how to earn money from Shopify easily in 2022

Read till the end, there is a method without investment

1. Go on the Exchange Marketplace (
2. Find a good looking store under 150$
3. Negotiate the price down as much as you can with the seller (most of
the time not even neccessary)
4. Complete the transfer
5. Set up the payment gateways (Paypal) (& I recommend
Stripe too)
6. Order stuff from your now own store (to shoot up the revenue) (you
can use your own cc/vcc's/paypal) (1-3 orders everyday for a few
days/as long as you want, the graph should look something like this: /\ )
7. Add fake traffic, either manually by refreshing and using vpns/using
tools like traffic spirit to add 100-300 visits per day to make it look legit.
Also don’t forget to add to cart/initiate checkout and quit (to make it
look more legit)
8. List the store on the Exchange Marketplace again for more $
(depending on how much you raised the “revenue”) (since you will only
be adding revenue for a certain number of days, make sure to explain
why that revenue suddenly dropped. You can say shit like “sudden
family problems, sudden expenses, school..”, whatever, get creative).
How much you will make depends solely on you. This will always work.
Keep this to yourself.
A store with 1000$ in revenue can sell for 500-800$ easy. You do the
Step 6 explanation: there will be fees so you will basically be at a loss of
3-5% due to them which is totally acceptable. (3-5$ per 100$). My best
tip on ordering from your store is to use 2 different cards (You can use
VCC) & 2 PayPal accounts. Basically you set-up 2 Stripe accounts (one
connected to each card i.e bank.

So a quickly; you can easily make $2000+ every week with this. The only
retarded thing with exchange is that it pulls revenue data from the last
month. But yeah, for $2000+ I would definitely accept that fact.
NO INVESTMENT VERSION (requires shopify & dropshipping knowledge
1. Go to
2. Create a development store (this where the shopify & dropshipping
knowledge comes in as you have to build the store)
3. Start from step 5 above.

Yes, you could say this a “scam”.
However, I always did my best to make the best possible stores that
actually had potential and with 90% of the stores I sold people actually
made money. There was one case where someone who bought my
store made over 6 figures. Insane. No cap. So yeah, it depends on you. I
looked at adding the fake revenue just as a way to sell my store faster
and for more money because I knew they actually had that potential.

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