how to get $160 in 24 Hours online method 2022

You’ve made a great decision doing so. With this article in your
hands, you pretty much already have money in your bank. Why?
Because in the next few minutes, I will show you EXACTLY how to
make $160 (or more) within 24 hours easily. This can be repeated
over and over again as many times as you want.
Now, this is not another one of those “get rich quick” ebooks that
promises you to become a millionaire overnight, nor is it a guide
to building a six-figure business. What this ebook WILL teach you
is how to make some extra bucks on the side the easy and lazy
way, which you can use to buy a new gadget, pay off some debt,
or eat out at a nice restaurant.
Follow each step EXACTLY and I guarantee you will earn $200 or
more within 24 hours or less. I did. My 12-year-old son did. Why
couldn’t you?

What you need:

  • A computer or a smartphone
  • A browser
  • An internet connection
  • Crypto wallet

Step 1:
USING YOUR COMPUTER, type in the following to your
browser exactly, and go. Like this you win 0.00001 BTC
for boost your passive income !

Step 2:
Click “Register”, then click “Continue”.

Step 3:
You should be redirected to homepage.

Step 4:
Open your Profile. Click Referral. Choose if you need the differents
banner with your link referral or just copy your link referral for repost.

Step 5 ( BONUS ):
Now click on play a game.
And test for know the more easy game for you and with the
biggest pay for earn many more power of mining.
The difficulty increase the earning when you win a party !
Look that your 10 first victory give you a new PC for 3 days of
power energy giving by the games, 20 victory for 5 days and
30 victory for 7 days of power of mining after a party. Just
play a game all the days for don’t loose the x7 power of
mining bonus, so easy !
And never make retry after a game if not you loose your
power of mining win during the party!
Just 2 days of hard gaming and stay connect 7 other days and I
do buy my first passive income for life, a very profitable way
of playing !!!

The most easy mini game by support :
PC :
Coin Flip, Coin Match, Coinclick, Token Surfer, 2048 Coins, Token
Blaster, Cryptonoid, Crypto hamster, Dr. Hamster

Smartphone :
Coin Flip, Coin Match, Coinclick, Token Surfer, 2048 Coins,
Cryptonoid, Token Blaster, Dr. Hamster, Crypto hamster

Step 6:
Type your link to Notepad on your computer.

Step 7:
Go to the link below to download the editable version of this
Replace [ENTER YOUR LINK] with the link you typed in Notepad.

Step 8:
Go to and convert the
saved document to PDF.

Step 9:
Share the PDF everywhere! I’d recommend sharing it on internet
marketing forums. With this website you win 25% of the crypto
mining by your referral and 15% of their buying, it’s so huge !!!
Below is a list of forums to share the PDF on:
For more points, share the PDF with your friends as well. Very
soon, they will share it with their friends too!

Step 10:
Now sit back, relax and watch as your points roll in!
In a couple of week you begin a very easy new way for huge passive
income with the more fun job, play video game !
I took it a step further, shared the PDF to 100+ websites
and managed to earn around $500+ in less than 24 hours!
So, what are you waiting for? TAKE ACTION NOW!


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