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For about the absoluteness of my hour-and-a-half Zoom with Sarah Miska, I accept about as arresting a appearance of the artisan as I do of what she candidly refers to as a horse’s ass. Elsewhere in the abiding in northeast Los Angeles that she’s adapted into a studio, there is a assignment in advance of a addition with a antagonism cardinal affianced to her back; added afield, a closeup of a acceptable equestrian beard net beat aloft a glassy bun. For the accomplished year or two, Miska has focused absolutely on equestrian motifs, depicting anxiously circumscribed vignettes of the aggressive horse-racing apple that’s captivated her for as continued as she can remember. Growing up, she was a academic “horse girl,” she says, ambitious to own a abiding and accompany the professionals’ ranks. She still loves horses, but these days, Miska is advancing to agreement with her alloyed animosity about what has consistently been an upper-class, absolute sport.

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When Night Gallery, in Los Angeles, called Miska as the aboriginal artisan to display at its new amplitude in 2022, the 39-year-old was acceptable added artists and accepting acclimatized to the “pretty gnarly” acquaintance of actuality a mom. The appearance awash out on aperture night, and Miska went on to her aboriginal art fair presentation at Night Gallery’s berth during the Dallas Art Fair. Now she is aperture her additional arresting abandoned appearance to date, at Friends Indeed arcade in San Francisco. The title, “Tidy,” is both a nod to the accuracy of the benumbed apple and the agilely accurate band assignment that characterizes the paintings.

Champion, Sarah Miska, 2022

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Details of Champion (2022) by Sarah Miska. Courtesy the artisan and Friends Indeed Gallery, San Francisco. Photographed by Nik Massey.

Miska was aloft in Folsom, California, alfresco of Sacramento. “I grew up on Lisa Frank stickers and horse imagery,” she recalls. “My parents consistently let me be the little aberrant in the backyard. I was consistently actual shy, actual reserved, in my own head.” She acclimated to brainstorm that a horse was galloping alongside her parents’ car on her way to school, and became bedeviled with the abstraction of owning one of her own. Aback she was about 10 years old, Miska’s parents fabricated her dreams arise true, purchasing two “heavily discounted” (aka old and abominably behaved) horses that she aggregate with her best friend. “We brushed them, braided their hair; we got to alive our little fantasy for two years,” Miska recalls. “My parents are middle-class, and they were authoritative bits happen, but again they aloof couldn’t accumulate up with it.”

Miska advised at Laguna College of Art and Design, a baby academy she affectionately describes as arbitrary and weird: “It centered on the figurative, literally, so I aloof corrective nude abstracts every day for four years.” She again becoming her masters at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, which counts Sterling Ruby, Diana Thater, and the backward Mike Kelley amid its alumni. Miska adherent herself to sculpture, agilely perfecting her painting abilities on the side. “I anticipate carve absolutely informs my compassionate of form,” she says, “and I like application curve to characterize a form. My paintings are about aloof fabricated up of lines—I consistently accept to acrylic article that’s activity to accept a lot of beard or bolt in it—not clashing pointillism.”

Pearl Beard Net (2022) by Sarah Miska, photographed in the artist’s studio.

Even admitting it has alone one band of besom work, the painting of a horse’s abaft that has been the accomplishments during our chat could calmly be mistaken for a photograph. The artisan will go on to add bristles or so added layers of attenuate lines; no painting of chastening is complete until the edges are altogether clean. “‘Control’ is the chat I accumulate activity aback to,” Miska says. “I ascendancy every aspect of the image.” She spends best nights analytical equine photos she finds on Google or takes herself at stables in L.A., anxiously selecting crops that are so tight, they bound on discomfiting. Allotment of it is because she doesn’t appetite to abduct a photographer’s image, and allotment of it is because of Miska’s abysmal admiration for the backward Domenico Gnoli, who additionally corrective anxiously abundant closeups of bolt and hair. In fact, she has a book at the accessible by her laptop to appearance me some of Gnoli’s best “epic” paintings.

The affinity amid their assignment is striking, admitting clashing Gnoli, Miska works from an iPhone; and rather than zeroing in on the capacity in her antecedent material, she chooses to ad-lib her own. It’s not absent on Miska that there’s an apparent alongside amid her access to painting and the rigors of the action she captures: “Equestrian benumbed has aggregate to do with control, both of yourself and movement. It’s absolutely all about presentation—just this perfect, absolute thing.” And abaft the scenes, it can generally be far from glamorous. Miska’s paintings of admixture and urine bags, as able-bodied as the abutting crops of horses’ behinds, are partly a nod to the abiding easily who do the activity that allows the showjumpers to arise after flaws. The images angle in abrupt adverse to those of the riders’ accurate jackets and the riders and horses’ altogether styled hair.

Sarah Miska, Diamond Braid, 2022.

Sarah Miska, Blue Beard Net, 2022

Right about the time aback Miska accelerating from alum school, in 2014, her mother, who has aback anesthetized away, fell ill with academician cancer. The beard accident that accompanied her mother’s chemotherapy treatments prompted the artisan to alpha cerebration about hair, which is now a defining affection of her work. “It was so abundant a allotment of her identity,” Miska says of her mother. “She got a abounding wig that looked amazing on her, and I fabricated an art allotment out of it aback she assuredly grew all her beard back. She anticipation it was hilarious—because I angry it into a merkin.” Miska now commendations the assignment as “such a alum academy piece—so bad,” but in retrospect, the cheekily blue-blooded Mama’s Wig was a adumbration of what was to come. “I adulation the abstraction of this assertive affair actuality controlled,” she says, as she discusses how acutely beard is affiliated to identity. “We’re consistently aggravating to acclimatized our beard or advance our hair, and I’ve consistently been absorbed in that.”

Miska’s abutting abandoned exhibition, at Lyles & King in New York, slated for October, will additionally centermost on horses, this time with a focus on the appendage ribbons that are blush coded to arresting a horse’s attitude or ability to kick, and can serve as admonishing signs for anyone about them. “It’s aloof a alluring sport, and I’m activity to accumulate painting about it until I abound weary of it,” she says. And yet, Miska hasn’t gotten aback in the saddle aback she was a tween, and the added she immerses herself in equestrianism from afar, the added she’s starting to feel like a voyeur. That may change soon; she’s acquisitive to go aisle benumbed in the abreast future. But resuming acquaint is off the table. “I don’t appetite to bethink those traumas,” she jokes, acquainted that benumbed can be physically painful. For now, she’s afraid with the motorcycle that she and her bedmate accept christened “the adamant horse.”

4 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Painters Ca | painters ca – painters ca
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