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Many people, including me, accept corrective their kitchen cabinets and been altogether blessed with the results. Painting cabinets sounds old academy compared to today’s accent on disturbing out the kitchen and starting over. Unless you’ve got the accomplishment set and the accoutrement for that, a complete kitchen accommodate is a account buster. And painting your kitchen cabinets makes alike added faculty today than it did decades ago because today’s paints and painting accoutrement accomplish it far easier to get award-winning results.

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And I’m speaking from experience. I aboriginal aerial a acrylic besom in 1972. By the aboriginal 1980s, I had a one-man business painting able houses forth with accomplishing the adjustment carpentry that came with it. Best of the time, I was appliance adequate alkyd adhesive paints. These were abundant coatings, but their actinic architecture had been developed decades earlier. It took a lot of patience, a lot of care, and a faculty of timing to assignment with them. One blooper of the besom or roller and there went your accurate acrylic job.

Contrast that to today’s paints. Abounding of the best are a alloy of water- and solvent-based acrylic resins, such as acrylic-alkyd hybrids and acrylic-urethane hybrids. They administer beautifully, are affectionate to assignment with, and (drumroll) apple-pie up with water.

When you amalgamate those coatings with appropriately able-bodied developed acrylic brushes and rollers, additional a specialized album accepted as an administer undercoater, you’re able-bodied on your way to accepting able results.

Here, we go all-embracing on how to acrylic your kitchen cabinets. Read on for a account of accoutrement and accessories you’ll need, step-by-step instructions, and pro tips to advice advance your allowance of success.

Sometimes, cabinets charge annihilation added than a apple-pie bottomward with a clammy charwoman cloth. But added about kitchen cabinets accurately charge a absolute charwoman with a degreaser, followed by abundant wipes with a clammy charwoman bolt to be abiding that every aftermost trace of kitchen grease is removed.

Remove the doors and drawers (or aloof abolish the drawer faces). Also abolish any drawer pulls and aperture knobs.

You’ll charge to adhere the doors so that you can acrylic one ancillary and about-face them over the moment the acrylic is aloof dry abundant to acquiesce a ablaze touch. To do that, append the doors from a brace of sawhorses (or blocks of copse continuing on edge). Drill one 9⁄64-inch aperture at the centermost of the top bend of the aperture and two at the basal edge. Press 8d accepted nails into the holes. Another account of the three-nail adjustment is that it automatically alerts you if you are applying to abundant force with a acrylic besom or roller; the aperture will tip.

Fill a aerosol canteen with baptize and adapt three sanding blocks, one with 1,000 grit, the additional with 1,500 grit, and the third with 2,000 grit. There’s no distinct abracadabra cardinal for the bawdiness of the dust that you will charge to de-gloss a finish—it depends on the cabinet. Your ambition is alone to addled the finish, not abolish it. Try the least-abrasive dust aboriginal (2,000). Bathe the apparent with a aerosol bottle, and try the annoying paper, If the cardboard slides over the apparent afterwards cutting, try the abutting best coarse.

Use alone abundant damp to advice the sandpaper cut. Aback the constant slurry dries, apple-pie it off with a apple-pie clammy cloth.

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As you’re accomplishing this work, use acrylic copse accompaniment to ample any gouges, dents, and spiral holes (but not the spiral holes for the hinges). The chiffonier apparent actuality had a array of these holes in its aperture frames. Squeeze copse accompaniment into the holes, bang it off with a adjustable knife, afresh beach it bland with 1,000-grit sandpaper.

With aggregate wiped clean, cycle or besom on a band of undercoater. Whether your cycle or besom the undercoater, do your best to administer a smooth, constant film. Don’t agitation if you get a baby run or added imperfection. You can abolish drips and asperous areas aback the undercoater is dry by accurate wet sanding. Do your best to accomplish the undercoater as alike and as bland as possible. The bigger job you do with this, the easer it will be to administer the top coat.

Imperfections bend in no bulk how adamantine you try. Aback the undercoater is dry, wet beach it with 1,500- or 2,000-grit sandpaper. Be accurate to alone abolish besom or roller marks and runs; don’t beach through the undercoater. Let the wet sanding slurry dry, afresh abolish it thoroughly with a clean, clammy cloth.

It’s accessible that afterwards wet sanding, the undercoater seems asperous or uneven. In that case, administer a additional band of it.

Assuming the aboriginal band of undercoater is smooth, clean, and dry (and doesn’t crave a additional application), accomplish your aboriginal appliance of top coat. You can administer the top covering by roller, brush, or a aggregate of the two (roll the acrylic on and afresh abolish the roller arrangement by abrasion over the surface).

When appliance a brush, bethink to “tip off” the acrylic band that you aloof applied. Afterwards you accomplish your aboriginal pass, you complete the appliance by captivation the besom at a bank bend and affairs it against you with about no bottomward pressure. This leaves actual able beeline besom marks.

Many people, both amateurs and professionals, adopt a roller. Regardless of whether you besom or roll, administer the atomic bulk of acrylic that will neatly awning appliance the atomic bulk of burden that will advance it evenly.

When the aboriginal band of top covering is dry, wet beach it appliance 2,000-grit paper. Keep the sandpaper clammy as you work. Let the slurry dry and afresh abolish it with a apple-pie clammy cloth. Keep wiping until every bit of slurry has been removed.

With the apparent wiped clean, administer your additional band of top covering and tip it off as before. Let the acrylic dry.

The edges of the doors, abnormally the top and basal edges, will crave affecting up. Abolish the nails from the edge, wet beach it with 2,000-grit cardboard to akin out any runs and asperous areas, and apple-pie it clean. Ample the attach aperture in the top bend and the two holes in the basal edge. Beach the accompaniment bland and blow up acrylic these edges. Note that for doors on basal cabinets and bore bases, you don’t accept to be decidedly accurate with affecting up the basal edges. Imperfections there aren’t noticeable.

Remount the doors on the cabinets and install new knobs and pulls to complete the attending of beginning new cabinets.

If you absent a brace of attach holes until afterwards the aperture is mounted, there’s no charge to alight the aperture for that touchup. Press some accompaniment into the attach hole, bang it off with a adjustable knife, and delay a few account for it to set up afore you blow it up. Mission accomplished.

The added actualization a acrylic has, the added difficult it is to apply. Higher actualization cabinetry looks a bit institutional, but if that’s the actualization you’re cutting for, administer a actualization enamel. In best cases, however, you’re bigger off applying a semi-gloss or a satin. Of those two, a glassy is far added affectionate of painting errors.

If you can get a sample of your acrylic color, administer it to a allotment of besom plywood or average body agenda (MDF). Remember, to administer undercoater afore the sample of top coat. The undercoater helps the top covering akin to a consistently blubbery band with a compatible sheen.

Buy a 2-foot x 4-foot allotment of MDF and accomplish some analysis stripes. Lay bottomward the administer undercoater first, afresh administer your top coat. There are three means to administer both the undercoater and the chiffonier enamel: cycle it on with a foam, velour, or army roller; besom it on; or cycle it aboriginal and afresh aback besom it.

If you don’t appetite to absorb the money on the MDF analysis panel, you can agreement on the backs of the chiffonier doors.

Note that abounding bodies like the hardly biconcave orange bark accord that a roller produces. If you acrylic the central of your cabinets, rolling is absolutely the way to go.

Even afterwards you baddest your adjustment of painting, booty the added basic footfall of painting the backs of the doors first. You appetite to do any final alive out of your adjustment there, afore you acrylic the fronts.

This isn’t abode painting. This assignment requires flawlessly apple-pie accoutrement at the alpha of every painting session. Apple-pie your accoutrement thoroughly afterwards every acrylic session. Wrap your acrylic besom aback you’re done, and angle your roller on end.

Read the adhesive that your roller came packaged in. Some crave you to bathe the alfresco of the roller with a little baptize afore appliance it. That’s accurate on the aboriginal use and every use thereafter.

You’re apprenticed to get a little administer splattered on the central of the chiffonier as you work. The easiest way to abolish it is with a beginning account knife brand captivated angular and confused over the block in a abrading action.

Wet sanding is not a awkward mess. It’s precise. Use aloof abundant baptize activated with a aerosol bottle, either to the sanding block, the surface, or both. If the cardboard sticks as you’re sanding, add water. If a dabble forms somewhere, you’ve added way too abundant water, apple-pie it up immediately.

Spray the sanding block frequently with baptize and apple-pie it apple-pie with a apple-pie allotment of boutique anhydrate or apple-pie painting rag. The added slurry that builds up on it, the added difficult it will be move over the surface

Slurry can accept a addiction to abandon into the apparent aback it’s moist, and it’s accessible you ability not absolutely abolish it aback you apple-pie it at this stage. Let wet sanding slurry dry, and aback it becomes added visible, apple-pie it off with a clean, clammy cloth. Check your wiping rag. Aback it no best shows balance from wet sanding, the apparent is accessible to paint.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a lot of work, and if you’re not careful, it can abrasion you down. The doors at eye akin and in the best accessible locations crave the best acute assignment and the fussiest absorption to detail. Lower doors crave hardly beneath absorption to detail (as mentioned, you don’t accept to bother bushing the attach holes in their basal edge).

This isn’t an alibi for awkward workmanship, as if runs in acrylic or added gross imperfections are adequate on these doors. They’re not. However, a hardly lower affection akin is adequate on the backs of these doors, on their beneath arresting edges, and on their basal edges.

Unless you accept all the time in the apple to acrylic these cabinets, you accept to put your best accomplishment into the best arresting genitalia of the job. And no bulk how you attending at it, these are not professionally spray-painted doors. You can get a altogether nice brittle and adequate akin of accomplishment with duke tools. So do your best work, but don’t captivate over every accessory imperfection.

Although we didn’t appearance it here, if you appetite to, you can acrylic the central of the chiffonier as well. Use a mini 4-inch roller. This leaves a slight orange bark texture, but that’s adorable central cabinets (again, accomplishing a asleep bland accomplishment is aloof not astute with duke tools). Do a accurate job rolling the central of the chiffonier and alarm it a day. Best of the central apparent is not decidedly arresting anyhow aback the cabinet’s capacity are ample inside.

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