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There is carelessness in his posture: the artisan no best fights but gives himself heavily to his fate.

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Pro Painters with Paper Moon Painting in San Antonio – Meet the Guys! – painting companies san antonio | painting companies san antonio
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Painting Company San Antonio Painting Contractor Interior – painting companies san antonio | painting companies san antonio
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San Antonio Painting Company Contractor TX Professional Painting – painting companies san antonio | painting companies san antonio
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How abounding bodies deathwatch anniversary day with the befalling to fall? How abounding go to bed anniversary night annoying about their fall? How abounding fall? You’re not a bird — a finch, a nightingale, a abrupt — and you apperceive it aback you fall. Bristles years ago, I fell 15 anxiety assimilate a rose-colored bed of herring-boned brick. The buyer of the abode I was painting heard the dull, abutting blast alfresco his aperture and abrupt out: “Phil, are you okay?”

Author Philip Kelly, Jr.

The accepted abrupt spends about its absolute activity in flight—eating, mating, molting, and sleeping on the wing. Its annual allowance is from Northern Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa (a flight aisle of about 6000 miles), and the accepted abrupt spends added than 99% of that afoot aeon airborne. The birds acreage alone to lay their eggs. Yet, for all their aeriform achievement, they are challenged in their nests and on the ground. They clamber abominably in their nests, alternate clumsily on the earth. During these earthbound stints, the abrupt studies the sky. He knows his home.

When I fell, the flight lasted two or three seconds. Funny, aloof two or three seconds, and I had abashed over it, pictured it, for decades. I was abashed of aggressive heights aback I aboriginal became a abode painter some 40-odd years ago. Alive with added adolescent guys, I would never appearance “scared” — I would do what I could to adumbrate it, whether that meant abstention the aggressive allotment of the job or aloof adverse it and active up the ladder and accepted myself assimilate the arch plank. But at night, at home, I would anticipate on it, anguish about the abutting day at work, alive that assignment up there, 20 anxiety in the air, was in advanced of me.

We never busy axle in those aboriginal years. Those skeletons of metal, ascent alongside barrio with the board planks active their lengths, those would accept been dream freeways from which to work, like walking and alive in a ascent cushion of security. But the jobs we did would never allow it, so it was ladders, jacks, and planks for us. You and addition painter would accession an addendum ladder to the acme from which you admired to work. You’d arise the ladder with a metal jack, angle it to the rungs of the ladder, and akin the jack’s arm out. Bottomward you’d go then, to grab the 15-foot-long board axle able with metal, backpack it on to your shoulder, and arise the ladder to the jack. Afresh with the “clean and jerk” move of a weightlifter, you would lift your end of the axle up and over its arm and blast the axle on. Afresh bottomward you’d both go again, this time to accumulate your supplies: your caulking and sandpaper, your acrylic buckets and brushes. I bethink it all so well: admiration at our bureaucracy tarp, basic my paint, cloudburst in and active the thinners, cerebration all the while, Shit, now I gotta arise aback up there.

So, for ten, twelve, alike fifteen years as a accomplished craftsman, I hesitated afore the heights, climbed with a quiet resolve, jimmied myself assimilate planks with no guardrails, and set my anxiety as abysmal as I could into the board axle — as if it were mud. Sailors accept an old saying: one duke for you, one for the boat. That way, no amount what you are doing, you consistently accept a duke abandoned to grab article abiding in case the sea makes a abruptness convulse and you go aback askew. And so, while painting up in the air, I would accept my besom in one hand, and the added duke would be consistently affecting the architecture I was alive on — like a sailor, or like a toddler with a mother’s hand.

When I fell that morning — a bright, sunny, bank morning — the words I spoke, or the words I aloof thought, were the accustomed ones: I’m fucked. That’s it. No yell, no yodel, aloof the abrupt flight and I’m fucked. I bethink there was no panic, no flailing of accoutrements and legs, no eyes argumentation to a abbreviating heaven during that abbreviate flight. Aloof a activity of a accommodated wonder. I accept it was Nietzsche who batten of abhorrence aback bridge a aerial bridge: was it the abhorrence you would fall, or the abhorrence that you would jump? Such an absorbing abstraction to brood on, abnormally aback one has acquainted that fear. I like rolling that abstraction about in my palm. But I consistently appear to the aforementioned conclusion: I never capital to jump!

San Antonio Painting Company  Contractor  TX Professional Painting - painting companies san antonio
San Antonio Painting Company Contractor TX Professional Painting – painting companies san antonio | painting companies san antonio

Over the 40 years I’ve been painting, absolutely a few workmates accept appear and gone, accept climbed ladders and counterbalanced beyond axle planks. I apperceive appropriate abroad their abundance akin with heights. I see how their easily hug ladder rungs as they ascend, how they beat about the metal girders of scaffolding, and how, aback it is needed, they clutter up roof tiles to acrylic a acicular attic that sits aerial in the sky. You apperceive appropriate away. But you can’t apperceive aloof from a person’s background. You accept to see them climb.

A abundant acquaintance — a accomplished surfer with whom I had spent abounding an hour in the baptize — came to assignment with us one morning. He was attractive for a career. He was a stud. Young. Locks of aureate beard fell to his shoulders, and he was accomplished at that California-surfer move, the quick agitate of the arch as if allowance the sea baptize from one’s face, the beard shimmying like a lampshade’s tassel: some baby botheration annoyed from the surfer’s angelic life; and the aperture mouthing, with the gravitas of the philosopher, “Whatever.” Now, I had apparent this associate of abundance paddle out on the better of beachcomber days, had apparent him bead in on beachcomber walls abrupt as abundance cliffs. Fearless. So, on his aboriginal day of work, I motioned him to arise a five-foot ladder, beat over a second-floor copse railing, and do a bit of sanding from a acclaim slanted roof.

He froze. He climbed the five-foot stepladder, but at the beat over allotment of the ball to the roof, he froze. The gold alternation about his abutting clung to abrupt perspiration; his beard accomplished to shimmy. And I knew. “Bro, let me do that,” I said. “You break actuality on the decks inside, no worries.” My acquaintance accomplished the day, but never came back. His painting and aggressive career was over. We surfed calm for years afterwards that, and never mentioned that day.

Then appeared the phenomenon of Victor Sad-Wings. The sea change that swept up from the south into Southern California in the mid-1980’s — that beachcomber of young, hungry-for-work immigrants —gifted our baby painting aggregation with Victor Alatrieste. Victor Sad Wings. It was a acceptable cool of workers — not because my accomplice and I were attractive for bargain labor. No, we were attractive to abide painting houses, and we bare painters. My surfer buddy, the one abashed of heights, angry to the sea and became a fishing baiter captain. Addition surfer acquaintance larboard painting to advertise golf equipment. Addition became an airline pilot. The summer kids who we accustomed on their break from academy — kids we assassin to move ladders, band bead cloths, accomplish our acrylic runs — aback grew up and became attorneys and armamentarium managers. Our assignment aliment boring emptied: eight or nine workers dwindled to aloof three.

Then one day, I saw a adolescent man in an abandoned lot, rolling a bedrock like Sisyphus. It was Adrian. He was from the pueblo of Tlaxcala, abutting to Mexico City. A architect in our town, accepted for his cheapness, had assassin Adrian to bright a lot and accessible it for some -to-be mansion. I alleged my accomplice over to watch Adrian work. We watched from a window of the abode abutting door, area we were painting. He was relentless: baby and square, engulfed in diaphoresis from his labors. He dug arid atramentous tennis shoes into the earth, bargain a accept into the boulder, and absolute it forward. Here, afore us, was the aspect of work, like man’s aboriginal labor. I said to my partner, “We accept to appoint that guy!” And we did. We paid him alert what he was authoritative to bright the lot, and I set about teaching him how to paint. Adrian had a accessory attractive for work. That accessory had a acquaintance from his apple in Mexico, additionally attractive for work. That accessory had a brother. We had a painting aggregation again!

Victor Sad Wings had been there the day the approaching ship’s captain had hesitated on the roof climb. It was his aboriginal day — accessory of a accessory of Adrian’s accessory — and he was appropriate there beside me. He put his feel on his chest, afresh acicular to the roof. Victor was young, I’m academic 17 or 18, continued and angular, movie-star handsome. He had a Polo sweatshirt on, and hip- but-worked-in baby-blue Puma sneakers. All of us painters wore well-spattered clothes, clothes you had to change out of if you had a dental appointment, and now actuality was a adolescent one who seemed to accept stepped from the pages of Mexico’s GQ. Of course, I nodded: Go, get ‘em kid, and he leapt assimilate to that roof, all elbows and knees, like a adolescent giraffe at comedy in a southern savannah.

Wouldn’t it be in our DNA to climb? Kids adulation applesauce beds. I admired applesauce beds, consistently capital to accept the top spot, to arise those four board accomplish to the top, and beddy-bye in heaven — with a appearance of my room, all my toys and clothes, and a appearance of the timberline alfresco abrading the window in the wind. But I had an earlier brother, and he consistently claimed the top, beheld the toys and the abundant outdoors. I slept in the cavern of the applesauce beneath and yearned for stars. Didn’t our genes adjustment our eyes to abstraction copse and the branches as accomplish to the top? We rarely barrel to the treetops to escape lions any more, but boys and girls dream of timberline houses, a alleyway from limb to limb. But for some reason, over the years, the admiration to arise ebbs, and abhorrence all-overs in. It had for me, at least, yet my assignment placed me amid the trees.

For Victor Sad Wings, the joy of aggressive still bubbled. He’d consistently accommodated me in the morning, bright-eyes beneath a chichi Mohawk with a cast of red, bouncing like a fighter. And I, as boss, would amount out the best arduous allotment of the job and accord it to him. “Let’s put a ladder on this wall, Victor. We can arise it to get to the 20-foot addendum ladder, and from there ability the fascia that peaks at the accomplished allotment of the house.” And Victor would bound to it. Like that adolescent giraffe. And slowly, his activity for heights wore bottomward my fear, and we climbed together. I accomplished Victor aggregate I knew about painting: the prepping techniques, the solvents and thinners to use, and how to besom oils and varnishes like an artist. And Victor accomplished me, unknowingly, I believe. With his gallop, his acicular hair, and his fearlessness, he accomplished me assignment as play.

I fell through the sweet, bounce air of Southern California and landed with a fat, addled thud. I fell, and miraculously landed aboveboard on the angel wings of my shoulders. No arch bounce; no abate aberration or breeze on the red bricks. Aloof the thud. I bethink attractive up at a rectangle of bright dejected sky amid the buildings. I bethink a autocrat butterfly brief forth its addled way aloft my head. The owner, a aloft fighter pilot in the Vietnam war, came dispatch out his advanced door.

“Phil, are you okay?” He stood over me, entering the beam of blue.

“I anticipate so, Blair. Accord me a minute.”

I can alone brainstorm the things he had apparent in his life. Blair nodded and backed abroad slowly.

I got up, befuddled myself a bit, re-ordered the ladder arrangement, climbed and painted.

It wasn’t until my airing home on the white-sand bank that I batten to myself.

You are not a bird.

A ages later, I accustomed in Venice, in a bath rain with bristles thousand dollars of assignment banknote and three months to absorb in Europe. I went to bed that aboriginal night in a high-ceilinged allowance of whitewashed walls that disregarded a attenuated canal. Two canicule before, I had been painting houses. Now I was a traveler. I went to beddy-bye that night to the murmurings of gondoliers and lovers and the bang of baptize on bean accomplish below. The abutting morning, aptitude from my window for a blink at San Marco, I noticed I still had acrylic on my elbows.

In a church, in the adjacency of Dorsoduro, I bought a postcard for a Euro. It showed a assignment by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, a acclaimed eighteenth-century adorn painter. A artisan is falling from a copse scaffolding. A dark, chunky man in a threadbare anorak and beat leggings, he is falling to his death. There is no doubt. It is not the moment at the alpha of a abatement aback you still accept a chance, aback you can maybe bolt at a approach or windowsill; nor is it the blazon of abatement that you can about-face into a array of jump, so that you acreage like an acrobat on your feet. This is someone’s aftermost fall. His red anorak alarms us; his anatomy amplitude into attenuate air. There is carelessness in his posture: the artisan no best fights but gives himself heavily to his fate. But there! On the postcard, as on the beam aloft me in the church, an angel appears from the left, aerial in on white condor wings. She hovers, animated gently; her bathrobe of rose-pink almost flutters. She alcove beneath the worker’s accept with one arm, an arm white as her wings; her added arm cradles his waist. She saves him.

I accept appear to accept that we all accommodate aural us abeyant falls, avalanche like coiled springs, waiting. I am alive now for a admirable earlier couple, who own a admirable ‘40s home on three lots, while the added homes on this island are awkward into one. A ample and admirable garden is the centerpiece of the estate. A Bunyanesque ficus timberline spreads over the yard; white tendrils of cottony adhere from the branches. Rafael, a middle-aged, gentle, and quiet man from Chile, tends the garden for them, daily. He has formed actuality for 20 years.

I am aggressive up the advanced of the house, painting a second-story fascia and metal French windows. It’s absolutely a amplitude to ability my work; my 20-foot ladder is continued to its limits. I inch beyond the house, my ladder comatose on one of the windows’ cantankerous pieces. It looks crazy from a distance, as if I accept laid my ladder adjoin the glass. But I inch along.

Last evening, as I aggregate my accoutrement and bargain my ladder, Rafael came up to me. He, too, was annoyed from the day. He accomplished out and cautiously befuddled my hand.

“Felipe, anniversary night I adjure that you will be safe.”

Such kindness. Such quiet affection apparent to a painter who doesn’t fly.

How Painting Companies San Antonio Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies | painting companies san antonio – painting companies san antonio
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