’ to-night. Angle off there, I acquaint you, and leave this actuality to me.”

The Rosey’s alarm clanged again, and the bendable beef spurted from her exhaust. Her caster was spinning over, and Haggin breathed advisedly with the anticipation that O’Rourke was cartoon out. But the Rosey had added schemes a-going: she nosed forth the bend of the pack, collection bottomward actively adjoin the McGuire, afresh set her accept adjoin the sullen, awkward Sow and shoved her contemptuously aside.

At the desperate, blowing ambush a storm of corruption flung amid the two.

“ How abundant was he askin’ ? ” inquired O’Rourke, audacious aback at Haggin. “ Three hundred, hey ? Thievin’, cap’n, — authentic thievin’. I ’ll do it for two hundred. Is it a go ? Right! Canyon them curve forward, Finnegan, and attending aciculate about it. Even’n’, Mr. Haggin, and how’s the Sow ? ”

O’Rourke blew his avowal that night up and bottomward the Front; admitting Haggin angry up at Harrison Street, South Brooklyn, and went home a agitated man. It was not so abundant the accident of money, for Simmons acclimatized alone bristles per cent on devious windfalls like that ; but Haggin in his apperception foresaw, as in the happening, the able conceit of his enemy’s new anatomy of insult whenever they should accommodated amid men. Atramentous with his nursed wrath, he shouldered homeward through the atramentous crowd, cursing Denny O’Rourke to the aftermost articulation of perdition, and still with the acerbity aloft him caked out his account to his wife.

“ Haggin,” said she, with absolute nods, “ you ‘re a fool. I ’d ’a’ sunk him did he try his bedraggled tricks with me.” And she formed her foot, her eyes flashing, as she gave her apperception of the matter.

The winter passed, and Haggin still waited his chance. Barter lay dull, and, in appetite of bigger work, the McGuire stood seaward off the Hook, cat-and-mouse for the entering craft. Twice the Annie Rosey lunged out of the aperture of Gedney Channel, and hovered by continued abundant for O’Rourke to bung a taunt aloft the seas. But Haggin gave no answer, admitting his eyes blazed and his fingers clung angrily to the spokes.

One aurora came, with a ablaze air from the westward and a far-away address cartoon up. She was bawl entering on a abroad camber of wind, and in bisected an hour had aerial aloft the border till she showed herself bottomward to the royals. Haggin watched her coming; then, annoyed of the chance, pushed the McGuire about and bore abroad adjoin her.

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At the aforementioned time the Annie Rosey lounged bottomward the channel, and, acquainted the McGuire coast eastward, tore forth in pursuit.

Haggin had bisected a mile the better, but could go no college than ten afar to the Rosey’s twelve. Yet, with the clipper cartoon up on the awakening westerly breeze, he was fair to barrage her first.

“ It ’s him, fast enough,” batten Davy, casual adjoin the arch of Gedney’s. “ Say, I apprehend his brother Petey’s out lookin’for a job. Aforementioned affectionate as Denny, they tell. I see him talkin’ to Simmons over in Dutch John’s.”

Haggin grunted contemptuously, his eyes anchored on the abroad ship.

“ Skysails, — she ’s a big one,” he remarked. ” Array of looks like the old Ah Soon.”

“ China ship, abiding enough,” said Davy, aback the clipper aerial her hull; “ aerial as a Pocahontas atramentous barge goin’ dry.”

The Rosey was cartoon up fast, acceptance her way aloft the seas, all absent of the building of aerosol bath her to the stack. Halfway to the hunt she had best up abundant of the distance, address southward of the McGuire. Haggin, however, with acumen in his course, was captivation added to the east.

“She’ll go about,” said he, laying bottomward the glass, “and accomplish it abutting tack.”

The words were on his aperture aback the alpine pyramids of bolt fluttered advanced and aft, while, across-the-board about in a majestic arc, the clipper hauled her advance — aloft aggregate abounding and cartoon — and bore advancement adjoin the Hook. The Rosey, outflanked by the manœuvre, absent arena ; but the McGuire, aural complete of the clipper’s slatting canvas, rapidly drew bottomward aloft her quarter.

“Ah Soon—Glasgow,” apprehend Davy, as the tug ranged up beneath the clipper’s counter.

“ Ahoy, there! Appear alongside, cap’n ! ” she hailed, and the McGuire, bottomward aft again, swung annular to the starboard side. But alike as she loped aloft the clipper’s wake, panting, swiftbreathed, the Rosey attempt aloft the bow, and, accepted to, cut in adjoin the clipper’s flank.

“ My job, cap’n ! ” Haggin alleged out to the clipper, his eyes snapping. “ Accepted rates, no extras, and acreage ye chargeless aback she anchors.”

“ What ’s this, Tim ? ” asked the deepsea pilot, aptitude over the corruption with a grin. “ Is the tug barter growing chargeless with its favors, these canicule ? What’s up ? ”

“ This actuality ! ” yelled O’Rourke, active in forth the clipper’s aerial flank. “ Out of the way there, Haggin, or I ’ll apprehension yer bloomin’ Sow into ancillary bacon ! ”

The Rosey’s bow fender angled the McGuire at the adverse as she aerial on a sea, abstraction the timbers till they shrieked. The shock threw Haggin adjoin the wheel. He arose, white and actively quiet. Walking aft, he leaned over the engine-room skylight and batten to Rogers below.

“ It’s him again,” he alleged softly. “ Reddy, d’ ye apperception ? ”

“ On accouter ! ” yelled Reddy to Benny the fireman. “Up there, now,” he raged, “ and attending out for agitation ! ”

Without additional behest the atramentous advocate raced up the ladder.

“ All right, Tim ! ” sang out Reddy, continuing by the lever. “ Let her go ! Anathema Simmons for what he is, and the divvil tak’ his boat! ”

The McGuire alone aback into the clipper’s wake, O’Rourke cutting advanced to her place. He hurled one cheeky taunt; afresh his eyeballs bulged.

“Out of the way, there, Denny O’Rourke!” Haggin was shouting. “ It’s your burial this time.”

A access of cream attempt out from beneath the McGuire’s adverse ; her engines galloped abounding speed. Arch alee she attempt at the Annie Rosey, and O’Rourke, angled napping, stared as she answerable aloft him. As in a dream Haggin heard the footsteps of the clipper’s aggregation scampering aloft the decks aloft ; afresh a boss blast roared aloft the sea. The bow of the McGuire, raking the Annie Rosey from the adverse advanced to the bitts, lopped off her corruption as bowl shears chaw through sheathing. Reddy, adhering to a stanchion, one eye aloft the decrepit engines, beatific her aback again. Afresh a alarm aloft articulate in the clouding steam, and abounding angle he collection her advanced on the return. A anarchism of profanity stormed about their ears, — died away, drowned out in a abrupt amazement of fear. Alarm rang aloft alarm in the Rosey’s agent authority ; her spiral threshed berserk aural the sea, but as she fell off from the clipper’s ancillary the McGuire addled her abounding aloft the beam. Afresh from the clipper’s balustrade they saw the Rosey’s accouter planks contraction entering weakly, abundant like decrepit paper; splinters showered about her, and the bow of the McGuire benumbed advancement agee her till the sea played chargeless aloft the combing of the engine-room door.

“ Astern, Reddy ! ” batten Haggin gayly through the tube. “ We’ve acclimatized the beggar his askin’, and let it go at that! ”

A bend of departing timbers, a face-lifting of oaths and agreeable bells, and the McGuire sagged aback from the Rosey’s deck, her stub-nose aged aloft fancy, yet boastful to the adequateness of a leer. Staggered by the afterimage of all this desperation, her aggregation clung aloft the braiding gratings, bashful to a man, absent from what division doom would alight aloft them next.

“Ye’ve a aftertaste of your own kind, Denny O’Rourke ! ” alleged Haggin aloft the afflicted sea. “ There ’s added waitin’, if ye want. Or accept ye had enough, me man ? Shall it be quits for the while, I ’m askin’ ? ”

O’Rourke wagged a able-bodied anchor aloft the water, his face fatigued with hatred.

“ Ye ’ll pay for this wit’ yer license, Tim Haggin, and I ‘ll accept yer activity wit’ it, too.” Actuality words bootless him in his frenzy, and he took to man-handling his crew. Anathema followed anathema afresh about the boat, and Haggin grinned in derision.

“ We ’11 go home, Reddy, me boy. Will yer engynes angle up to it ?“

Only facts printed legibly in burst timbers and askance animate absorption the Beef Boiler Inspectors, who administer over approach destinies. Occasionally, in affairs afore them, they ask apropos the acceleration beneath way, the signals, and the abstemious qualities of the pilot in allegation ; contrarily they clothing themselves in the accounting signs of disaster. The pilot of the Ah Anon stood up for Haggin at the hearing, but they took Tim’s authorization away. Afore this O’Rourke batten Simmons on the Front, and Simmons, afterwards his kind, awry annular like a December gale.

“ You ’re a alarming man, Haggin,” said he, “ and we ’ll part.”

“ It’s a acceptable affair for both of us,” answered Haggin, “but a bigger affair for me. I ’ll be up for my time tonight, and there’s somethin’ owin’ for chow I’ve accord the men.”

“ You ’ll pay it yourself, then, Haggin,” said Simmons. “D’yer anticipate it’s a chargeless coffee angle I’m active with the tugs ? ”

Haggin sat bottomward on the oil locker in the agent room, and idly drummed his heels.

“ Reddy, I ’m out,” said he.

“ Well,” remarked Reddy promptly, “ ye don’t assume desperit-like. I’m leavin’, too. It ’s bad grub, adamantine hours, and worse engynes wit’ the abhorrence of abrupt afterlife that we quit. Simmons — a anathema to him — docked me too for our amusement beyant, to the chune of one mont’s wages. What’s more, O’Rourke’s brother has the McGuire, and I’m dommed, says I, if I’ll assignment for a galley-jawin’, sojerin’ hoss of a animal the cast of him.”

“ I ‘m that sorry, Reddy.”

“ You ‘ll not be that abundant apologetic the amount of a can of beer, Tim Haggin, and acknowledgment to ye.”

Reddy affective up a wrench, and contemptuously tossed it acute amid the crank throws and rods of the McGuire’s decrepit engines.

“ I ’ll fix them, too ! ” he snapped, a abrupt acrimony transfiguring his usually collected face. Recovering the alone wrench, he fell aloft the agent gear. ” Actuality goes, Ned Simmons, for that abundant fun to the amount of the accomplishment you’ve stole.”

“ What’s up, Reddy ? ”

“ You put yer eye on me, Tim. I ‘ll fasten the bally baiter till she limps onelegged for Simmons — unh ! ” His bend bit audibly on the metal. “ ’T is a bolt that clings faster nor Simmons to a dollar ! Unh ! ”

“ If ye ’ll be foolin’ wit’ the valve chest, Reddy Rogers,” cried Haggin swiftly, “ I’m abroad from actuality till ye ’re done ! Man, ye’ve not cut off the biler! Spiral off the stame, there, ye idjit, or ye ‘11 draft us from actuality to Greenwood ! ”

Reddy, abashed hut determined, climbed aloft the engines to the capital augment and busted bottomward the valve. Afresh he swung aback to the arch of the agent room, and alleged bottomward to the advocate in the authority : “ Benny, are ye there ? Ay ? Attenuate git the divvil out of there, lad, and here’s the amount of a mulligan.”

Benny sauntered shoreward, and with the bend campanology in its assignment Reddy went at the valve. One by one he bankrupt the anchor of nut on bolt, and with atrocious activity pried up the arch of the valve.

“ Out of there, Tim! ” he cried, throwing bottomward the wrench. Delving into the locker, he abject out a arena of metal pipe, —a devious end from a boiler tube. “The chisel, — the chisel!” he panted in his haste, clawing through the decay affection strewed about the locker. “ The blade — ah ! there ye are.”

He laid the inch of tubing in the engine-hold vise, and with aerial acclamation of a bang sheared it bottomward one side. Afresh he pried it apart, smoothed off the burr, and raced aback to the valve.

“ D’ ye see. Haggin ? ” he grunted over the arch of the valve chest. “ Here’s the duke spiral what lengthens the stride of the valve. D’ye see? Wit’it busted up as far as she ’ll go, it makes the cranks go faster, — afresh ye ’re accepting yer speed. Wit’ it busted bottomward hard, she’s joggin’ slow-like, admitting all yer stame be angry afloat to her engynes. Ye’ve no understandin’ yet ? Dommit, man, yer that blubbery ! Sure, watch yer dad.”

Reddy aerial the animate awning till he could brace it accessible with a block. “ See that, ye muttonhead,” — this to Haggin. “ D’ ye see that spiral what runs bottomward from the duke caster aloft the chist ? D’ ye see this actuality biler – aqueduct allotment ? Then, can ye putt two and two toget’er, or are ye that impaired wit’ yer afterimage ye ’ll never see t’roo a hawse aqueduct ? My mind, Tim Haggin ” —

“ Will ye be putting the allotment in there, Reddy ? ” access Haggin from his silence. He leaped from the locker lid, and clapped Reddy on the back.

The begrimed architect nodded gayly, and angled to the assignment again.

“ There, Tim Haggin, I’m doin’ no added than swagin’ this bit of jool’ry about the duke – caster screw, central area it’ll not be seen. D’ye twig? Aback the abutting divvil of a hard-driven oil coquette comes aboard, he ’ll accept the Backbone of a Herkles (Herkles ? I’m misminded if that be the name), but he ’ll accept to be dommed stronger than the anchor of absinthian man can be to aberration up the valve till she’s goin’ abounding speed, the McGuire.”

The bang swung, the accomplishment was done. The inch end of boiler aqueduct was driven, like a ring, about the threaded spiral that keyed up the valve to speed. Then, with a achievement of the bang again, the arch of the chest clanged into place; with dispatch fingers the basics were busted home aloft the bolts ; and continued afore Benny the advocate came amazing aback to the pier, bisected .seas over and roaring, the McGuire was a bedridden craft.

The association of absolute towboatmen, artlessly met as usual, hovered at the anchorage head. Denny O’Rourke, ashen in triumph, had laid his taunt on Haggin.

“ I ’ve got yer license, ye sow-drivin’ lub of a lighterman,” said he, “ and me brother Petey’s got yer boat. And area are ye now, Mr. Haggin ? ”

“ Here, Denny O’Rourke, and wit’ these words in me mout’: Ye’ve got me license, and yer brother’s got me berth. It’s angry appear to the both of ye, and there’s a anathema in yer wake, O’Rourke. Mark me, I accomplish no threats, but by the ability of the saints above, me man, this day the year ’11 see ye wit’out a boat, — ye or yer brother, — an’ beggin’ a authorization at that, Good-day to ye, Denny O’Rourke, and put that in yer aqueduct and smoke it.”

The army was silent; the big man rang a audacious beam in answer.

Haggin, with his easily in his pockets, strolled bottomward the anchorage giving one aftermost cast at his foe : “Ye apperception the words, Denny O’Rourke ! ”

Simmons was continuing on the border of the stringpiece, and his apperception was not at peace.

“ What’s that ? ” he bellowed below. “ She ’ll not run aloft seven bond ? It’s a lie ! She’s been driv’ eleven point five. Don’t accord me no allocution like that, Petey O’Rourke. And you there, O’Brien: a accomplished amount of a man you are, hirin’ out at abounding wages, and can’t accomplish no beef in her pipes ! What’s the brace of you for? Would you breach a man, with your allocution of dry docks and repairs? You’ll advance ten bond out of that there McGuire, or the job’s for bigger men. You apprehend me ? ”

They heard. But it mattered little; Reddy’s adornment had done the job. The McGuire abject in her work, deader than if she were anchored to the abut of a atom address burdened beneath the aftertaste of Plimsoll. In her circadian circuit skippers swore at her backward ; she was anesthetized by all ability but the affection lighters slouching forth the anchorage line. O’Brien, her new engineer, had gone prospecting amid crank throws and cylinder, gluttonous the antecedent of agitation ; Petey O’Rourke, beside himself, suggesting possibilities from the augment pump up to the acme plate.

“Naw,” airtight O’Brien, “ g’ wan wit’ yer. The gauges appearance right; ’t ain’t in her biler at all, at all. It’s in the ablaze of her accursed angry means that’s doin’ it. I ’m absent to t row up the job.”

“ Don’t ye be doin’ that, Mike; don’t be doin’ that,” pleaded O’Rourke. “ Ye ’d not be lavin’ me in the lurch? ”

“ Mebbe the Sow’s overfat from the chow Simmons is givin’ her,” appropriate a caller. He was a acquaintance of Haggin’s.

O’Rourke swore.

“ The Sow ’s got the hog cholera; ’t is all she can do to walk,” remarked the man, activity up the Front. He had formed on a beasts baiter once, and was apt in terms.

Haggin heard, and grinned.

Summer passed, autumn treading aloft its heels; winter awash bottomward into spring, and summer was on the anchorage again, — all in the assured annular of seasons. Haggin was accouter duke on the Dora Swan of the Layman line, —still waiting, and with the year’s cast of the Beef Boiler Inspectors anon to canyon from his name. In anamnesis of old times, he absolutely formed as aboriginal acquaintance on the C. P. Layman, — a pilot to all purposes, — admitting afterwards a authorization ; for accord is alike stronger than the approximate opinions of the men who see anchorage activity alone from the roof of the Post Office.

“ In two days,” said he, “ I ’ll be a chargeless man, wit’ me affidavit aback agin. D’ ye apperception that, Davy Brown ? ”

Brown nodded, and accomplished for the bell. As it addled below, the exhausted of the engines paused, while the tug slid cautiously bouncing forth the low arena swell.

“Number Fourteen advancing in,” murmured Brown, pointing his pipestem adjoin a trim and balanced pilot baiter burglary ashen bottomward the arch of the Capital Address Channel. The annex lay bright aloft her cartoon canvas, her bark aphotic and austere below, one attenuate band of cream blubbering beneath her forefoot. Her advance lay aloft the Layman’s bow, but as she drew bottomward adjoin the tug her captain flew up, and she luffed, lying arch into the wind, with her white cloths slatting in the breeze.

“ Ahoy there, tug! ” came a barrage aloft the seas.

“ Ay, ay ! ” cried Brown. “ Hello, Fourteen, what’s up ? ”

“ You ’ll be in a chaos there ’fore long, friend. What boat’s that? ”

“ C. P. Layman. That you, Cap’n Wolff? ”

“ Hello, Davy. D’ ye apperceive ye ’re lyin’ bisected on to the bones of the Jackson ? You bigger be out of there. What do you draw ? ”

“ Twelve and a bisected abounding advanced ; the tanks were abounding to-day.”

“ Bigger cull out of there, — you ’re appropriate on the Knoll now.”

“ What’s the odds, cap’n ? Can’t we backpack twelve and a bisected anywhere on Flynns’s Knoll ? The archive ” —

“ Corruption the archive ! ” came the absolute answer. “ You can’t backpack ten aback the Umbria ripped up the atramentous barge, aftermost night. Bisected the Jackson’s axis agee advancement aback they got the Cunarder off. You bigger get out of there.”

“ So ? Appropriate ye are, then, cap’n, — thanks. How’s trade?”

“ Bad, — absurd bad. Goodnight, Davy,” and with her captain eased off, Number Fourteen fabricated one abbreviate lath into the approach edge, afresh flew about and stood on her way to Staten Island.

“ Abscessed affair on poor old Thompson,” said Haggin, speaking of the Umbria’s pilot. “ They say he was cogent of the Jackson a abbreviate hour afore he ripped the Umbria adamantine through her middle. It ’ll go adamantine wit’ the ole felly, and him one of the best in the trade.”

“Yep — ten feet, humph!” batten Brown. “ I abiding anticipation that the architect had put bang to the wreck. It’s aerial time ’t was done.”

Caldwell, buyer of the Layman line, came bottomward to the anchorage and swung aboard the tug.

“ Where’s Haggin ? ” he asked.

“Here, sir,” answered Tim. “Mornin’ to ye.”

Caldwell nodded him aft to the ascetic gratings, and Tim followed, wondering.

“ Haggin, what’s the account of the McGuire ? ”

“ As she is ? Sure, the amount of old junk.”

“ No, I apperceive that; but can they accomplish a baiter of her for beneath than the amount of a new one ?”

“ Sure, sir, easy. Reddy Rogers, what ran her wit’ me, says two thousand ‘ll do it. He says she’s not so bad ; the agitation was she was slung together. Them’s accepted engynes, but they was no added than pitched into her hull.”

“ But I apprehend she can accomplish no bigger than eight knots, pushed.”

Haggin tittered. “It’s a joke,” he answered. “ She’s acceptable for ten. Reddy Rogers put it up adverse Simmons for the money he’d docked him. Was Simmons not that beggarly to be spendin’ the amount of repairs, he’d continued ago begin out.”

“ How’s that, Tim ? ”

Haggin told in detail how Reddy had swaged the aqueduct about the duke spiral in the valve chest, a job so able that for a abounding year none had begin out or alike suspected. Caldwell roared with delight.

“ I can see a joke, for one,” he assured with, “ admitting it is aloft the owners. You ’re a sly lot, you boys.”

Haggin looked deprecatory. “ Not that, sir, but we was apprenticed hard. Ye ’ll apperceive the affectionate of Simmons ? ”

“ Yes, there’s bigger that go to church. See here, Haggin, I ’ve assured to buy the McGuire. Simmons paid four thousand aback he bought her, hey? ”

“ It was added than stealin’, sir. It was politics.”

Caldwell nodded. “ I know, but he’s got little acceptable for it. He’s offered the McGuire at the amount he paid, and, Tim, I’m activity to buy her in, check her advanced and aft, and put you aboard, my lad.”

“Sure, sir,” answered Haggin, “I’ll ask a adoration for ye. And area is adolescent Petey O’Rourke ? ”

“ Simmons accursed him yesterday. Eight knots was the best he could do, — he and O’Brien, — seeing that Reddy’s adornment was alloyed up in her machines.”

“ I’m minded, sir, there,” murmured Haggin, “ that bisected of me corse ’s appear true.”

“ Bosh, Tim. you ’re foolish. A anathema is no added advantageous than a Dutch duke with the lines. Will you acquaint Captain Davy that the schooner is cat-and-mouse at Dow’s ? ”

They alone the Layman’s tow, backward that night, off the end of the Hook, and angry westward adjoin home.

“There’s your friend, Tim,” alleged Davy bottomward to the advanced bitts, area Haggin was hove to at ease. “ D’ ye see her, the dog, astern?” Aloft was the Annie Rosey aloof forth in their wake, like them apprenticed up the channel, homeward.

Haggin stepped bottomward for a attending at the afterward tug, and returned, aggressive apace aloft to the wheel.

“ I say, Davy, there’s Denny O’Rourke behint.”

“ I told you myself,” answered Davy. “ What ’s that to appear tellin’ a mail ? ”

“ Davy, d’ ye apperception poor Dan Sweezey that O’Rourke beatific to the hospital ? ”

Brown looked about in wonder.

“ Do I, — corruption him ! — do I bethink ? Yes.”

“ Are ye minded, Davy, of the time Denny O’Rourke awash ye adverse the bulkhead in the gap at Atlantic Basin ? It abreast amount ye yer boat, Davy.”

“ Tim Haggin, am I a copy to forget? And what the devil is in your apperception that you ’re tellin’ me these things?”

“ Denny O’Rourke is behint us, Davy,” said Haggin, arresting him by the arm. “ He’s there on the anchorage quarter, and ye ’ll not forgit what Wolff was warnin’ us, aftermost night, by Flynns’s Knoll.”

Brown gaped aloft his accept at the white-faced man abaft him, who aerial a duke for silence.

“ Authority on, Davy, — one minute. Ye ’ll apperception adolescent Billy, yer brother. D ye apperception the night he atrocious exhausted him in Dutch John’s of Coenties Hook ? ”

Wrathful in the memory, Brown hurled the caster about till the Layman bagged aloft her course. As wrathfully, he abject her aback to the approach way, and angry on the man abaft him.

“ The devil’s in you, Tim Haggin ; booty the wheel. I’m goin’ below.”

Haggin bedeviled the wheel, blindly dark for the alarm beneath his hand. As Brown formed bottomward the accompaniment ladder, the gong clanged in the agent hold, while the boat’s amble alone to bisected speed. Astern, the Rosey came accepted up the channel; it was growing late, and Denny O’Rourke was bottleneck on all steam, to get home to his bed in South Brooklyn.

“ Ahoy, there ! ” alleged Haggin, as the Rosey came into hail.

“ Ay, — what’s ailin’ yer ? ” a abrasion articulation returned.

“ Acceptable – evenin’ to yer, Denny O’Rourke, and is Petey doin’ well?”

Silence; afresh an adjuration ripped angrily aloft the bouncing sea.

“ Ye ’re not happy, Mister O’Rourke ; they accept took Petey’s anchorage away. Could he beacon as able-bodied as he can steal, — or you, abscess O’Rourke, — there would be bigger money betwane ye.”

The Annie Rosey ranged apace advancement adjoin the taunter. The alarm rang in the Layman’s hold, and the spiral thumped abounding acceleration again.

“ Tim Haggin, I ’ve apparent yer voice!” cried O’Rourke. “There’s a brace of atramentous eyes and a burst arch waitin’ for ye, me friend, aback I accommodated ye beyant. Ye swine, would ye allocution to honest men ? ”

Haggin looked advanced in the course, alignment the approach lights together. The Elm Tree Beacon advanced and the Hook ablaze aback gave him the lay aloft the afire lane of Gedney’s. ’With one eye, then, aloft the tug astern, he awash the caster over, and bore aslant adjoin the alveolate wreck.

“ Ye “re a thief. Denny O’Rourke! Would ye appear aboard, now, I’d set the cast aloft ye.”

At the aerial words the crews of the two antagonism tugs pushed to the rails.

“Ye’re a chokin’ coward, Denny O’Rourke! ” roared Haggin, in one aftermost advance of abuse. Afresh in a lower accent to the accouter easily aft, “ Watch, now, boys, for what’s comin’.”

There rose a blitz of beef from the Annie Rosey’s pipes, and the ballyhoo of her engines exhausted high-stroked aloft the night.

“ Beneath there, Finnegan ! ” yelled Denny O’Rourke, and they saw the acquaintance go scrambling up the ladder. Haggin grinned, aptitude from the pilot-house window with one duke aloft the wheel.

“It’s me, O’Rourke, — Tim Haggin ! ” he cried, a aloof taunt in the tone. “ Can ye see, or accept ye absent thim glasses ye blanket the year agone from the Dutch catchbasin bottomward the Kills ? ”

A atramentous blob attempt bottomward the Rosey’s accompaniment wav, and Denny O’Rourke, one basal on the rail, roared adjuration aloft adjuration aloft the ablution between. “ I ’ll be there to ye, Tim Haggin ! Adamantine down, Finnegan ! ” They were cartoon alarmingly near, the deathwatch of the Layman drowning the added to the decks. Basal by basal she belted the Rosey inward, consistently adjoin that adverse trap, the bones of the Jackson beyond. Haggin attempt a glance ahead, apparent the place, and bore bottomward on the wheel.

“ Army her on,” he dinned bottomward the tube to the agent room. “ They ‘ll do best to booty it adamantine on.”

The Rosey sheered aside, a bald rod of deathwatch amid them.

“ Ye ’ll not be raminin’ tugs these days, eh, Denny O’Rourke ? ” This with a gibing laugh. “ Accept ye absent heart, ye thievin’ alarmist ? ”

“ Till I get aboard, Tim Haggin, ye ’ll live, — no best ! ” threatened Denny O’Rourke, assault the air with his fists. “ Ye — ye — ahr ! ” Acerbity overcame him; his words died on his lips. For already the alarming delivery of his acclimatized profanity forsook the man. He befuddled his fists, baresark in madness, in his acerbity roaring with blurred cries.

The passion, the acidity of the two, hurling, high-voiced, the abhorrence of years, advance to the crews. They laughed and jeered, like masters in the affray. Haggin looked advanced afresh ; afresh he angry the caster to starboard.

“ One breadth ! ” he roared. “ There, men, attending at that! ”

A abrupt grunt, a deadened agitation of analysis copse ; then, uprearing on the sea. the Annie Rosey plunged into the wreck. For one afire she afraid abeyant ; they saw her alpine assemblage blunder like a stricken man ; over it went, beginning bottomward the pilot abode as it fell. Babble followed babble ; she tore her way advancement on the atramentous oak timbers lying beneath her keel, and a advance of breath caked from the hold. Still, with the weight of drive she apprenticed alee aloft that abatis beneath her, the cry of breaking timbers speaking shrilly through the blatant agitation of artifice steam. Afresh she brought to, her screw, still beating, bisected appear ; her men clinging, cursing as they fell, to stanchion, bitt, and rail.

“ Wit’ the adulation of Tim Haggin ! ” cried the man, assault the copse beneath his hand.

A sea heaved up beneath the ashore Rosey ; she lurched forward, and slipped from the abutment beneath. The collapsed assemblage formed clanking aloft the accouter house, and the fireman, coast from below, leaped aloft the accouter into the sea.

“ Pick him up, there ! ” yelled Haggin, and a band was befuddled to the pond man. The Rosey, rolling to and fro, biconcave ascetic under, and a stout duke pushed Haggin from the Layman’s wheel.

“ It’s a night’s assignment to be forgotten, Tim,” decrepit Davy Brown. “ You get beneath and booty them accouter easily aboard.”

Cry fell aloft cry in the wreck. Her men rushed forward, appetite to escape the sea. The blare cord, by some mischance circuitous in the automated stays, twitched with every cycle of the sea, and hoarse, half-choked blasts came hooting from her askance pipe.

“ Ahoy ! Hello, Davy Brown, what’s the row ? ” a articulation hailed them aloft the uproar, and the Layman’s sister boat, the Caldwell, ranged beside.

“ Nothin’ much,” answered Davy. “ Denny O’Rourke’s gone axle up on the Jackson, and serve him acceptable and right.”

The Caldwell nosed inquiringly into the wreck, and one by one, Denny O’Rourke in the lead, the Rosey’s aggregation crawled aboard. Then, with her lights still burning, the tug lurched over on her side, slid from the aftermost anchor of the bones below, and, with a blow of drowning steam, sank bubbles to the bottom.

“ I’m absent now,” said Haggin, unsetting his adamant jaw, “ that best of me curse’s appear true.”

Maximilian Foster.

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