easy way to get money by DROPSHIPING ON EBAY

First of all you will need eBay account.
You can buy one with feedback or open a brand new one.
I personally opened brand new ebay account and started from zero.
If you prefer the second way more then first one, you can just open thread
in buyers section.
About limits
With eBay, every time you open an account you have limitations that can
be increased the more you sales. You can request to increase your
limitations via phone, so if you feel comfortable enough talking on phone,
you can create a new account and call them.
I usually sell at least 5 times before calling them. If you want to skip that
step, I recommend buying an eBay account. You don’t have to call them
either, you can just wait until they’ll increase your limits, calling them will
just make the process faster.

On eBay you can‘t automatically deliver digital products. Here are two options,
first is that you will send buyer code via email in 24 hours yourself and second
is that you find a tool to instantly deliver your digital item download link
or code.
eBay charges a monthly fees instead of taking money from every sale, which means
that you’ll need to pay your fees at the end of every month. Now, let’s say that
you don’t have enough money to pay fees or you spent that money, eBay will
spam you with emails that you need to pay your fees and they’ll rarely take
action unless you’re using your real information. I always pay fees because I
want to use eBay as a long-term passive income stream.

Account closing
Now, there’s always a chance that eBay will close your eBay account (not your
PayPal account, I’m talking about your eBay account) if you’re selling digital
items (which we do), but even if they do, it shouldn’t be a big deal, it only
means that you can’t sell anymore (they won’t take your money or something).
I just buy another account from my supplier and start again with a different
PayPal account, as long as I got my money I’m satisfied.
21 day holds , If you are selling digital items, protection is very limited. If your buyer will
chargebacks, I recommend you to contact him in messages and try to resolve
his problem. But if you will have trashy buyer, just tell that you sent your buyer
working product and everything is okay.

How to get sales
On eBay is milions of buyers that are looking for product that you are
selling and here I will explain you how to advertise it.
I personally buy views and watchers from sellers on forums and smm
panels. If you have bigger profit while selling your product you can also
pay eBay % of your sale for promoting your listing.
Examples of what you can sell (Digital items)
You can sell almost anything you want. For example you can flip random

services on cracked and other forums. But here are my best products:
• Microsoft keys and windows keys and other digital keys
• EDU Email
• Ebooks (always write your own ebook)
• Steam accounts and random keys (you can get these here for $0,06)
• Spotify accounts and upgrades

What you shouldn‘t sell
• Mining contract and bitcoin
• Anything illegal
• Porn
• Smm services
Examples of what you can sell (Physical items)
I recommend you to start selling digital items, but here are my best
physical items that I dropship. The best about dropshipping on eBay is
that it is allowed. But firstly you will need some sort of tool to import your products that you will
dropship mainly from aliexpress. You could sell stuff like Replica Shoes and Airpods

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