Reddit + snapchat’s newest method to earn $150/DAY from CPA

Traffic sources.
Setting of the emulator and proxy for work.
Extraction and processing of traffic.
Traffic sources
Here I’ll tell you how I ran traffic from the Reddit forum to IMI Smartlink
using Snapchat.
Reddit is the largest forum in the world (22nd most visited site in the
world and 11th in the US (according to SimilarWeb)). It includes
approximately ~70% of mobile traffic and consists of “subreddit” –
communities on various topics. There are separate subreddits on NSFW
topics, where everyone can post various 18+ content. It’s necessary for
this campaign because I was running traffic to Dating SmartLink.

The audience of this forum is divided into the USA (48%), followed by UK,
CA, AU, and DE. The traffic consists of 70% of men (I think there are
probably much more men, but no statistics). The predominant age of
users is 25-34 years old (31.4%).

As a result, we have a top forum with a loyal attitude towards 18+ topics,
TIER-1 Geo, and a solvent male audience. Obviously, we need to use this
traffic and monetize it!

The setting of the emulator and proxy for work
I started working with this forum from two smartphones, but a week
later the profiles were banned along with my devices and IP. Therefore,
for scaling, I used an emulator. I have always worked only with
Bluestacks, so I will talk about the emulator settings using his example,
but the same can be done with others.

1) Download Bluestacks 5.
2) To make unique each created emulator profile, do the following:
Download and install Bluestacks Tweaker. This software is needed to
install ROOT rights to the profile and, most importantly, to install

3) After installing ROOT rights and Xposed on the profile, I download
DeviceEmulatorPro (in app format). Using this application, I change IMEI,
Android ID and other profile IDs, including series, number and operator
of the SIM card.

4) This way, I have a ready-to-use emulator profile that is as close as
possible to a real device with IDs and serial numbers.
Next is the proxy. For a long time I used ipv4 proxies through Proxifier
software, purchasing them on different markets, but now I prefer to use
the Internet from my smartphone’s SIM card. I didn’t notice any
difference in the durability of the accounts on Reddit, except the fact
that posting limits appear on low-quality proxies.

Extraction and processing of traffic
The emulator profile is ready, proxies are already available. Now I’m
installing Reddit app on the emulator. It is necessary to buy an account
(that exists for at least six months) and avoid various limits for new users.
All the time I was working, I bought accounts here (1.5$ per account with
8 months of check-in).
The account was bought, I log in and see the usual news feed on the
socials (screenshot on the left). The icon on the top right is my profile.

To work on these topics, you need to enable the display of 18+ content
in the profile settings, otherwise, the necessary subreddits where I’ll post
content won’t be displayed.

Every Reddit profile has karma points. The more visitors will like your
content, the more Karma points you’ll have. In general, local likes. The
purchased account is empty. I’ll arrange it now.

As for the avatar and banner, I take random photos from the Internet.
The name also doesn’t play a role, I put the first thing that came to mind
(screen above).
So, can you post? No. Reddit doesn’t allow accounts with zero activity to
post smth (a post can be posted, but without views). Therefore, you
need to leave 3-5 comments under other people’s posts, and get minimal
traffic to your profile. Since my profile is clearly female, the audience of
18+ subreddits will give us a “like” for no reason, or send us a private
message, which will also make the account active.
In the search bar above the feed, I go to any 18+ community (I’ll tell you
where to look for them below). In this case, I chose a subreddit with 4
million users to get feedback and karma faster.

I see the first post that comes across and leave a comment under it:

I repeat this a couple of times under other posts and wait.
After a couple of minutes, there is the first message in a PM.

That’s all with the account setup, I’ll return to the posts later.
Now I need to create a Snapchat account, where I will transfer traffic
from Reddit. There are two answers to the question of why:
1) In my experience, the conversion from Snapchat is at least twice as
good as from a private forum or a simple post with a link.

2) Reddit accounts don’t live forever, but Snapchat can live as long as you
want with the right approach and build up an audience. The forum
audience actively complains when they see a direct link, which leads to a
quick ban.
I won’t go into the details of creating a Snap account, it all makes sense.
Snapchat account I keep on my phone so that I can add new friends from
Reddit anytime, anywhere. The emulator also works without problems.

On the screenshot above you can see, that I indicated my Snapchat
nickname in the profile description and pinned post.
Let’s back to the Reddit posts.
Now, we can run the traffic when both Snapchat and Reddit accounts are
The subreddit list exists. It is called r/ListOfSubreddits and shows the list
of subreddits of 18+ category

To make a post you need to click + button in the bottom of the page,
then choose the type of content (photo/text/video etc) and write short
catchy title
Videos to Reddit are downloaded via the link. For that purpose I’ve taken
random instastories, add to the service (alternatively you
can use Imgur) and gotten the link.

Screenshots above: short description, link to the video. Press Next, in the
line I enter the name of subreddit from the r/ListOfSubreddits, choose
the right one and post it. In the profile you can see statistics, in couple of
minutes my video got 86 views.

On the screenshots below, we see that users who scroll the newsfeed
have seen my post. Next, they will go to my profile, see the call to add on
Snapchat and join my friend’s list.

Then I download two more posts and after 20 minutes I got 43 friend

I previously posted stories with a Smartlink (I always used a Smartlink,
since geo-targeting on Reddit is impossible using this method), and by
writing a small text like “***** girls are waiting for you here – link”, I add
them as friends. Just in case, I send a story with a link to everyone who
added, so that everyone can see it for sure.

Usually I’m acting like this: post 10-15 videos for 5-10 sec each (randomly
“hot” TikToks or model’s stories) and add text with link:
“These girls are hot, aren’t they?
Sign up to satisfy all your desires and dreams with **** girls near you!”


  1. The cases turned out to be long, but in fact, the way from the
    beginning to the first conversions will take 30 minutes or less. The
    emulator profile can be set up once, and then just copy it to
    BlueStacks 5 Multi-Instance Manager by simply setting up the ID
    and serial numbers of the profile.
  2. Reddit’s account was alive in average for 1 week. Account was
    banned faster only when I used direct methods (without Snapchat)
    because of users’ complaints.
  3. Before start, I always checked Reddits account on shadow-banning
    here to avoid of wasting time.
  4. Regarding community for posting: it’s better to read the terms of
    each community to avoid ban. For example, you should add profile
    from social network, other communities prohibit to do it. Also,
    look at the amount of followers who are online, not on the total
    amount of them.
  5. Using the built-in macro editor, I recorded my actions and got an
    auto posting bot that posts 10-15 posts per hour and traffic flows
    smoothly to my Snapchat account.
  6. I tried to run traffic from Reddit to different social networks and
    messengers in which users can see the link: Instagram, Discord,
    Telegram, Twitter. As a result, Snapchat showed the best
    conversion rates. Perhaps because both Reddit and Snapchat are
    extremely popular in the USA for Dating.
  7. When I used good proxies, I did not notice any limits on posting.
    I’ve posted 3-4 posts every 10 minutes manually and didn’t get
    bans. Poor quality proxy usually has limits on posting (1 post per
    15 min) or shadow-banning is possible.

This case will live as long as 18+ sections on Reddit. The forum has a huge
amount of audience, both old and new, so the traffic won’t go anywhere
and there will be enough of it for everyone.


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