I have paid for this method on hf and wanted to share with you guys
Hope you appreciate it

1. Download Text Now create a phone #
2. Download Protonmail & create an email
3. Go on or on appstore
4. Create an account
5. Go buy a visa/mastercard giftcard
6. Go an Pax buy bitcoin and buy bitcoin wit ur card . When buy bitcoin dont be dumb, & try and calculate. Never buy a CC less than $30 ! Meaning put $40 on that giftcard (fees) & DONT FORGET THE RECIPT
7. Once the bitcoin order is successful
8. Go to
9. Create an account
10. Go to Billing
11. Create a Wallet with bitcoin
12. Copy the wallet adress
13. Go to back to Blockchain
14. Add the wallet adress under adresses
15. Take the bitcoin u bought and send it to that adress
16. Once u go back to bingodumps it should be synced
17. Now you want to use bin 604578 and get a debit card.
18. Now you want to create a new cashapp account with that same Text Now # , they are going to want you to link a debit card, use the cardholder info for everything
19. Now you have linked the debit card, you first have to click ADD cash to the account, if you directly send the cash, that shit gonna fail. Once that is done, you  can now create another cashapp with another textnow # and sent the money from that cashapp to the other cashapp. Then send money from their to a couple of your friends and then to yourself.  BUT SADLY , YOU CANNOT SEND OVER $40 at a time or CASHAPP WILL fail the transaction and the cardholder will be alerted !
20.    Congratulations u have Cashed Out!
21.    If you want also u can take cash out from the debit card, and put it on the cashapp account then get a card with cardholders ssn (you need fullz) and then you can have a PHYSICAL CARD. Meaning you can take that card to real stores !

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