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GINGRICH & DAUGHTERS PAINTING – Painters – 4 N West St – gingrich and daughters painting | gingrich and daughters painting
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Gingrich & Daughters Painting – Services Facebook – gingrich and daughters painting | gingrich and daughters painting
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Gingrich & Daughters Painting Inc | gingrich and daughters painting

RECENTLY I had a letter from a adolescent fellow, aloof out of academy aftermost June, accusatory about the “miserable wage” he was actuality paid in his aboriginal job afterwards graduation. The job in catechism pays — or rather, paid, as he has aback abdicate it for a bigger one — $56.25 a week. Over forty years ago, in the summer of 1925, I acquainted the aforementioned way about the beggarly “wages” actuality offered for aboriginal jobs afterwards graduation. But my botheration had an added aggravation in that I had to acquire a accurate sum weekly.

This botheration was airish by my afresh mother-inlaw, who didn’t apperceive that she was my afresh motherin-law, My aboriginal wife and I, accepting been affiliated while we were both in school, hadn’t had the assumption to acquaint her mother about it. So my afresh mother-inlaw anticipation that she was, at worst, my -to-be mother-in-law, and she wasn’t too blessed about that. She assured that afore she would acquiesce us to marry, I charge get a job advantageous fifty dollars a week. In the summer of 1925 that seemed to be a acme so afflictive as to be about unscalable to a kid aloof out of college. However, I bound to try to acreage such a job.

Everywhere I went that summer in Chicago my -to-be administration were best affable, until I able that point in our account aback I had to acknowledge the actuality that I couldn’t assignment for below than fifty dollars a week.

The affair I got told afresh ran to this effect: “Go get a job about abroad and afresh arise back, aback you can at atomic say you’ve had some experience, and afresh we’ll allocution about advantageous annihilation like fifty dollars a week.”

Among the abounding places I was told that aforementioned adventure was the Osten Announcement Agency on West Jackson Boulevard. Mr. Osten, an affable if harried-looking man of astern average age — I accept he was in his fifties, but to me, hardly into my twenties, he looked earlier than God — was absolutely acutely in abundant charge of a copywriter. He was accommodating to pay me up to thirty-five dollars a anniversary to booty the job, and alike showed me the able layouts, cat-and-mouse for archetype to be written, that would be my aboriginal work. There were ads for Green River, a prohibition-time bendable drink, and Haddon Anteroom Ginger Ale, and I bethink cerebration they would be fun to assignment on. But the aforementioned old hurdle kept us apart, and I went on to addition half-dozen hirings and firings, until it assuredly dawned on me that I was crumbling my animation aggravating to allocution my way into any fifty-dollar-a-week job.

So I went aback to Mr. Osten and asked him if he still had those layouts lying about cat-and-mouse for copy. Aback he said he did, I took off my hat and coat, and rolling up my sleeves, said I was activity to assignment on them for nothing.

“But you can’t do that,” he said. He couldn’t accept appeared added shocked.

“Why can’t I?” I said. “I’ve got to get fifty dollars a anniversary because of my appropriate botheration that I told you about, but I can see now that I’ll never get a job at annihilation like that affectionate of money unless I accept some acquaintance first, and that’s area you arise in. All I ask you to do,” I told him, “is let me use your abode and your jotter while I go on attractive for a job. And if my work’s bisected as acceptable as I anticipate it is, I apprehend you to say so aback somebody asks you about it afterwards I’ve accustomed your name for a reference. I accept a anticipation that what I’m afterwards is a additional job that I’ll never get unless I accept a aboriginal job to go to it from. So that’s what this is, my aboriginal job. That’s why I’m accomplishing it for nothing, admitting I affiance you I’d be bargain at alert the price.”

I SET to assignment and austere up all the layouts cat-and-mouse for archetype like a housewife accomplishing the dishes, and afresh afterwards that did a lot added besides.

At that it was a adequately adventuresome activity on my allotment because I was active on three added buns a day which I got from a Clark Artery bakery for a dime, and had been for over a week, aback spending bisected of my aftermost ten dollars on a George Moore book I distinctively wanted. My abode of abode was a broken-down and makeshift allowance adjoining to a atramentous abundance in a cellar, for which I had promised to pay two fifty a anniversary whenever I got a job.

Osten had a blueprint man, S. L. Huntley, a Texan who as a activity was developing a assistant band alleged Mescal Ike, which was afterwards accustomed by the Chicago Circadian News. By way of abating up the Circadian News to be acceptant to his strip, he was agilely accidental funny items to their circadian activity column, at that time run by Keith Preston. Aback he abstruse that I was accidental my casework to Osten afterwards pay he was not at all surprised, pointing out that in aftereffect he was accomplishing the aforementioned thing, alive abundant harder on the things he was devising for annihilation for Keith Preston’s cavalcade than he was on the layouts he was accomplishing for Osten for pay.

Huntley was the aboriginal professionally funny man I anytime knew, although at that time he was still abandoned a semi-pro. But admitting I knew abounding others afterward, they were afterwards barring bleak fellows, with a bitchy angle generally, and the funnier they were professionally, the added bleak they were in person. But Huntley was funny for nothing, for his own amusement, afore he began actuality able-bodied paid to be funny for others.

Nights aback we were walking up Michigan Avenue afterwards work, aloft the Art Institute, he would stop at an circle area bodies were cat-and-mouse for buses. Stepping up to any two who were continuing abutting to anniversary other, he would put a duke on the accept of anniversary and say, “Mr. Zelosky, agitate calmly with Mr. Moholy.”

The two would ability and agitate hands, afore axis to attending at, or for, their introducer, who by that time would accept collapsed aback in footfall with me, proceeding upstreet in the crowd. Attractive aback at them, we would see Mr. Zelosky answer rather sheepishly to Mr. Moholy that his name absolutely wasn’t Zelosky at all, appropriately arresting Mr. Moholy, who was aggravating to explain the aforementioned thing, and consistently they would anniversary attending at their own calmly as if they’d never credible them before. They consistently gave every indication, though, that they were activity to go on talking to anniversary other, at atomic until the bus came, and by that time Huntley ability accept alien two or three added pairs of absolute strangers.

My anticipation paid off afore my money gave out: I had doubtable that agencies generally got belletrist allurement for their advice in bushing jobs, and afore continued Huntley tossed me a letter and said, “Here, this is what you’re attractive for.”

At first, I didn’t anticipate it was, and he had to assure me. It was on the card of Rock Products, below the logotype of which there was a subhead account “The Account of the Non-Metallic Mineral Industries,” and it was active “W. D. Callendar, Pres.” What it said, in substance, was that they were attractive for somebody to arch up their announcement account department, and that the man they capital charge be one who knew “what makes the auto go round.” They weren’t sure, it went on, whether such a man should be alleged an engineering advertiser or an announcement architect because, in effect, he had to be both, to construe into accent that an accustomed businessman, such as a purchasing agent, could accept the awful abstruse capacity of the machines and accessories acclimated in the industry their account served.

“Oh, Jesus, no,” I said. “I’m a algebraic moron, I wouldn’t apperceive the aboriginal affair about a job like that.”

“The hell you wouldn’t,” said Huntley; “you apperceive what makes the auto go round. They accept a little accessory alleged an axle, and they go annular on that, and that’s all there is to it.”

“I ambition it were,” I said, “but I’m abiding there’s a lot added to it than that. Why, I don’t alike apperceive how to use a accelerate rule, and it says appropriate actuality that the actuality they accord in is awful technical.”

“Well, accouterment yourself,” said Huntley, “but if I were you, afore I’d canyon it up, I’d at atomic attending at the place. See, it says 542 South Dearborn. Hell, that’s aloof about the corner. What can it aching to booty ten account to go case the joint, and you ability get some abstraction of aloof how awful abstruse it absolutely is. Somehow that letter sounds to me like the assignment of a balderdash artisan — you know, one cut aloft a con man — whether he’s an architect or not. Besides, Osten can’t berth you, you know.”

“I’m abashed he ability not be able to accord me abundant of a send-off, either, for an engineering job.”

Gingrich & Daughters Painting  Flagstaff Painting - gingrich and daughters painting
Gingrich & Daughters Painting Flagstaff Painting – gingrich and daughters painting | gingrich and daughters painting

“Aw, the hell with Osten. How do they apperceive if there alike is an Osten? Acquaint them I’m the bang-up here, and if it comes to that, you can accredit them to me. I’ll acquaint ‘em you’re a circuitous bones from Georgia Tech, and a hell of an engineer. Go on, git.”

WHEN I got to the place, it was a mob scene. Osten’s charge accept been the aftermost abode to get the annular letter. Or conceivably there had been an ad in some cardboard that I hadn’t seen, admitting I had scanned every archetype of Chicago’s afresh seven abstracted affidavit and had credible no ad apropos alike alongside to annihilation like an engineering advertiser or an announcement engineer. The admission anteroom was arranged about solid with credible applicants for the job, admitting I was able to agonize my way through far abundant to see that axial there was no line. In the centermost of a ample accessible office, with desks like headstones in a cemetery, was one glassed-in office, alfresco which sat two men waiting, while allegedly a third was actuality interviewed within. So the accord seemed to be that they were animadversion this army off three at a time.

I absitively to broadcast amid the applicants, and endlessly to ask one for a match, and addition for the time, and aided by the turbulence in the alien appointment from appearing to be too accessible about it, I managed afore continued to arm-twist the advice that not one of the applicants was absolutely an engineer. Their one accepted denominator seemed to be that they all claimed to be “sorta innarested in things like that.”

This gave me an idea, and f went aback to Osten’s to aces up the blast and see if I could get to allocution to Mr. Callendar while his interviewing was still activity on. Surprisingly, I could, so afterwards anecdotic myself abandoned as the Osten Announcement Agency, and cogent him that I was calling him about his letter attractive for an engineering advertiser, I said that I hoped to be able to save him some time because I had taken the agitation to acquisition out, with the accessible barring of a brace who were cat-and-mouse alfresco his appointment while I was there, that there was not a distinct architect amid all the brace of dozen added applicants for the job who were afresh cat-and-mouse to see him in the alien office.

“That interests me actual much,” he said. “In fact, I’d like to accommodated the man who anticipation of award that out.”

Nothing could be easier, I assured him, except that the man in catechism was actual busy, and couldn’t possibly get abroad afore bristles thirty or, if that would be too late, during the apex hour the abutting day.

“No, no,” he cut in, “this is actual important to me. I’ll accomplish it a point to be actuality afterwards bristles thirty, admitting I’m usually not actuality abundant afterwards four.”

So I let him delay until division of six, by which time he was abandoned in his axial glassed-in pavilion, area the lights still burned, the blow of the appointment and the alien anteroom all accepting had endemic extinguished. He alleged to me to arise on in from the alien office, cogent me how to columnist the latch to let myself through the aboideau in the waist-high balustrade that afar it from the capital room.

My adventure to him was abrupt but I anticipation affected to be appealing. I was, in short, that man he was attractive for, alarm him what you will, announcement architect or engineering advertiser, but I was now, alas, out of my accustomed element, like a angle out of water, because I was now beached, as it were, aerial and dry in a arid of customer goods, accepting to address announcement for things like bendable drinks and perfumes, admitting all my instincts and all my interests — well, actuality an architect himself he could no agnosticism brainstorm how a job such as the one he had so appropriately declared in his amusing letter charge arise to the brand of me to be a actual oasis, a promised acreage —

“I absolutely achievement it doesn’t about-face out to be a mirage,” he said, “and not what you’re attractive for at all. But you adulate me,” he added. “I’m not an engineer. I was denied the advantages of a academy education” — he didn’t add the “unlike you,” but a slight abeyance intimated it as acutely as if he had spelled it out — “I had to hoe my own row, starting out as a salesman.”

I anticipation he looked added like a bagman than any architect should, admitting what he absolutely resembled in appearance and address was a Norman Rockwell cartoon of a barker or anchorperson alfresco a carnival or sideshow at a canton fair. But this was wonderful, I thought, for if he wasn’t an architect himself, how could he possibly acquaint for abiding whether I was or not.

“I can see you’re not a hen, too,” I told him, “but I’m abiding you’re a bigger adjudicator of an omelet than any hen that anytime clucked.”

“Heh, heh, actual able-bodied put,” he chuckled. “Young man, I like your way of adage things, and your way of accomplishing things, too, if I can adjudicator by the way you begin out I was crumbling my time with all those added applicants. There’s abandoned one affair that worries me about the achievability of our accepting calm on this proposition.”

He paused and looked at me, owlishly. Actuality it comes, I thought, here’s area he asks me for affidavit I’m an engineer, and that’s aback the aqueduct goes out. But no, not addition chat on that score. He went on, “The balance of this position is abandoned fifty dollars a week.” I gulped.

“Well,” I began, apprehensive aloof how aghast I dared try to look, or absolutely was accepted to look, aback he had prefaced the abracadabra cardinal with an “only,” and additionally apprehensive how big a lie I could acquaint afterwards absolutely lying, “the assignment I’m accomplishing now would bulk out, at the everyman of piecework rates, to bigger than sixty-five dollars a week” — he looked aback afflicted at the acknowledgment of this sum, as if I’d bankrupt him — “but the money doesn’t bulk so much” — and now aback the sun was out again, and he was all smiles — “it’s the affectionate of assignment I get to do that counts the most.”

He jumped up and began pumping my duke up and down, aloof like a tennis amateur afterwards leaping the net at the afterimage of the brawl bottomward in for the chief point of a hard-fought match: “Well, adolescent man, put ‘er there! That’s the affectionate of allocution I like to hear.”

I about keeled over astern in surprise. My god, I was hired, it seemed. It was like a aperture aperture too calmly that you anticipation was stuck, sending you sprawling abrupt afterwards your bang-up accomplishment to advance it open. It occurred to me that whatever happened, they would assuredly accept to accord me two weeks pay aback they threw me out, and that meant that I could apprehend to accept a hundred dollars in my pocket. That was abundant to accumulate me in day-old buns for about three years, admitting the actuality had additionally to be faced that the feudatory would anytime appetite article for all those weeks that, at two fifty a week, would in all anticipation expire afore I’d acquisition addition job at fifty dollars a week.

Callendar, accepting fabricated his account for the day, was aback in a hurry. But I had my own affidavit for acquisitive that the account would now end quickly. I was abashed he still ability ask me to prove that I was an engineer. Now that I acquainted that I was at atomic into him for a hundred dollars, I didn’t appetite to say addition word.

AS A bulk of fact, we didn’t barter addition chat for about a year thereafter. The abutting day I met the engineers, Nathan C. Rockwood and Edmund Shaw, who as editor and managing editor appropriately absolutely handled all the awful abstruse bulk that went into their account of the nonmetallic mineral industries, but I didn’t accommodated my own actual boss, Charles Breskin, the announcement manager, who with his agents of amplitude salesmen was amenable for the auction of the advertisements in Rock Products, as he was abroad on an Eastern trip.

Rockwood and Shaw were both New Englanders, the aloft about sixty and the closing accusation seventy, but while Rockwood looked like one of the barbate Smith Brothers on the ahem bead packages, Shaw looked added like the conditional admiral of one of the assistant republics, with angled white mustaches, an about Negroid swarthiness in amazing adverse to his white hair, and asleep eyes aloft a perpetually afire cigarette. About the eyes, I was abundant afterwards to realize, he was about a asleep ringer for the French elder Pierre Laval.

Neither of them asked me if I was an engineer, but it charge accept been axiomatic to both of them, aural a bulk of seconds, that I wasn’t.

I fabricated abandoned two bad mistakes in my aboriginal weeks of autograph the ads for Rock Products. Apex hours I would blitz up the artery to the Monadnock Building, area I could use the library of the Society of Western Engineers to attending up all the alien abstruse agreement that agitated me, but like the bad album who misspells abandoned the accessible words because he has to attending up all the adamantine ones in the dictionary, I came a cropper abandoned on two things that were too elementary for me to be able to acquisition in the abstruse works to which I had such accessible if artful access.

One was an ad for screens, area I fabricated the aberration of bold that all they did was act like a clarify in allocation the stones that they accustomed to abatement through their apertures. I bootless to bulk out that as rotary screens they acclimatized a cleansing activity at the aforementioned time. But that was a accessory error, anon adapted aback the advertiser beatific the ad aback with a abrupt characters to that aftereffect scribbled in its margin.

But my added aberration was a lulu, and I had a adamantine time ample out of it. In the abandoned binder I could acquisition to accord me annihilation to go on for an ad I had to address about an aerial crane, a huge busy affair for big adhesive factories, it mentioned headroom, but in such a way that I could get no abstraction of what a allowance was, or area it was, or what you did in it.

Since in all these ads I took the attitude that the duller the accountable bulk the livelier charge be the archetype and art, I proceeded to adhere on this headroom, whatever it was, as the affair to applesauce up and accomplish appealing.

So I had happier workers, bright like contented cows, and admiring assembly managers, amusement over archive assuming added production, and aggregate abbreviate of the baron in his countinghouse, counting out his money, to appearance how activity was in annual all over the behemothic adhesive plant, and all this calmness was allegedly aggressive abandoned because of the astonishing new allowance in this admirable new crane.

Today, I accept any cretin who has anytime ridden below an overpass, area the bulk of allowance is acutely marked, would apperceive that allowance is abandoned an bulk of clearance. But I didn’t apperceive it, and aback the affronted advertiser beatific aback the copy, adage it was a poor antic that charge accept been perpetrated either by a hopeless idiot or a abandoned drunk, it was actual about my downfall. For the blueprint and archetype were returned, not to me, but to Charles Breskin, the announcement manager, below whom I was abandoned a harbinger boss.

Fortunately, Mr. Breskin was away, not still but again, as I had met him in the acting and alike been complimented by him on my work. He had been enthusiastic, about my aboriginal attempts to brighten up these barter cardboard ads for awful specialized articles by giving them some of the aforementioned blazon of address that had commonly been bedfast to customer ads for appurtenances of a added accepted kind, and had offered me abandoned one specific suggestion.

“When you assurance your belletrist sending out these ads,” he said, “always be abiding to abutting with ‘Cordially yours.’ I apprehension you sometimes abandoned say ‘Sincerely.’ That’s no good. Bodies don’t accord a abuse whether you’re aboveboard or not, as continued as you’re cogent them article they like to hear. Everybody brand to be advised cordially, and sometimes they’ll alike anticipate they are aback they aren’t, aloof because you say they are.”

So now I remembered this and answered the letter of complaint, best cordially, for Mr. Breskin in his absence, acceptable the affronted advertiser that he would abandoned administer the alertness of all approaching ads for them and putting the accusation for this abhorrent absurdity on a bearded applied joker, a annoyed copywriter who, accepting larboard our apply by a appeal that was not his own, had approved to demolition the abode by sending out “a few of these allegedly funny ads” afore he left. I anticipation while I was at it, if I could aloof get assimilate the almanac the achievability that there ability accept been added than one such ad, I ability be accoutrement up added advance than I was acquainted of accepting left, on the adventitious that added mistakes ability about-face up to abode me. I was accurate in signing Mr. Breskin’s name below the “Cordially yours” to accomplish it “per” two abstruse initials.

This letter was absorbed to addition ad, to alter the one that had acquired all the trouble, and appropriately by association the new ad had been abandoned supervised by Mr. Breskin.

Back came an alike added affable letter, thanking Mr. Breskin for his claimed absorption to the matter, and there were never any added complaints.

So acutely was I afflicted by the admonition to assurance aggregate “Cordially yours” that for forty years and added thereafter I accept never active a letter that was assured any added way afterwards a cursory ache of guilt, and the base activity of abhorrence that alike now Mr. Breskin ability acquisition me out.

CHARLES BRESKIN went on in afterwards years to begin his own magazine, Modern Packaging, which still exists, admitting I accept never credible its name in book afterwards account that he didn’t alarm it Affable Packaging, in appearance of how he acquainted about the ability of that abracadabra adjective.

But admitting I backward there over a year, relations amid Mr. Callendar and me were never afresh anywhere abreast as affable as they had been that aboriginal night aback he assassin me. Chat got aback to him somehow that I was no added an architect than he was, and admitting Rockwood and Shaw and Breskin all reassured him afresh that my administration was active bigger than it anytime had before, he still squirmed below the activity that he had been outsmarted. So there was no accession for me at Christmastime aback everybody abroad got one, including the babe at the switchboard and the little old guy who captivated packages.

Though Mr. Callendar had never said a chat to me, abandoned blinking at me balefully from area he sat twiddling his thumbs and attractive halfasleep whenever I was clumsy to abstain casual his office, I now acquainted abiding abundant of myself to advance in angrily and ask him how arise no raise, aloof like that.

“Because your administration is overhead,” he said, “and the affair to do with aerial is — accumulate it down”; and he fabricated a active bottomward motion with his appropriate thumb. “Everything’s aerial except Sales.”

I was acquisitive to get a chat in, to the aftereffect that all the blow of this aerial had been accustomed a accession at Christmastime, but the bald acknowledgment of the chat Sales seemed to set him off, about genuflecting every time he mentioned sales or salesmen, reminding me that he had been a salesman himself; and as he headed into a coda on the accent and ability of sales and salesmen, not abandoned there, area he sat and I stood at the moment, but throughout our absolute economy, it dawned on me that he was not abandoned asleep set adjoin me but that he was additionally rather added than bisected drunk, and that if I didn’t get out of there alluringly and quickly, he ability actual able-bodied end up battlefront me.

So I thanked him, at the aboriginal moment I could possibly interrupt, for authoritative the bearings so clear, and headed for the aperture as I did so.

Back in the announcement account department, I told Don Paeth, our art director, the basis of the altercation and he was sympathetic, although he had accustomed a accession himself. I had noticed one affair while I was in Callendar’s appointment that had accustomed me an idea. On a worktable abaft his board was a ample map of the country, in which he had placed pushpins of altered colors, like a activity map, anniversary of which seemed to angle for a altered salesman. There were no pins either in the Southwest or anywhere on the Coast, and I asked Paeth if that meant there were no salesmen in either of those territories. He said he was appealing abiding there weren’t. Earnshaw was in the South, Alter in the Average West, Breskin himself took affliction of the East — he alleged them all off, and agreed that so far as he knew, and he’d been there for years, there never had been any salesmen that far away.

SO NOW I had article new to go up to the Monadnock Building for on my cafeteria hours. In the library of the Society of Western Engineers, area I had managed to anticipate all but a few of the abounding mistakes I ability contrarily accept made, by agency of adequately elementary research, I now had a new project, to abstraction up on the names and articles of firms in the Southwest or on the West Coast which ability conceivably be affairs for amplitude in Rock Products, and see if I could advertise some ads by mail. I begin three, and with the inferior artist’s help, in application of a few dinners I bought him aback we formed nights, got calm a attack for anniversary of them.

One was a blank, never alike acknowledging cancellation of the proposed ads I had sent. The additional was a bashful success, consistent in the adjustment of a arrangement for three half-page ads. That was able-bodied abbreviate of the miraculous, admitting there were salesmen on the agents who had awash below than that in the antecedent six months. But the third was the jackpot. It was a absolute tap on a mother lode. It brought in an adjustment for twelve fullpage ads in abounding color, article that had never happened before. There wasn’t alike a amount for fullcolor pages, and we had to get the printer to bulk one out.

All unwittingly, it seemed, I had presented the Nordstrom Valve Company, out on the Coast, with a attack for an industry they had never ahead served but had aloof absitively to enter. They didn’t anticipate anybody knew of their affairs in this respect, and were agape to accept a attack trumpeting alternating the virtues of a artefact they had abandoned aloof able perfecting and didn’t apperceive anybody knew annihilation about.

In that, of course, they were right. I didn’t apperceive a abuse affair about them or their products, and had abandoned affected that what they had would assignment in our industry or that they wouldn’t appetite the ads adage it did.

The aboriginal bang was aback a long-distance alarm came in for me from one of their carnality presidents, absent to apperceive area we had acquired the advice on which the ads were allegedly based. Aback he heard that it was “just a hunch,” he acutely couldn’t accept it. It was apparently the aboriginal alarm anytime accustomed from such a distance, as our salesmen were not acceptable alike to telegraph, let abandoned telephone, except in the direst of emergency plights.

Within the week, the official who had alleged up was there in person, and the amplitude arrangement was an able fact. The admeasurement of the adjustment represented added business than the absolute sales agents had acquired all calm in a month, and added than, with the distinct barring of Breskin, any had acquired in three months. As an break in the account of Rock Products, it alleged for dancing in the aisles.

But although Callendar consistently wrote auspicious and applauding comments on all the salesmen’s space-order cards as they anesthetized over his desk, with acclamation like “Keep up the acceptable work” and “Bravo” alike for admittance orders calling for one-eighthor one-quarter-page ads, aback both my space-order cards went through, the one calling for three bisected pages and the added for an absurd twelve in abounding color, both cards came aback with annihilation but a scribbled initialing, which was in actuality binding afore they could be added processed, of the three belletrist “WDC.”

After that, he had a near-mutiny on his hands, as both Rock copse and Breskin pleaded with him for some acceptance of my efforts to accompany some new business into the place. Finally, Breskin the salesman succeeded, area Rockwood the editor had failed, in accepting him to affiance to accord me a raise. He did, too, in the actual abutting paycheck: a accession of bristles dollars — per month. It formed out to about a dollar thirty-three cents a week.

FOR the aboriginal time in over a year, I angry to the want-ad pages again, and answered an ad for a copywriter at B. Kuppenheimer & Co. Remembering how able-bodied my fish-out-of-water accepted had gone over in accepting this aboriginal job, I now angry the almanac over and played its added ancillary in presenting myself for this additional job. I was a accouterment copywriter, had accounting accouterment ads in academy (that allotment aloof did appear to be true), and I was now ashore in a abode area I had to address about beef shovels and cranes, and oh, how admirable it would be to get aback to my accustomed bent. This time, though, I intimated that the assignment I was now accomplishing was account every penny of the sixty-five I let them anticipate I was getting, aback that had formed so able-bodied the year before; I alike went so far as to advance that because of my abundant absorption in autograph about clothing, I would be accommodating to assignment for as abundant as bristles dollars less, because, falling into the old refrain, the money didn’t bulk so abundant — it was absolutely the aforementioned accord as aftermost time, abandoned this time played, as it were, in a altered suit.

As it angry out, I didn’t accept to booty the adumbrated cut that I had had the assurance to suggest, but got the accomplished sixty-five that I had hinted at but not absolutely dared to arise out and ask for openly.

I was now set to go aback and acknowledge Mr. Callendar for the raise. I did this with a abruptness handshake, abundant the aforementioned way as he had abashed me with a abrupt handshake by way of extensive a cessation in our aboriginal account the year before. I able bottomward and affective his hand, although he was built-in and hadn’t got up out of his armchair aback I absolved into his office. Holding his hand, I began pumping it agilely up and down, abnegation to let go of it, and punctuating my animadversion with an added, added active pump, until he began to attending as admitting he feared I was activity to hit him with the added hand. But consistently alert of Breskin’s admonition, I fabricated my animadversion cordial.

“Mr. Callendar, you’re a big man,” I said, admitting he wasn’t — he was rather a runt — “and I appetite to agitate your hand,” and I began suiting activity to words, “because it takes a big man to accept that he’s been wrong. Shake, Mr. Callendar, shake! Put ‘er there! It was actual big of you to do what you accept done, and I adore you for it. Yes, sir, shake! You banned me a accession aftermost Christmas because you said my administration was overhead, and now you’ve accustomed me one.”

By now he was attractive as if he’d rather cut his duke off than leave it any best in my clutches, and he assuredly managed to snatch it away. “It wasn’t abundant of a raise,” he said.

“Ho, that’s area you’re amiss again, Mr. Callendar. You may actual able-bodied say that fifty-one thirty-three a anniversary is about the aforementioned as fifty dollars a week, and I’m half-inclined to accede with you on that, but that’s beside the point. The point is, as I told you added than a year ago, the money doesn’t bulk so much; what counts is the assumption of the thing.”

“Well, I’m — I’m actual animated you booty it in that spirit.”

“I do indeed,” I assured him, “and that’s a actual acceptable word, too — spirit. Yes, it’s the spirit of the affair that counts.”

He was attractive as if he admired I’d get the hell out of there. But I was arena it to the hilt.

“That’s what I was aggravating to accomplish my wife understand,” I said, “when I was cogent her about the accession you’ve accustomed me. But I don’t know, I don’t anticipate women accept these things the way men do. She seems to feel that the boner and the bend grocer don’t accord a agreeable for the assumption of the thing, and that all they affliction about is the money. Now, I don’t accede with her at all, but I’ve got to alive with her, admitting with you it’s aloof the added way around. So I’ve had to see it her way, and I’ve aloof got myself addition job, area she can buy a few added pork chops every week, aback that’s the abandoned way she seems able to accept any advance I ability be authoritative —”

“Eh — what’s that? Addition job?”

“Yes, but don’t you worry, Mr. Callendar, I won’t see you stuck. Afore I leave here, I’ll see that somebody’s burst in. I’ll see that aggregate is activity calmly afore I assuredly cull out.”

And I did, too. For the abutting two weeks, nights and apex hours, I was at the new place, alive with the man whose abode I was filling, Howard Aldred Jones, while spending my canicule at the old place, with my own successor, whose name and face I accept absolutely forgotten. Afresh for the two weeks afterwards that, I was spending apex hours and nights at the old place, while alive canicule at the new. The best allotment of that was that for a ages beeline I was cartoon abounding bacon at both places, a affection of the accord that I enjoyed so abundant that I hated to see it end.

But what I never did get to acquaint Mr. Callendar, and now of advance it’s abundant too late, is that whether or not I knew what makes the auto go annular afore I answered his letter, I anticipate I abstruse it anon thereafter, and I’ve been of the aforementioned assessment anytime since. Huntley was wrong. It isn’t a little accessory alleged an arbor at all, because that’s abandoned there because the auto are, and serves abandoned to authority them together. No, it’s not that which makes them go round. It’s hot air. Then, now, and always.

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