Never Before Seen Unique Money Making Method Utilizing Snapchat


To being explaining this method, you are going to utilize snapchat
as your platform to gain leverage over small companies and turn a
profit. This method will be explained in the quickest way possible, with
the shortest amount of text, and will avoid all useless “fluff” text.
What you are going to need before starting:

  • An Instagram account and the Instagram app
  • Snapchat downloaded

The Method

To begin, open Instagram and locate small companies. Instagram
is the most “relevant” social media as of now, so, this is the platform
we are going to use to locate businesses. You can either search in a
preferred niche, or just search buzzwords such as “company”.

Once here, locate a few companies with short/ish names that
aren’t very common and then make a list of their names. From here, we
are going to utilize snapchat to essentially steal their name. We are
using snapchat because due to recent trends, it is apparent that
snapchat is most rapidly growing social media platform. At the rate it is
growing, it will even pass Instagram. Once downloaded, open Snapchat
and begin to create new accounts with the usernames of the small
businesses. Sometimes, the exact names are taken, however,
improvising can still lead to profits. For example, I made a sale to a
hosting company by putting my name as “NAME”hosting when the
companies Instagram was “NAME”hosts. To reiterate, try to keep your
name as close as possible to the business that you are targeting.
Once you steal a few names, then open Instagram and follow the
businesses with your account. From here, DM the businesses with a
message similar to this. I used this exact message to rack in tons of

Once you send this to a few companies, you should see something like

At this point, just sit and wait for the businesses to reply. While
doing this, I’ve charged anywhere from $20-$300 per name using this
method. If you end up stealing an exact name, and you see loads of
potential in it and are not getting a reply, I encourage you to locate
their business email and email them the Instagram message.

Closing remarks

To conclude this e-book, I can give you tips provided I have time.
ALSO, if you have concerns or complaints, it would be GREATLY
appreciated if you were to send these via PM instead of posting on the
thread; I will respond faster.
Lastly, if you want discounts on my other products, methods, or
tips on anything needed (in the future/currently), leave a vouch on the
thread and shoot me a PM.

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