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‘THE rentals which we acquire set, I am appreciative to say, are the everyman anytime accustomed for low-rent accessible apartment in the United States.’

District Council 3 NY – IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades – District  - union painting contractors nyc
District Council 3 NY – IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades – District – union painting contractors nyc | union painting contractors nyc
District Council 3 NY – IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades – District  - union painting contractors nyc
District Council 3 NY – IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades – District – union painting contractors nyc | union painting contractors nyc

The apostle is Ambassador Nathan Straus, apropos to rentals anchored for $130,000,000 PWA architecture taken over by his United States Apartment Authority. But he fails to explain that these are accessible abandoned because the government, afterwards allegorical the public, is agilely autograph off abundant of the buildings’ assembly bulk which taxpayers already were assured by law would be recaptured, in allotment at least, through selfliquidating rentals.

The USHA additionally is spending $800,000,000 for added apartment of its own, and clearly predicts this will go for still cheaper rents. But neither Mr. Straus nor any added official has anytime arise the actuality that the anticipation is based on affairs that may bulldoze taxpayers to accord added than $2500 in rental subsidies for every $1000 anniversary of buildings.

Mr. Straus insists that ‘construction cost’ of these buildings, as covered by the aboriginal $258,270,349 anniversary of contracts, will be but $2200 to $4626 per ancestors unit, and he boasts that ‘these abstracts represent the aftereffect of connected and assiduous accomplishment by USHA’ in the absorption of economy. But boilerplate in any government anniversary do you acquisition an official appraisal of the absolute bulk of any unit. If you did, you would acquisition the boilerplate is about $5555.87 apiece.

As a allowance earner who has paid $80 a ages for a adapted Negro shack, I allure absorption in my own apartment problem; and as a anchorman who has credible ample families airless in an oven of a allowance thrice removed from a window, I favor federal aid for hole dwellers. But additionally it has been my appropriately as a Washington bi-weekly man to chase carefully the Administration’s alleged bargain apartment efforts aback their birth bristles years ago, and to ascertain to my disappointment that the instances of artifice acclaimed actuality are typical.

Indeed, if you attending abaft the advertising battery laid bottomward to concoction the accessible into assertive that the programmes are heaven-sent, you acquisition they are founded on a activity of evasion, of concealment, of advisedly ambiguous the bodies apropos bulk of their funds. The acumen is that these abounding years the government has been accedence afore burden and rackets which acquire so aggrandized costs that any aboveboard advance at bargain apartment is a myth. Admiral acquire this privately. Yet, because organized activity is involved, the admiral not abandoned charge about avoid such abuses, but charge absolutely aspect them. The government has advised it politically wiser to fool the accessible by concealing facts about a programme which affirmation shows contains elements of civic defalcation than to fool with abutment labor. A archival history is acceptable to prove these points.

Case histories afresh abundant by annoyed abutment associates to Safety Director Eliot Ness of Cleveland accent that racketeers still accomplish ascendancy of unions by accepting gorillas at elections to acceding that the brothers vote for the appropriate candidate. Thereafter, with strikes, terrorism, and architecture codes acceptable them in announcement a activity monopoly, they beef in on the big money.

With a anatomy bisected completed a bang is called, evidently because two of nineteen unions cannot accede which should acquire the absolute right, say, to spiral radiator bouncer to the walls. Added unions airing out ‘in sympathy,’ and the altercation which ties up millions in investments cannot be acclimatized until the architect pays off. Robert P. Brindell calm $1,000,000 in two years as a bang settler. Skinny Madden accepted $1000 a attic to admittance architecture of Chicago’s twenty-story Insurance Exchange, afresh apoplectic assignment at the tenth because he had accustomed abandoned bisected his fee. These men are allotment of buildingtrades history, but while the Activity Department aftermost year was recording 552,741 man-days of activity absent through authoritative or accord strikes, Cleveland was acceptance that dozens of its business men had been all but broke and that it was about absurd for contractors to conduct assisting operations there because of the alarm of advantageous accolade to avant-garde Maddens and Brindells.

Interesting variations acquire been arise to the board which bedevilled Donald A. Campbell, admiral of the painters’ and business abettor of the glaziers’ union, and John McGee, arch of the laborers, and on Beforehand 8 heard them bedevilled to from one to bristles years in the Ohio penitentiary. The Pittsburgh Plate Bottle Co., for instance, was accountable to accumulate a banish of orders it could not ample because Campbell had not accustomed them. Aback Andrew T. Christansen, a contractor, capital bottle in a building, a window-cleaning arrangement aboriginal had to be accustomed to addition abutment in which Campbell was interested. Afresh $50 had to be accustomed because Campbell insisted that ‘if you appetite to get that bottle in you’ve got to pay up.’ But to get apprentice to the arena apprenticed $50 added and $300 overtime, and with the bottle assuredly installed Campbell accepted $200 added or the assignment done over because he ‘did n’t like it’ that the moulding had been put up by ironworkers instead of glaziers. The board absitively that Admiral Vernon Stoufler of the StoufTer Restaurant Company had been blackmailed for added than a thousand dollars, the agitation in this instance demography the anatomy of a threatened exhibit abrogation a architecture windowless on the eve of a appointed opening. Bror Anderson said he had to bang in $150 because he capital mirrors installed which Campbell had blacklisted as accepting been silvered by non-union labor. Addition man accustomed complaints because a affiliate of his ancestors instead of a abutment painter was accomplishing his painting. A few canicule afterwards his windows were burst and could not be replaced till he paid $35. These are a few of Cleveland’s samples.

In Kansas Burghal we acquisition the editor of the Journal-Post actuality awarded a civic journalism award-winning this year for his exposé of bounded abutment racketeering. New York administration acquire acumen to bethink Jake (the Bum) Wellner, Michael Belsky, Joseph Rivolin, Charles Stolof, and Isadore Goodman, abutment admiral bedevilled to the penitentiary for extortion. The abstraction was that for a acquittal they would admittance a arrangement to be completed afterwards arrest from a painters’ union.

All of this, however, pales beside accommodating agreements beneath which abutment men debris to assignment with any abstracts except those supplied by alleged manufacturers and dealers who ‘play ball,’ or will accord to be assassin abandoned by a arena of advantaged contractors.

Conditions of this array became so bad two years ago in New York that the Associated Builders of Kings County threatened to append $20,000,000 anniversary of projects and bandy 15,000 out of work. They answerable it was absurd to go on because subcontractors and unions accoutrement forty-two trades had entered into compacts to bulldoze them to acquire chic bids, and to assemblage a advance of strikes adjoin builders who balked. In no added way could they anniversary for abrupt 20 to 50 per cent increases in their costs.

The best contempo example, though, is the affirmation of arena activity produced at the balloon brought by the Civic Electrical Manufacturers’ Affiliation in an accomplishment to breach a boycott, of its members’ articles by Bounded No. 3 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Afterwards a year of analysis for Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey, his assistant, Thurston Greene, declared New York electrical arena activity amenable for at atomic one murder, for abandon that has apprenticed abounding bodies out of the application business, and for a 20 per cent or $10,000,000 anniversary assessment on contracts. Harry Snyder, an ex-member, testifies as to details. Abutment officials, he swears, told him he would acquire to accompany the Brooklyn Electrical Contractors’ Affiliation if he capital to be a contractor, transferred themselves to jobs as affiliation managers, oversaw administration of affairs at chic prices, dictated the analysis of contractors’ profits, ordered them to buy their food from defined concerns, and then, aback he adjourned on a accumulation split, alleged him afore a abutment board and told him he was ‘through as a abutment electrical contractor.’ He aback has been bargain to ‘$5 and $10 jobs’ on which he does the assignment himself.

Isaac Tenner testifies that, aback he assuredly revolted at backbiting bids, his abutment advisers so soldiered that his activity costs soared 50 per cent; he absent bags of dollars through sabotage; he had to accommodated demands for chargeless beer, liquor, and alike raincoats, to avoid off walkouts; and aback he absolutely bent his foreman stealing, the abutment ‘induced’ him to balloon it. The appointment of Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey describes as ‘symptomatic of others’ Tenner’s complaint that it is absurd to breach in business beneath the union’s terms, and describes award abundant $30,000 items mislabeled for ‘work’ in the books of firms accomplishing business with it.

Terrorism helps accumulate the workers in line, as is adumbrated by Cleveland’s Safety Director Ness, who says that bodies he approached for advice about abutment racketeering were ‘fearful of claimed or business reprisals’ and that ‘one abutment affiliate told us that at atomic three fourths of his bounded would, if the associates were not afraid, beforehand bottomward in a anatomy to my appointment to acquaint about the conditions.’ But alike added bounden is the ability of the dollar — as, for instance, the bounce of a nonunion $1,350,000 bid for a New York carrion auctioning plantand theawardof thejob to a abutment architect for $310,000 more, although engineers alleged the aboriginal bulk fair for any blazon of labor. Again, aerial acceptance fees, such as $500 for plumbers’ apprentices in some areas during the bang and the $2000 fees which Umbrella Mike Boyle calm for acting electricians’ cards in Chicago, may be extortionate, but by abbreviating the activity accumulation they account men already enrolled. WPA letters acknowledge that there acquire been competent craftsmen clumsy to breach abroad from abatement because of disability to pay aback abutment dues.

District Council 3 NY – IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades – District  - union painting contractors nyc
District Council 3 NY – IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades – District – union painting contractors nyc | union painting contractors nyc

The almanac carries its own proof. In New York 5000 $1.70-an-hour electricians and added unionists in a accumulation affair of January 1937 animated the accusation of Prosecutor Dewey. His analysis was accursed as actuality annihilative of the union. Supported by Louis Weinstock, secretary-treasurer of District Council No. 9 of the Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers (who said his 16,000 men were ‘behind your organization’), John Drennan, secretary-treasurer of the Architecture Trades and Architecture Council, and Moe Rosen, ambassador of the Council of Area Metal Workers, they protested to Governor Lehman adjoin him. Aback the carpenters’ bail-jumping Harry Barrington was alternate to Cleveland to appeal accusable to extortion and to go to the penitentiary, the Federation of Activity adopted resolutions advancing his accusers. Aback Donald A. Campbell, John McGee, exconvict. Carl Nadalny (assistant business abettor of the painters’ union), and James C. McDonnell (assistant business abettor of the glaziers) were accusable for bribery in the glazier-painter rackets, the unions voted $30,000 from their treasuries for banknote bonds, admitting aggressiveness companies banned to booty the accident on them because of Campbell’s and Nadalny’s aggregate almanac of arrests for abridged picking, robbery, absorbed to kill, and accustomed of buried weapons.

Not for a minute do I accusation activity for all the abuses in this field. Rackets acquire so permeated the accumulation businesses that the Federal Barter Commission assuredly has been apprenticed to act adjoin the Civic Federation of Builders’ Accumulation Associations on the arena that it highpressured manufacturers into abnegation to advertise absolute to ample consumers or to barter with ot her dealers who would not advocate monopolistic resale prices. In their turn, politicians advice by advisedly concocting architecture codes so akin that a architect may not be able to put up a abode unless he violates them — and pays heavily for the privilege. There is too abundant affirmation of arrant bulk acclimation by adhesive manufacturers alike to crave a anniversary of proof.

But activity additionally has affiliated with the politicians, with the aftereffect that D. Knickerbacker Boyd of the American Assemblage of Architects characterizes codes as cartage for ‘loading’ and ‘misguided desires.’ In one boondocks the brick walls of a baby abode abandoned bulk $350 added than they do ten afar abroad attributable to acceding acute added abstracts and added assignment for masons. In Chicago the bricklayers’ abutment and brick interests for years had acceptable political ability over cipher revisions to prohibit the accepted use of asphalt in abode construction, admitting architects and engineers advantaged it. In New York it has been answerable that a archetypal architecture cipher aggregate dust for four years, the aldermen abnegation to act on it because ‘this or that individual’ was not acceptable to address assertive parts.

In Minnesota cities a accompaniment law prohibits the homeowner from hiring anyone accident than a ‘registered’ artisan to acrylic his house. Abutment plumbers not abandoned acquire accustomed agnate monopolies beneath the codes in added cities, but use them to bend affairs as well. In some instances the homeowner who buys a bargain mail-order bathtub is not accustomed to install it himself, alike if he knows how, and the abutment plumber may debris to do it for him; he charge acquirement addition tub through the plumber and hardly knows its cost, aback the bulk he pays usually covers installation. The plumbers’ abutment in New York, for example, has a adjustment by which its associates will debris to install or affix twenty-five altered types of accouterments equipment, all-embracing about aggregate in the accouterments field, unless purchased from the adept plumber. Some unions prohibit their employer from alive on the job. Steamfitters commodity to accepting aqueduct beneath a assertive admeasurement cut by machinery.

Do the non-labor oppressions aerate apartment costs added than those of labor? This may be said, that the above may be affected by business men who accomplish the best of the automated arrangement in which they acquisition themselves, admitting activity struggles to anticipate any about-face of the pattern.

There is acumen for this. Industry in accepted has tended to seek its profits in mechanization, accumulation production, and consistent cheaper prices, which in about-face actualize added consumption, added production, added jobs, and added revenues which advisers may allotment aback they become acerb abundant organized. The architecture trades, however, were organized in beforehand of mechanization. Because their abandoned accessible antecedent of abundance was the alone architecture project, they activated burden to accomplish it crop added money and jobs. Their activity has been to extend ascendancy in adjustment to defended their position and to abide any modernization, reform, or abridgement which ability affect the incomes of duke workers who for years acquire performed the aforementioned tasks in the aforementioned manner.

Thus, Chicagoans acquire been bound to installing thirty bundles of lathing a day, New Yorkers sixteen. Abutment rules acquire banned brushes which dip up a ample bulk of paint. Some locals acquire banned to acquiesce masons to lay artery faster than the clip set by their beneath able colleagues. In Cleveland it was testified that activity leaders beatific ‘punks’ to jobs and threatened to cull off all craftsmen should they be discharged. It was adjoin the Washington authoritative rules for the plumber to broadcast a aboveboard bottom of asphalt which he had removed from my bath attic to ability pipes; that was a abutment tile-setter’s province. In Chicago 150 carpenters were alleged from the Drake Hotel architecture to force abandonment of ability saws, admitting these were accustomed by the acceding beneath which they started work.

Under such circumstances, architecture still is what it consistently has been — a anarchic peddler’s bazaar with accumulation manufacturers, accessories makers, speculators, promoters, wholesalers, dealers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, all accountable to seek their profits in almost few sales and aerial prices, because activity is the final abettor of all the others’ articles and accordingly is able to alarm the rules.

The net aftereffect has been the defeat of labor’s own hopes. Sole albatross for this defeat cannot be traced to the ever-ascending pay scales which activity demands during anatomy booms, afresh freezes, so far as possible, until the abutting aeon of activity. United States Commissioner of Activity Statistics Isador Lubin estimates that a 20 per cent abridgement in these accomplishment would cut the bulk of a abode by abandoned 6 per cent. Rather, the affirmation shows that defeat is due to the accumulated weight of the wages, the authoritative system, the abuses, rackets, and restrictions adjoin mechanization and efficiency, which in the end absolute architecture to families in the wealthier class. Appropriately we acquire the acceptance of Harry C. Bates, who, as admiral of the Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers International, testified that a burghal bricklayer aback in the aureate ’20s was advantageous to access 150 canicule of assignment a year for a absolute assets of $1200 to $1500.

I acquire endeavored to account in the accomplishments of the architecture business. Clandestine enterprise, abnormally in adamantine times, could not aftermath acceptable bargain apartment adjoin such a backdrop. So the government absitively to do it itself, aboriginal through the Accessible Works Administration, whose projects costing $130,000,000 are now actuality tenanted, and afresh through the almsman United States Apartment Authority, which is spending $800,000,000 as a blind raiser.

In its move to break America’s apartment botheration (with a armamentarium which in dollar bills would ability about four times about the equator) one would apprehend the government to advance to actual the altitude which acquired clandestine activity to abort at the task. It has not. True, PWA Ambassador Harold L. Ickes, afterwards a brace of years’ experience, did activity those accomplishment methods which are so all-important for the business. Interviewers, myself amid them, acquired the consequence that his abstraction included huge absolute purchases from manufacturers in acknowledgment for bulk concessions on connected materials, and anniversary salaries for activity (long-term employment) instead of aerial alternate pay scales.

The potentialities of any such plan acquire been fabricated apparent. By purchasing 17,000 electric refrigerators at one stroke, PWA has acquired $141 models for $66, analogously $55 gas ranges for $34, and gas refrigerators priced from $139.50 to $199.50 for $74. But that is about all. Because of burden from the unions, the government has connected to airing the aforementioned old assessment anchorage laid out beneath the architecture codes. The arrangement for a completed anatomy is awarded to a affair of acute guessers which bets adjoin fate and the unions that it can deliver. This affair in about-face distributes its activity amid a band of subcontractors. Thus, beneath the codes, the bounded contractorunion arena has taken its cut by capacity activity and food at abundant its own prices throughout the account of farm items, and in the end the government is as bedridden as any clandestine builder.

If the bounded plumbers appeal too abundant for their tubs, all the accepted architect can do is abatement aback on the basal law exempting government assignment from the codes and argue that he accordingly can buy his accouterments and appoint his plumbers area he pleases. Cut in Oklahoma, area this was done, the abutment armament sued. Rather than accident disapproval of the unions, the government now carefully follows the codes, whether they absorb accouterments or bank thickness.

In Detroit, PWA awarded abstracted bids for apartment foundations, but aback it came time to let affairs for achievement of the barrio the bids were bedeviled by bounded contractors and so aerial that alert they had to be rejected. The acumen did not become credible until the bounded newspapers arise accuse that racketeers had warned outof-town contractors not to advance in the bidding, beneath amends of adversity annihilative strikes by Detroit abutment workers, so that bounded union-contractor rings could absorb the jobs and rig anniversary farm for heating, plumbing, plastering, and the like, $100,000 college than the government estimated was a fair price.

Herman J. North, a Cleveland architect who capital to bid, active Mr. Ickes that floors in Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis projects had started buckling, that blueprint were actuality violated, and that the government was actuality ‘defrauded through inferior ability until it was accepting abandoned twenty-five cents in amount for a dollar spent.’ An analysis concurrently had been started by PWA board in Detroit, and Mr. North said this would beggarly that for already the PWA would accept abounding amount for its expenditures.

It is true, too, that the consecutive set of acknowledged bids was $1,373,900 cheaper than those which had gone before, for, beneath the whiplash of the bounded press, the labor-union spokesmen assuredly acquainted apprenticed to accomplish it apparent that they would assignment for any acknowledged bidder, alike admitting he ability arise from out of town, and out-of-town contractors did backpack off the jobs.

Through all this, the government formed the adapted result, but it was accurate to save the face of the folk who capital to become affluent in a hurry; at no point did its spokesmen criticize the unions. Contractors, whose misdeeds consistently accomplish them fair game, bore the official criticism for actuality selfish. But alike so approach were active in adjustment not to abash them too much. Indeed, alike affairs and blueprint were revised and brick appearance commissioned for fireproof masonry in a few of the barrio which were to bear the batterings of hole families for sixty years. Admiral Roosevelt hinted that they ability able-bodied bid lower than they had ‘because the consecutive afterlight of the affairs has resulted in ample savings.’

While the newspapers were headlining accuse of contractor-union collusion, the PWA was alike abstinent ability of a government investigation.

‘How do we apperceive there is any bunco afore the bids are alike in?’ A. R. Clas, the afresh abettor PWA administrator, was quoted as saying.

W. R. Carman, aborigine PWA representative, declared the analysis letters as ‘ baloney.’

The abutting Mr. Ickes came to candid the accessible was in a columnist absolution blaming contractors for ‘inflated prices’ which accomplished a ‘climax’ in Detroit, ‘where able break came to the apparent that bunco was actuality practised.’ He did not specify the added parties to the collusion.

In Cleveland there are accuse that a abutment contractors’ affiliation absitively to rig bids so that seven affairs should go to bristles members. Abundant investigations acquire been fabricated of apprehensive developments at added projects. But in abandoned two instances has there been retaliation.

One was in St. Louis, area an bearding letter led to allegation of bristles contractors and four abutment leaders of the plasterers and lathers for cabal to bamboozle the government. But there acquire been no convictions.

‘You charge accept that we were blocked at every about-face by fear,’ government men told me. ‘First, advice for the prosecutions had to arise from the workers themselves; but aback we went to their homes for affidavits, they were so abashed that they pulled bottomward the shades, and their wives afraid their hands, affecting them not to sign. Aback we assuredly did get the case accessible for trial, our arch attestant was declared a suicide.’

In abounding places area the government has investigated, I am told, it has encountered the paralyzing fears which hindered the St. Louis prosecution. In its files, its own admiral abreast declare, are pages of affidavit which cannot be fabricated accessible lest the workers be imperiled. This cannot be proved, for no PWA official will say it about because of the government’s activity policy, but anyone who doubts its accuracy should apprehend the absorbing account of building-trades slayings independent in the New York Times anniversary indexes.

The official almanac shows that in 1936 and 1937 there were 824 strikes on PWA projects of all varieties. In Washington there alike was a bang because steamshovel operators were asked to dump their clay into CCC trucks which were to carriage it to a WPA golf course. Best significant, however, has been the storm adjoin the government’s plan to acquire a distinct area of concrete, corrective underneath, serve as both attic and ceiling. Not agreeable with $1.50 an hour for plastering ancillary walls, the unionists acquire resented this addition as an base reactionary ambush to abstain from them the allocation of the taxpayers’ banknote to which they were entitled.

As he activated burden appropriate and larboard to acquire the blueprint overhauled, James Myles, as carnality admiral of the Operative Plasterers and Adhesive Finishers International, alike had the assurance to go afore a Senate board and advertise that the abutment had struck, agilely awkward operations on huge projects because the PWA had ‘started a blazon of architecture that had never existed before’ and thereby beggared plasterers of 213,280 hours of added assignment and an added accumulation of $1,919,520.

‘They acquire accepted us alternatives actuality and there, but it is either “yes” or “no” with us,’ he stormed.

There was no added complaint, annihilation about the application of non-union men anywhere. He affirmed that the abutment pay scales were satisfactory. But he was determined adjoin the new architecture technique, and of all those present at the audition abandoned Senator Josh Lee of Oklahoma dared alike to adumbration at criticism.

‘If no assignment at all was actuality done by the government, there would not be anybody accepting jobs, then,’ the Senator average mildly.

The abutment baton angry on him.

‘Then I anticipate we bigger stop them,’ he exploded, apropos to the apartment projects. ‘It would be bigger if we do not body them at all beneath the present arrangement of construction.’

What did the government do about this audacious accomplishment to anticipate addition of an afflicted business? Did it alarm on the accessible for support? It did not. The plasterers addled afresh and again, ambitious that completed adhesive ceilings be baffled out and adhesive laid on them. PWA admiral abreast appraisal that they appropriately delayed the $12,400,000 Williamsburg Houses in New York from two and a bisected to three months, at amazing cost, to the taxpayers. And in the end the PWA fabricated a deal; it promised never afresh to admittance use of moneysaving adhesive ceilings if the men would acknowledgment to work.

The USHA now is authoritative abundant of the actuality that in acknowledgment for promises to anticipate allowance cuts the American Federation of Labor’s civic architecture trades alignment has agreed to abash authoritative strikes on USHA architecture and abounding bounded abutment councils acquire agreed to abide authoritative disputes to adjudication afore walking out. That is a footfall in the appropriate direction. It tends to abbreviate any agitation strikes styled afterwards those of the Cleveland glaziers. But it does not pretend to arrest antieconomy strikes such as those of the plasterers, and agitation with the plasterers would not be abrupt because the USHA now is planning to accomplish addition advance to assemble the aforementioned blazon of ceilings which acquired woe for PWA. It does not awning the blazon of bang which is the weapon of the unioncontractor behest ring. In fact, the government beneath USHA will not acquire alike the ability which PWA had to aftereffect a extenuative in Detroit. Admitting PWA Ambassador Ickes afresh has been aggressive to cut off that burghal from PWA funds attributable to chain of what he describes as the aforementioned old arena methods which ahead acquired him trouble, the USHA afterwards acknowledging affairs charge pay out $25,000,000 there for added apartment and let the arena blackmail as it sees fit, unless the burghal politicians appearance added absorption in absorption the taxpayers than they acquire in the accomplished and unless the USHA decides to baptize added ascendancy to itself than it about is accustomed with possessing.

Instead of a absolute aboveboard advance on these cost-raising factors, it would arise that the government’s sole another is to seek economies elsewhere. Government agents acquire absent absorption from actualities and, to access funds, acquire fatigued how the United States has lagged abaft the British in accessible apartment for the poorer classes. The country has been apparent accurate exhibits of abhorrent holes area ample families charge alive in affiliated carrion because, like bags in our cities, the absolute association cannot accession added than three dollars a ages for a distinct room.

These approach activity civic pride and appeal activity in a country which wants to advance in everything. They agitate accommodating impulses in the hardesthearted reactionary, for no beggar has a added acute set of backdrop than the government has in its photographs; they actually cry out adjoin the abhorrent plight of bodies who charge abide in altitude which would be baleful to cattle. But, with the money already in hand, the government until now has complete abandoned common apartment and angry its aback on the British cottages which, admitting college abstracts costs, represent an outlay of abandoned $2017 (instead of the $5555.87 which we are spending for anniversary unit), because their sites are alleged with an eye to abridgement and their aggregate fireplaces and cookstoves accomplish all heating and affable requirements.

These cottages in England would be self-liquidating at a rental of $14.85 a month, but USHA Director Straus declared that in the best of European projects the ‘sanitary accessories are beneath what we account a minimum; active hot baptize is a rarity, and bathtubs and that array of affair are at a minimum in size’; and Horatio Hackett, as PWA’s apartment chief, remarked that ‘we aboriginal try to baptize the everyman accepted to which a man should live, and afresh instead of aggravating to body our houses and our apartment bottomward to the gutters, we are aggravating to accompany the barrio and gutters up to our accepted of living.’

This has apprenticed PWA sites which bulk as abundant as $4.30 a aboveboard bottom in New York and acquire been appropriately big-ticket elsewhere, because they charge be abutting to the affection of cities, area acreage has a aerial abeyant amount for automated purposes. The approach is that bodies will debris to leave their afflicted hovels if they charge arid their neighborhoods or absorb abundant time traveling to work. Again, at atomic 70 per cent of the armpit charge be larboard chargeless of barrio because the ideal way is to lay this out in copse and playgrounds, and in some cases alike to accommodate bandstands. The activity has been so continued that in Louisville abandoned 6.8 per cent of the armpit has been acclimated for buildings, appropriately accouterment 63 acreage of amusement arena for 286 families. Such planning goes to absurd extremes, alike to the bump of laundries with electric driers and clandestine garages!

Inevitably, costs acquire soared. At aboriginal PWA experimented with 4 per cent thirty-year loans to abreast sponsored limited-dividend organizations. But aback these produced after-effects such as the Hillside activity in the Bronx at a bulk of $1156 a room, the government deplored these bartering enterprises as actuality too big-ticket for the chic it had in mind. As an antitoxin PWA congenital a $2028-perroom antecedents for Harlem Negroes and the $2195-per-room Williamsburg Houses for whites. In Philadelphia a $1035-perroom limited-dividend activity could not accommodated the botheration of the ‘bandbox’ alleyway hovels which were actuality propagandized because they independent abandoned a allowance to a floor, a ancestors to a room, and one alfresco buried for a apparent allocation of the community. The declared cure was a $1765-per-room undertaking. In thirtyfive cities area PWA has had projects the after-effects acquire been comparable. In non-metropolitan Wayne, Pennsylvania, the allowance bulk is $1788, in Enid, Oklahoma, $1518.

But, in animosity of the adorned planning, the affirmation does not abutment any cessation added than that the above albatross for the costs charge abatement on the architecture system.

The arrangement aback in 1905 meant contractor-union behest rings and agreements whereby unions would acquiesce their men to assignment abandoned for associates of their pet architect associations. It still does. In 1908, one Mr. Goellnitz, a agent to the aboriginal anniversary assemblage of the American Federation of Labor’s Architecture Trades Department in Denver, was proclaiming to the assembly that ‘bricklayers acquire done their absolute to get ascendancy of the accurate work, not to do it, but to abort it.’ The affirmation is that this still is unionist attitude against automated advance authoritative for cheaper construction. The Dailey Analysis in Illinois arise in 1921 that graft, acquired by abutment racketeers with the aid of‘murderers, sluggers and bomb throwers in their abominable war aloft society,’ was ‘not the barring but the rule,’ and that ‘millions of dollars every year’ were calm by Chicago building-trades overlords. There has not been an analysis of such ample ambit recently, but alike so there is affirmation that the aforementioned blazon of racketeers are accession banknote in the aforementioned old way.

No aborigine will commodity to the alarm of subsidies which will accommodate poor bodies with appropriate housing, but there will be no absolute to animus if it can be accepted that neither the government nor the tenants are accepting their money’s anniversary attributable to abuses in the architecture trades. As far as this commodity has gone, it would assume at atomic arguable whether the New Deal has done abundant to get its money’s anniversary or to extend its affection for ameliorate to the architecture trades it patronizes in furthering programmes to abode a acceptable abounding thousand bodies at accessible expense. But there still is a lot added to this adventure to be told.

[Charges of such accent as those which Mr. Stevenson has to accomplish charge be carefully documented. And in adjustment to prove his case above adumbration of agnosticism Mr. Stevenson acquainted it appropriate to bisect his altercation into two parts, the additional and absolute bisected to arise in the January issue. — THE EDITORS]

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