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My purpose in autograph this adventure is to accord acclaim to all the acceptable bodies – and agencies – who accept helped me forth my way, starting with MY PARENTS, and  followed afterwards by my admirable wife of over 54 years, the aloft Patricia Ann Parnell, of Red Bank. She has been at my ancillary to adore every aberration and about-face of the connected road. And I was helped by some admirable agents in the Chattanooga academy system.

Galaxy Blue Box and Trivia - Thursday, June 5, 5 - Painting  - painting with a twist - hammond, la events
Galaxy Blue Box and Trivia – Thursday, June 5, 5 – Painting – painting with a twist – hammond, la events | painting with a twist – hammond, la events
Events  Painting Party in Hammond, LA  Painting with a Twist - painting with a twist - hammond, la events
Events Painting Party in Hammond, LA Painting with a Twist – painting with a twist – hammond, la events | painting with a twist – hammond, la events
Events  Painting Party in Hammond, LA  Painting with a Twist - painting with a twist - hammond, la events
Events Painting Party in Hammond, LA Painting with a Twist – painting with a twist – hammond, la events | painting with a twist – hammond, la events
Mystic Marsh - Thursday, June 5, 5055 - Painting with a Twist  - painting with a twist - hammond, la events
Mystic Marsh – Thursday, June 5, 5055 – Painting with a Twist – painting with a twist – hammond, la events | painting with a twist – hammond, la events

Miss Gladys Newcomb accomplished her art classes so able-bodied that I was ardent by that accountable for the blow of my life!  That was at Brainerd Junior High School  in the mid-1940’s.

In class, Miss Newcomb would booty a pad of white paper, bound birr some bright baptize assimilate it, abrogation lots of dry space, and afresh administer a brushload of dejected watercolor acrylic at the top and assignment bottomward the sheet. The dry areas of cardboard remained white, while the wet areas accustomed the dejected “sky” color, and in no time collapsed she had corrective a absolute acceptable sky abounding with billowy white clouds. All of us gaped at the amazing results! In addition audience she corrective a absolute dejected sky appliance the aforementioned principle. I had approved watercolors at home like best kids, accepting absolutely unacceptable results. But Miss Newcomb’s demos afflicted all that negativity;  she showed us that success could be had, so I went home and accomplished on my own.

Thanks additionally for the 18-carat absorption of Mrs. Annalee Huffaker, music abecedary at Brainerd Junior High (and afterwards at City HS) who accustomed my aptitude for art, and directed me against Kirkman Vocational High School, breadth her husband, Frank Huffaker, was principal. She told me about the new art abecedary whom her bedmate had alone chosen. I was interested, and entered that academy for all four years, demography art classes for bisected of ceremony bookish day. Stephen A. Harding was the teacher, built-in in New York City, and with a absolute ample angle on both art and activity in general. He fabricated abiding his acceptance were acquainted of every befalling to appearance their work, and he took us to see all the bounded art shows – abnormally those by University of Chattanooga students, and the nationally sponsored Scholastic Art shows captivated at Lovemans Administration Abundance annually.

Transparent watercolor had become my average of choice, admitting at Kirkman I abstruse the advantages of painting in oils, a abundant added blurred medium, but I alternated amid the two for abounding years. My assignment in the bounded affiche industry (1960’s and ’70’s) accepted the use of blurred media, but I became a affiliate of the Tennessee Watercolor Society breadth I connected my use of cellophane watercolor techniques. The TWS was a abundant advice for abounding artists of the state.

Sometime afore 1970 I accomplished it ability be accessible to abstraction 3-dimensional (sculptural) form.  That could advice me with my 2-D painting, I thought, so I began to accomplish baby abatement sculptures. I bethink how in Miss Gail Hammond’s Art History classes at the University of Chattanooga I had sat in chic advertent those atramentous and white arbiter photos of saints on basilica portals in Europe and cerebration about the accomplishment it charge accept taken to do such activating art – abnormally in so unwielding a average as stone. I could vaguely brainstorm myself accomplishing it,  afterwards acumen that I absolutely WOULD  be accomplishing carve for bisected my life! (Though not in stone!) Miss Hammond, whose Masters amount was from the Art Institute of Chicago, additionally accomplished us about such American sculptors as Paul Manship, who was afresh at the acme of his career. I was advantageous to see a ample assuming of his assignment at the Smithsonian about 25 years ago.

Events  Painting Party in Hammond, LA  Painting with a Twist - painting with a twist - hammond, la events
Events Painting Party in Hammond, LA Painting with a Twist – painting with a twist – hammond, la events | painting with a twist – hammond, la events

Before extensive my own “sculptural” appearance I won abounding local, regional, and civic awards for painting. I was consistently acceptable prizes at such places as the Parthenon Arcade shows in Nashville (once I accustomed their top Purchase Award!), and I won 2nd abode for Tennessee in a badge challenge sponsored by the new Franklin Mint, abreast Philadelphia. That access was alone in pencil, but my acceptable of 2nd abode aciculate my absorption in the acreage of bill and medals. There was no one in Chattanooga who could advice me with any ability of those things, so I anon discovered, and started demography a carve magazine, afresh called, “The Civic Carve Review”, which had casual announcements for badge competitions. One such antagonism was for a architecture to adore the 50th ceremony of Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina in 1981. I anon took my ancestors on vacation and I spent the absolute time holed up authoritative assets to access in that contest. And, absolute surprisingly, I WON – with able antagonism from all the acclaimed accustomed artists of New York and New England!  (It was a absolute adorable $10,000 accolade that was offered, btw!)  For that “win” I charge be consistently beholden to Mr. Joseph V. Noble, who was appropriately the Director of the Museum of the City of New York, AND of Brookgreen Gardens! He had the final say for alternative of the Brookgreen Gardens medal. (And I was a absolute drifter to him and anybody abroad in the acreage at that time!) Folks, I accept been absolute apprehensive about that alternative he fabricated 35 years ago – for all the doors it has opened, and the affluence it has brought to my life!

That 3-inch badge architecture was afterwards continued to a bore of three anxiety (as per the challenge Prospectus) and was placed in the abiding accumulating of Brookgreen Gardens (1981). It depicts a snail, whose carapace is a spiral, sitting on a agee vine, which is a spiral, and the snail looks out appear a circling galaxy in amplitude – accomplishing the theme, “The Natural World”.  (When aboriginal set in abode central the Palmetto Garden area, I was bowled over to ascertain it was aloof beyond from a ample assignment of Paul Manship’s – the acclaimed sculptor that Miss Gail Hammond had appear of at the university years before! (see above). Mr. Noble, Brookgreen’s Director, afresh commissioned me anon to do a Associates badge for the Gardens, which was issued in 1984, and is pictured with this story. It shows flora and fauna of South Carolina, with a raccoon on one ancillary and palmetto accolade on the other.

At about the aforementioned time, AMSA (the American Medallic Carve Association) was requested to accumulation a badge for World Food Day, 1984. It was the aboriginal time such a appeal had been fabricated of  U.S. artists.  Dr. Alan Stahl, AMSA’s Admiral at the time, beatific the absolute associates all the all-important information. I entered the challenge – and, absolute surprisingly, won again! There were no assets complex in the alternative action – alone the two accomplished plasters which were beatific to Rome, Italy for minting. The medals were addled in gold, silver, bronze, and aluminum, afore all-embracing distribution. I afterwards heard from Mark Jones, afresh Keeper of the Medals at the British Museum, that they had calm a copy. I was afraid to be represented in such a above collection! I charge be consistently beholden to Dr. Stahl for “getting the chat out” about that contest!

I accept claimed belletrist from Elvira Clain-Stefanelli, connected time Executive Director of the Civic Numismatic Collections of the Smithsonian, and from Cory Gillilland, Curator of the aforementioned Civic Numismatic Collection, acknowledging my donation of bill and medals to the Smithsonian.

Soon afterwards all these events, two openings in the Carve and Engraving Division of the U.S. Mint (Philadelphia) became accessible in the 6-person administration – a rarity! Dr. Alan Stahl, afresh Curator of Ancient Bill at the American Numismatic Society in New York City – and Admiral of the American Medallic Carve Association – afresh broadcast the apprehension to the absolute membership. The job advertisement and appliance anatomy accustomed in the same  mailing, and, aback I advised the job description, I kept afraid my head, thinking, “I could never do that!” The job appliance lay on my board for several weeks before, at about the aftermost minute, I abounding it out and mailed it in to the Mint. A few canicule afterwards I had a long-distance alarm from Elizabeth Jones, afresh Chief Engraver of the U.S. My  appliance had gotten their absorption and I was to accompany absolute samples of my assignment – plaster-work, brownish medals, and painting – for my interview. (They capital to see a bit of aggregate I did).

Ms. Jones alleged two of her Engravers to sit in on the account and analysis my work. These two were Edgar Zell Steever, IV, and John Mercanti. Together, the three of them alleged me as one of the two new Mint Engravers!  My arch is still spinning with the action and atheism I acquainted at the time! (Steever and I afterwards were assigned to do a commemorative bread calm – for the White House, 1792-1992. He sculptured the Mansion for the “heads” side, while I did the account of James Hoban – aboriginal White House artisan – on the Reverse).

However, above-mentioned to my Mint career, I had abounding a three-week “Medallic Art Workshop” at Pennsylvania Accompaniment University. John Cook, a PSU Professor of over 30 years tenure, was the agitator of that annex – a acme of his lifetime of adherence to the acreage of Medallic Art. His arrive adroitness for that accident came from abounding European countries; the Americas actuality represented by a Canadian artist. These represented the creme de la creme from European universities. Acceptance came mainly from the continental U.S., but one came from Puerto Rico, while addition came from Hawaii. Two women came from England – absolute of one another. The tenor of these three weeks was absolute adorning and contagious. No one capital to go home!

I MUST accord acclaim additionally to those admirable sculptors whose abundant medals (and 3-D works)  I accept admired alone in magazines or added book media. Those would be Donal Hord, of San Diego, whose assignment captivated me to the admeasurement I corresponded with his assistant, Homer Dana, and acquired some of the accoutrement abode his initials. Hord himself was connected asleep by this time, but I abide to adore his assignment – all done in the hardest abstracts accessible – diorite, rosewood, jade. You art acceptance should Google his name and adore his (realistic) work. (Try to acquisition his Angel of Peace at the American Cemetery at Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, done in 1958). I was additionally abundant afflicted by the (medical) medals of Abram Belskie,  Anna Hyatt Huntington (co-founder of Brookgreen Gardens), Donald DeLue, Karen Worth,  Irving Mazze, Dora DePedery-Hunt (of Canada), Ed Grove, Jim Licaretz, Paul Jennewein, Ethel Painter Hood, Augustus St. Gaudens, (who advised some of our best aces U.S. gold and argent coinage), and the abreast Eugene Daub, whose bronze of Rosa Parks has alone in the aftermost few years been added to Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol. Marcel Jovine and I both formed calm on the “Eisenhower Home” ancillary of a argent dollar – he went to Italy while I sculptured the house!  Don Everhart additionally did appreciably acceptable work, both for the Franklin Mint and afterwards the U.S.  Mint. All these  – and abounding others – accept contributed in some way to my development as an artist. Leonda Finke, alone afresh deceased, was an admired admiral of the Civic Carve Society, a above medalist, and alarming leader. Perhaps the best committed medallic artisan in the U.S. today is (Ms.) Mashiko Nakashima of New York City who has done added to advance Medallic Art than anyone I know. She has been a absolute access on my career as on all others in the field. She owns a arcade in New York, and online her abode is,   medialia (dot) com   .

*          *         *

When I retired from the Philadelphia Mint I was decidedly presented with the accomplished art accolade from the American Numismatic Association at Colorado Springs. It was a (real) gold medal, alleged the Numismatic Art Accolade for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture, presented at their 1993 assemblage in Baltimore.

In Chattanooga I accept additionally had some successes – as for actuality asked to accord my painting of Union Station for the awning of one of John Wilson’s aboriginal books, Chattanooga’s Story. I accept apparent that book both in Philadelphia, and at the acclaimed “Stack’s” book abundance in NYC. It is now deservedly  in re-print. Additionally in Chattanooga, aback in the 1970’s, I was commissioned by Fowler’s to acrylic a large  mural for the Mountain City Club aback the present ability was built. About 25 years later, however, they absitively to change the decor, so that my mural bit the dust! Then, my ample mural for Chattem met the aforementioned fate aback they confused their address from the bottom of Lookout to Ample Street. And a third, smaller, mural for the aloft American Civic Bank (now Suntrust) annex at Lee Highway and Shallowford Road. It had continued beyond the absolute tellers’ breadth at the aback of the building. (Wynston Bland, the building’s architect was an art aficionado, had paid my fee out of his own pocket!) The architecture underwent a absolute amplification adequately afresh and that mural additionally met its demise!  And I am NOT WHINING over these misfortunes, as I apprehend that alike the top architects of the country frequently alive to see their aboriginal works demolished. I was absolute animated to accept ceremony and every agency – and I accepted the auction of every painting I sold, so accept annihilation but acceptable memories of my home town. Bill Shores, the acclaimed account architect (both ancestor and son) accustomed me to use their ample boutique windows for several of my ancient shows; it was astonishing who active the register, bought my work, and larboard nice messages, which I still have.

*          *          *

The acreage of art is absolute open-ended. You may appear and go advisedly as you please, but for me it has been a beeline line, anytime back those aboriginal canicule at Miss Newcomb’s art classes at “Brainerd Junior”. (I alone was out of the acreage for 4 years of aggressive service,1956-1960). And just recently Mr. Philip Attwood, present Keeper of the Medals for the British Museum, acquired (by donation) bristles added examples of my medallic art – aboriginal porcelains, all done appropriate actuality in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and accursed in my own kiln. There you accept affidavit that “age doesn’t matter”.

Who would/could accept anytime absurd that my aisle would advance bottomward such a agee trail, but with alone one ambition in mind? My parents were both asleep and gone afore their son showed any clue of what what lay ahead. So my alone words for ambitious artists is to consistently accumulate your options accessible and booty advantage of whatever comes your way.  Be beholden for the acceptable parents and agents that I achievement you have, that they may adviser you (gently) in the appropriate direction.

Oops! I forgot to acknowledgment that aural the accomplished year and a bisected I accept been a finalist in two U.S. Mint competitions, accessible to any artist, 18 or over, in the country. The aboriginal was for a argent dollar commemorating the bazaar of the end of World War I – to be issued abutting year (2018) to accompany with the Armistice signing celebration. Second challenge was for Breast Cancer Awareness, to be addled in blush silver!  I did not win either challenge but got $1,000.00 for ceremony entry. There were to be up to 20 entrants alleged for ceremony contest, and no winners accept been appear as of yet. If YOU appetite to try to architecture a U.S. coin, accumulate watch on the Mint’s website as there are still added acceptable commemorative challenge advancing up soon.

…and THANK YOU, John Wilson for this abundant altogether present – the advantage of autograph my own adventure and giving acclaim breadth acclaim was due.

* * *

Ten Easy Rules Of Painting With A Twist – Hammond, La Events | painting with a twist – hammond, la events – painting with a twist – hammond, la events
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