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Elizabeth Amos is a senior, majoring in Secondary Apprenticeship with a absorption in literature. After graduating, she hopes to advise aerial academy English while alive to get her masters. In her chargeless time, she can be begin hiking with her dogs, reading, or drawing.

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Fun Facts: Elizabeth enjoys accolade new dog-friendly places to hike, is chatty in American Sign Language, and due to a continued history of actuality active at Starbucks, can acquaint you about aggregate about the menu.

Grace is a alum apprentice advancing a Master’s of English with a absorption in Literature. She accelerating from Auburn University at Montgomery with a B.A. in English in May 2019. Her appropriate interests in abstract are British Romanticism and Children’s literature. Her admired writers are Mary Shelley, William Wordsworth, Alice Walker, and Louisa May Alcott.

Fun Facts: Grace’s admired atypical is Frankenstein and she can absorb abounding hours talking about the inaccuracies of pop culture’s delineation of Frankenstein if you let her.

Meridith Beretta is a second-year alum apprentice at UAB advancing an M.A. in English with a absorption in Aesthetic Writing: Aesthetic Nonfiction. In 2019, Meridith accustomed a B.A. in Aesthetic Autograph with two amateur in English and Journalism from Berry College. As an undergrad, Meridith played bookish soccer and is currently autograph her apriorism on her acquaintance as a changeable student-athlete in the NCAA SAA. Meridith is additionally a agents editor at the Birmingham Balladry Review.

Fun Facts: Meridith trains dogs in her additional time and has two of her own, Blu and Kai. Meridith additionally loves to ball video amateur on her day off. In addition, she is beguiled with Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse belief and loves to accord book recommendations to anyone who asks.

Brianna is a chief majoring in English with a absorption in Aesthetic Autograph and minoring in Philosophy. Her ambition is to assignment as an editor at a publishing abode and address on the side. She has had two aboriginal balladry featured in altered AEIVA contest on-campus and is currently alive on her thesis: a accumulating of balladry about the changeable acquaintance and sexuality.

Fun Facts: Bri loves movies and has taken a few blur classes actuality at UAB. Her admired films (because she can’t aces aloof one) are The Princess Bride (1987), The Mummy (1999), and Pride and Prejudice (2005). When she’s not rewatching these movies, she’s either account or sending her accompany the dumbest Tiktoks she can find.

Emmett Christolear is a first-year alum student. He acceptable his BA in English from UAB in 2015. He is a adroitness affiliate of the Ada Continued Aesthetic Autograph Workshop and has acted off-and-on as a affair baton for the Alabama Scholastic Press Association. His autograph has been appear in Aura Arcane Magazine, Awning Door Review, Rogue Agent, and Black Napkin Press. With a focus on poetry, his autograph aims to bless the Southern Queer Experience.

Fun Facts: Although he never advised himself to accept a blooming thumb, Emmett and his bedmate accept about 60 houseplants and absorb their Sundays gardening.

Mason is a alteration apprentice from Wallace Accompaniment Community College. He is a junior, majoring in Secondary Apprenticeship with a absorption in literature. He hopes to advise aerial academy for a few years, afresh acknowledgment to academy to get a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature. Mason is additionally am planning to appointment the United Kingdom to see some locations discussed in medieval literature. He hopes to advice accord to the discussions about old English literature, and to be able to apprehend old English as well. Sir Gawain and The Blooming Knight is the poem/story that sparked his absorption in this blazon of literature.

Fun Facts: Mason loves abhorrence movies, Mike Flannagan (“Haunting of Hill House”) is apparently his admired director. He additionally enjoys aggravating to address abbreviate belief to hopefully actualize an album book one day.

Corey Davidson is a Chief undergraduate at UAB majoring in Analysis and Genomic Sciences with amateur in Chemistry and English. After attaining his undergraduate degree, Corey affairs on accessory medical academy and acceptable a Accepted Practitioner (while autograph all the way, of course). He has consistently had a adroitness for writing, and, throughout his undergraduate career, has developed a alcove for autograph accurate affidavit such as lab letters and analysis papers.

Fun Facts: In his chargeless time, Corey enjoys critiquing movies, acceptable brainy arguments adjoin no one, and about actuality butterfingers of accepting fun no amount how adamantine he tries. Unless he’s with his cat, Panda, whom he loves with every cilia of his being.

I’m a green from Mobile, AL currently alive appear my B.A. in Sociology. Already I graduate, I plan on alive at a non-profit alignment that focuses on amusing amends and animal rights. In my additional time, I like to accept to music, watch Netflix, and try out new recipes. I additionally adulation account and autograph poetry, and I’m currently autograph balladry to abide to the Balladry Foundation!

Fun Facts: I accept hypermobility (double-jointed) in both my accept and hip! This agency I can pop both in and out of their sockets with ease. I was additionally built-in on Friday the 13th with a anatomy of polydactyly so I may or may not be cursed!

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Rebecca Foushee accelerating from UAB with a B.A. in English Abstract and a Aesthetic Autograph accessory in December 2018 and a M.A. in English in December 2020. Currently, she teaches Aboriginal Year Composition at UAB. She has contributed poetry, a abbreviate story, and an article to UAB’s Aura Arcane Magazine.

Fun Facts: Rebecca is a ball cine adept and can adduce abounding movies off the top of her head. In her chargeless time, she enjoys spending time with her ancestors and her cat, Simba.

Jacob Frazier is a green undergraduate majoring in Abstract and minoring in Aesthetics and Aesthetic Writing. While his claimed affection is autograph fiction, he has formed as an bookish babysitter for years and enjoys allowance others advance their own autograph appearance in an bookish setting. Jacob is additionally a affiliate of the University Ceremoniousness Affairs and is an editor for the program’s arcane account Sanctuary. He intends to acquire his Ph.D. so that he can advise aesthetic autograph abilities as a abettor and has committed abundant of his activity to belief the art of autograph stories.

Fun Facts: Jacob has done theatre for years and has performed competitively at both the accompaniment and civic level. While he loves to apprehend and apprehend stories, he additionally has a abysmal adulation for musicals and can allocution to you for hours about some of his favorites, like Hadestown. He has a abysmal adulation for Shakespeare and balladry in accepted and can recite all of Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” from memory.

Born and aloft in Birmingham, Alabama, Ms. Mia J. Freeman accelerating with ceremoniousness from Wenonah Aerial School. Thereafter, she acquired her Bachelor of Arts in English with a accessory in Attitude from the illustrious Benedict College. Currently, MJ is advancing her Master of Arts in English at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After admission from UAB, MJ wants to access a Ph.D. in hopes of teaching at a four-year university one day.

Fun Facts: MJ loves watching romantic-comedy movies and spending time with friends.

Sarah accustomed her B.A. in English from Auburn University and her M.A. in English from UAB. She teaches Freshman Composition at UAB, and she enjoys alive with acceptance from all autograph disciplines.

Fun Facts: In her additional time, she brand account fantasy novels, arena Super Smash Brothers, and spending time with her dog (Walter) and cat (Nerf).

Sam has acceptable his A.A. in English at Bevill Accompaniment Community College. He is currently enrolled as a inferior at UAB in following of his B.A. in English with a absorption in literature. His accepted ambition is to eventually acquire his Ph.D. in hopes to one day advise at a four-year university. Over the advance of his studies, Sam has developed interests in assorted avenues of the aesthetic and bookish world, such as painting, aesthetics and music—to name a few.

Fun Facts: Although a lover of poets and adherent of novelists, Sam is a huge amphitheater and cinema geek. He hopes to potentially accessible his own amphitheater aggregation and to advance his own scriptwriting to maybe see his assignment adroitness either the argent awning or the date someday.

Emma is a chief majoring in history and English with a absorption in Able Writing. Above her all-encompassing acquaintance autograph in academic, professional, and aesthetic settings, she has additionally formed as a archetype editor on bookish accessories and arcane magazines. Emma generally thinks of autograph as a addle and loves alive with added acceptance to acquisition the clearest and cleanest agency to acquaint on the page. After graduating, she hopes to use her accompanying passions for autograph and history to accompany a career in building education, archival work, or actual publishing.

Fun Facts: Emma can allocution for hours about Russian history and the articulate adeptness of accepted sitcoms. She loves to broil (especially with yeast) and appreciates any and all recipes you accept to share.

Madison is a first-year alum apprentice alive against her M.A. in English. She accelerating from Troy University Dothan in May 2020 with a B.S. in English and a additional above in Psychology. Her ambition is to eventually acquire her PhD and advise at a four year university. Most of her assignment apropos the circle of abstract and psychology, with a appropriate interests in gender, interpersonal relationships, and spirituality. She loves Gothic novels, Lost Generation poets, and any adventure with a “dark night of the soul”.

Fun Facts: Madison’s accepted hobbies accommodate account fantasy novels (especially ones breadth the characters accept apostrophes in their names), alert to The Mountain Goats, and watching anime.

Shannon accelerating from UAB with an M.A. in English in April 2019. Before UAB, she accustomed her B.A. in English with a accessory in French from the University of South Alabama. During her additional year at UAB, she was the Co-Assistant Administrator of the Autograph Center, and she actually admired her time spent alive with acceptance and her adolescent tutors.

Fun Facts: Shannon has an all-encompassing cine collection, but she is decidedly absorbed in abhorrence movies (especially those produced by A24). In her chargeless time (and in non-pandemic circumstances), she loves alive music, museums, and alley trips.

Brett Hurst is a Alum apprentice on the aesthetic autograph track. He got his B.A. in English with a absorption in Aesthetic Autograph at UAB. He has been appear in Aura Abstract Arts Review for balladry and fiction. His admired authors are Stephen King, Ruth Ware, and Gillian Flynn.

Fun Facts: Brett enjoys writing, traveling, activity to the movies, accessory concerts, and reading.

Nora is a alum apprentice at UAB advancing a Master’s in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition. Nora accustomed a B.A. in English with a absorption in Able Autograph from UAB, and her assignment has been featured in the Able Autograph Club’s Memorandum. In Bounce 2020 Nora accustomed the Outstanding Able Autograph Apprentice Accolade as able-bodied as additional abode in the Barksdale-Maynard accolade for fiction. Nora hopes to alum with her M.A. in Bounce 2022 and maybe alike accompany a PhD!

Fun Facts: When Nora isn’t in the UWC or in class, she can usually be begin at her mom’s abode blind out with her family’s two new kittens, Fox and Hamish.

Camrie is a aboriginal year English alum apprentice with a focus in literature. She accelerating from UAB in May 2020, with her BA in English and a accessory in film. She hopes to apprentice added about avant-garde abstract and authors during her alum studies, and intends to eventually assignment in the bookish field. Her admired book is Slaughterhouse-Five, and she believes there is abundant to be abstruse from children’s literature.

Fun Facts: Camrie has two dachshunds, a -to-be fiance, an ailing attraction with all things horror, and the adeptness to angle her pinky feel all the way backwards.

Lorrie Beth accustomed her B.A. in English from UAB in the Fall of 2010 and M.A. in Theological Studies from Samford in 2017. Currently, she is alive appear her M.A. in English and is charmed to be a allotment of the outstanding Autograph Center staff. Alfresco of UAB, Lorrie Beth teaches Integrated Account and Autograph courses at Jefferson Accompaniment Community College. She adores 20th Century American abstract accurately Flannery O’Connor, Sylvia Plath, and Ernest Hemingway. Her admired atypical is Catcher in the Rye.

Fun Facts: Lorrie Beth’s admired affair to do is to go on ad-lib trips with no plan, no preparation, aloof book and go (shoutout to Scotts Cheap Flights). Everywhere she campaign she finds a locally endemic bookstore and befriends the boutique owner, abrogation with no beneath than four books—one of which charge be a aces fabricated by them. Her admired “shop buyer pick” is On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet from a bookshop buyer in San Francisco.

Tawanda Nyahasha is a first-year alum apprentice accepting his MA in English with a aesthetic autograph concentration. Prior to enrolling at UAB, Tawanda abounding Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina, breadth he got his BA in psychology. He enjoys account and autograph and is a fan of announced chat poetry.

Fun Facts: The name Tawanda agency “we accept added in number” in his built-in language, which makes faculty aback he’s the aftermost adolescent out of a ancestors of five.

Kaylie Rastegar is a inferior English above who is apperception in aesthetic writing. Kaylie loves account and writing. In the future, she hopes to acquire a masters and PhD to eventually become an English professor.

Fun Facts: Kaylie loves to absorb her chargeless time watching movies/tv shows, blind out with her family, and alert to music or podcasts.

Jace Rose is a first-year master’s apprentice belief aesthetic autograph and alive on her accumulating of abbreviate belief and poems. She accelerating with an associate’s at Jefferson Accompaniment abounding years ago and afresh accustomed her bachelor’s from UAB aftermost spring, missing her studies and adolescent acceptance aloof one anniversary later. (So actuality she is now, aback at it!)

Fun Facts: Jace loves hiking with her German Shepherd and Lab, foraging for mushrooms she can baker and accomplish tea with, activity on adventures (especially biking ones), arena music and gigs and video amateur and affable spaghetti like her Gram. She additionally loves Indian aliment added than about anything, barring her bedmate and puppy doggies.

Maggie Sharp is a aboriginal year English alum apprentice and teaching assistant. She afresh completed her BA in Abstract and a accessory in Linguistics at UAB, rounding out her chief year with an undergraduate apriorism entitled, “Gift Magic: The Anthropological Significance of Ability in Harry Potter, which explores the way ability accept the accommodation to actualize access amid people—both aural a fabulous apple and above it. Alfresco of tutoring, Maggie loves writing, reading, accepting into alcove fandoms, and autograph fanfiction about said alcove fandoms. This is her third year apprenticeship in the UWC.

Fun Facts: When she’s not writing, Maggie usually has her adenoids apprenticed to the pages of a book. (More generally than not, said book is article accounting by an old Greek philosopher bags of years ago.)

Catie is a first-year alum apprentice alive appear her MA in Literature. She accelerating from Birmingham-Southern in 2014 with a above in English and a accessory in Gender and Women’s studies, and aback afresh has been accomplishing aggregate from accumulated sales to teaching high-school English to demography affliction of her two babies. Catie loves account and writing, teaching, and has been apprenticeship or teaching autograph for over six years. Catie hopes to advise either high-school or college-level abstract and writing.

Fun Facts: Catie already befuddled easily with Pope Francis. She has two sons, Leo and Oliver, and a goldendoodle called Lily. You can acquisition her blame a adventurer and aggravating to accumulate said goldendoodle abroad from squirrels on aloof about any walking aisle in the Birmingham area.

Ash Tippit writes adolescent adult/children’s abstract and poetry. In accession to tutoring, she is currently an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Managing Editor/Social Media Coordinator of Nelle Arcane Journal. Ash’s analysis interests accommodate gender and female studies, brainy health, Marxist arcane theory, indigenous studies, and environmentalism.

Fun Facts: Ash’s aboriginal fan fiction was a self-insert adulation adventure about her and cyborg R2D2.

Lorice Tolbert is a alum apprentice advancing an M.A. in English. Lorice acceptable a B.A. in English with a absorption in Aesthetic Autograph from Miles College. Lorice has self-published two children’s books to animate account amid adolescent associates of her family. She hopes to abide accomplishing so for alike added adolescent children.

Fun Facts: Alike admitting Lorice is a close accepter that the book is consistently bigger than the movie, she still watches the Lord of the Rings leash and about annihilation Jane Austen over and over again.

Mallorie is a accepted chief bifold majoring in English with a absorption in Able Autograph and Molecular Analysis with a accessory in Studio Art. She completed the English allocation of her amount by presenting an undergraduate apriorism on teaching science autograph to English majors. Mallorie has abundant acquaintance with autograph accurate abstracts like abstracts and lab letters in Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. Her analysis interests accommodate science/scientific autograph best practices, genetics, virology, and blight biology.

Fun Facts: Mallorie spends time alfresco of academy teaching herself Spanish, acquirements to draw better, and account archetypal novels. She additionally makes time to watch her admired shows and movies on Netflix.

Micah Williams is a chief double-majoring in English with a absorption in abstract and Aesthetics with a accessory in African-American Studies. He is originally from Montgomery, Alabama. After admission from UAB, he affairs to access a Ph.D. in English Abstract and go on to advise and analysis assorted capacity in African-American literature. His analysis interests accommodate Black beef literature, explorations of gender and female in the Black arcane tradition, and the aesthetics of media representation, decidedly Blackness in blur and television.

Fun Facts: Micah enjoys watching Marvel movies and YouTube video essays, (safe) aimless about big cities or on the bank (there’s no in-between), and advocating for amusing amends through his amusing media pages and administering in assorted campus organizations. If you let him pet your dog, he ability cry. He alone gets to pet a dog alert a semester.

Alex Yates is a accepted third-year undergraduate apprentice in the International Studies affairs at UAB. She hopes to apprentice added about babyminding and the attributes of animal systems and accompany a career in nonprofit administration. When Alex isn’t account or writing, she loves to absorb time affable with her accompany or watching American Abhorrence Adventure with her roommate!

Fun Facts: Alex is additionally a barista at a bounded coffee boutique and loves to convenance latte art at work! You can additionally bolt her bedrock aggressive (or falling) at the rec wall!

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