Money making methods with CPA marketing get $100 a day

First things first you need a CPA network account.
from experience I recommend CPABuild
Methods are based on this network, and this is where I made a
sh*t ton of money.
So if you’re looking to make money, you’re lucky you found this.
This pdf consists of 3 methods how to make money with CPA
Quick explanation of what CPA is (if you have no idea):
CPA means cost per action, you get a person to take action on
a link given by an advertiser, you get paid by the advertiser,
easy as that.
Before my methods register on CPABuild (click on the word :D)
Register now, because it takes time to get accepted. They
might stop accepting any day too.
Quick FAQ (just skip if you know what you’re doing here):
How to find offers?:
Click Templates>Templates & Stats
Scroll down to “Network top custom templates” Section
Click the “link” button on any of them
Click on the “custom template” section
Search any template you want.
Where do I get people to click on my offers?
I will show you know.

1st method, Quora

What’s Quora? It’s a website where people ask and answer all
kinds of questions.
Know we’re gonna use that to make a ton of money 😀
Simple. Many people have many problems on social networks
and then try to search them on youtube.
Let me show you an example.
People with problems like: How to view a private instagram

Then you’ll end up somewhere like this:

Then just share an offer that looks like this :

Now all you have to do is use your imagination, and exploit
quora for some quick money 😀


2nd Method, Youtube

This one is quite easy, all you need is to make a video.
You ever seen a site like this?:

This is what you’re gonna be doing
It’s really simple, do not be lazy
You make a video of you doing the “human verification”
Then just find someone else’s video of them claiming (in this
case v-bucks)
For example a video of them getting a million vbucks.
And act like its you 😀
Not much more to explain, you can also buy some views to
boost your video in the algorithm
I recommend QQTube

Method 3

The rest of the internet 😀
, you also get 1$ for sign up
Method 3, The rest of the internet 😀
, you also get 1$ for sign up
There are thousands of more websites which you can literally
just put your offer link in
Freebie groups on facebook/reddit/etc.
Go to a freebie group
Post something like this with a link: Free 10 dollar gift card
Boom, you got all the boomers thinking they won something
Also, instagram page, make a gaming instagram page and post
a giveaway 😀
Good luck making money 🙂

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