— Method basics & Explanation —
This method involves using Quora the famous questions/answers board, to easily promote our CPA links.
Yes, this involves CPA.
No, you won’t need any investment to make this method valid.
All you will need is some time and patience.

— Before getting started —
CPA definition: “Cost Per Action” is a digital advertising payment model that allows to charge an advertiser only for a specified action taken by a prospective customer.
Basically our CPA network will pay us for various actions (visit, click, survey, ads view, input email or phone and so on) that the users will do after clicking on the link that we’ll post on Quora.

— Requirements —
Atleast a few Quora accounts ready to be used.
CPA Account (there’s a huge amount of CPA Networks around, I’d advice looking for the ones that suit your needs, many have a minimum threshold of around $50)
Atleast 1-2 hours a day, the more the better and the more money.

Here’s a few CPA Networks that worked for me (there’s a huge amount around, simply search on Google):


The Method

[ Step 1 ]
— Selecting a niche —

 We need to look for a niche which we’ll be using to reply the targeted questions available on Quora.
What I advice is picking a niche that involves questions made over and over and that many people would visit, some examples could be:
“How to update windows?” – “How to reset my smartphone?” – “How can I get free giftcards?”  – “How can I see a private Instagram profile?” – “How to get games for free?” – “How to get free v-Bucks / Robux / any other game’s currency?” – and so on, be inventive!

[ Step 2 ]
— Landing Page —

After you’ve choosen a niche, you’re gonna need a Landing Page (“LP”).
A Landing Page is, as the name says, the website page where your users will “land” and perform the required action for our CPA plan.
You can make your own if you’re good at making websites (it’ll be just a single page), buy one, or get any free one.
As always, our friend Google comes in help, simply search for: “<your niche here> cpa landing page”
A cool website that provides CPA LPs is

[ Step 3 ]
— Finding our prospects —

Once you got both your niche and LP ready, you’re gonna have to start scraping Quora for questions related to your niche.
One more time, our best friend Google comes in handy:
we’ll be filtering the searching to only find questions related to our niche.
You can use the following format in the Google research:


<your niche's question here> ""

How can I get free gift cars? “”

This will filter the Google results to only show the results from, awesome isn’t it?

You can also scroll down to the very bottom of the Google page and look for the “related” questions, this will help you find even more niches.

[ Step 4 ]
— Action —

Once you’ve found your niche’s related questions, it’s time to start answering with our CPA’s Landing Page link.
Write a proper answer so it looks like a real answer and not just someone spamming, people will avoid even clicking your link if they feel like your answer is just pure spam.
Avoid copy-pasting your answer every time, make them a bit different ( you can prepare a bunch of pre-made answers) and customize them depending on the details of the question.
Avoid using only 1 Quora account at the time, the more questions you answer with the same link, the faster your account will get flagged.
Try using atleast 2-3 accounts at the same time and space over various niches if you want.

[ Extras ]
To make your answers looking even more legit, you can use alt accounts to reply to your own answer and ask questions about the CPA link you’ve just posted,
remember keep it real!
There’s a few botting services that can bot your answers on Quora, you might use them, but this will require some investment.

Obviously this strategy can be used to also promote various other things on Quora, you can send shop links for example and target niches like:
“Where can I get cheap clothes?” and so on, use your imagination and make it fit with your needs.

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