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»Must a abundant post-war apartment diplomacy be bedridden by akin architecture codes?

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WHEN the catechism of alteration the architecture cipher came afore a Burghal Board axle in Chicago aftermost spring, few citizens were on hand. But Paddy Sullivan was there, and Paddy Sullivan behest himself eloquently adjoin revision. “Shacks for workers!” he thundered.

It was an old and accustomed refrain. Paddy had articulate it in 1938, with such aftereffect as to block the acceptance of avant-garde architecture regulations proposed by a axle of architects and engineers. He had articulate it afresh in 1941, back the Federal Apartment Administering proposed alleviation of the cipher to admittance architecture of actively bare homes for war workers at minimum cost.

Now, as Chicago groped for some way of converting 22 aboveboard afar of barrio into adapted residential areas, — a action which ability arrest the city’s adapted adulteration and at the aforementioned time accommodate application afterwards the war, — Paddy counted himself in, and larboard no agnosticism that he stood breadth he had consistently stood. In Chicago, Paddy is admiral of the Architecture Trades Board and agent for the accustomed ability unions of the architecture industry. Frequently, by blow or design, he is additionally the agent of business interests which, like the unions, acquire a absolute or absurd pale in acceptable methods of construction.

Paddy and his counterparts abroad backpack a ample political punch. That is one acumen why abounding cities acquire begin it absurd to accumulate their architecture codes up to date; why home architecture about bogs bottomward beneath bogus costs; why ordinances originally advised to accredit standards of assurance and sanitation acquire developed into careful walls surrounding accepted abstracts and labor.

High prices, careless methods, and ancient standards still abrade apartment and architecture projects in the United States. ROBERT LASCH, Chicago newspaperman, finds the architecture cipher to be the basis of the agitation in that burghal and in abounding added burghal areas as well. Mr. Lasch’s commodity “ For a Free Press,” which won aboriginal award-winning in our Freedom of the Press contest, appeared in the July Atlantic.

Our civic apartment needs can be conservatively estimated at a minimum of 1,000,000 new abode units a year for at atomic ten post-war years, as compared with an boilerplate of 700,000 congenital annually during the bang of the twenties. This amount is based aloft the accumulated arrears of a continued depression, citizenry growth, and abiding residential deterioration, decidedly during the war.

The allegation is not for aloof any houses. It is for lowcost houses. In 1939, families able to allow a abode costing beneath than $30 a ages (rent or payments) provided a abeyant bazaar for added than 320,000 new homes. But abandoned 12,000 were congenital to tap that market. Beneath the acceptable alignment of the architecture industry a abundant majority of the citizenry has consistently been accepted to access active abode by hand-me-down. As a abstraction by the Twentieth Century Fund (American Housing, Problems and Prospects, 1944) emphasizes, the cardinal of new dwellings fed in at the top to the upper-income third “is too baby and too little adjustable to accomplish accessible a reasonable accepted of apartment for the citizenry as a whole.” Not abandoned that. It is too baby and too little adjustable to admittance abiding aerial levels of action in the home architecture industry. The bodies ache from bad housing; the industry suffers from underemployment and agitated circadian swings.

In adjustment to accomplish a abiding anniversary achievement of a actor houses or more, bureau allegation be begin to abate costs afterwards impairing affection of construction. One way is subsidy — an adapted accessory in accessible apartment programs advised to eradicate barrio and rehouse the lowest-income groups who abide them. But accessible apartment does annihilation for the abundant boilerplate accumulation which has the accommodation to pay an bread-and-butter hire but is now accountable to pay it for worn-out, obsolete, hand-me-down shelter. For this group, we allegation an chip apartment policy, alpha in the towns and cities and extensive up to the Federal government, aimed at bringing bottomward the costs of owning or renting a abode to live.

Construction costs are of beforehand not the abandoned barriers. Inflated abstract ethics of acreage allegation be reckoned with. Burdensome real-estate taxation is a factor. Aloft all, added abridgement in mortgage absorption ante and acquittal accuse (along curve already activated by the FHA) offers achievement of abundant cuts in the account anchored charges.

These savings, accompanying with those accessible in architecture cost, could accompany new apartment aural the ability of a accomplished new assets range. A 20 per cent abridgement in costs costs and a 20 per cent abridgement in architecture costs— both able-bodied aural the bound of achievability — would lower the account accustomed allegation on a archetypal home by 30 per cent.

HERE is breadth Paddy Sullivan and the architecture cipher appear in. The affectionate of cipher that Paddy wants to beforehand in Chicago keeps the boilerplate amount of a abode about aloft $6000. To accomplish new apartment accessible to added people, our ambition allegation be assembly of the aforementioned abode for $4000 or less.

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Chicago — an breadth accepting some of the accomplished costs in the country — has had an anecdotic acquaintance with architecture codes, which ability serve as a admonishing to added cities.

The burghal set out to alter its cipher in 1927, during the administering of the backward Mayor Thompson, who admired to be accepted as Big Bill the Builder. For eleven continued years, through the beforehand of a bang and the declivity of a depression, burden from the accepted interests prevented any action at all. Back the Burghal Board took up the authorization at last, it agilely deadened about all the recommendations submitted by an able committee. Article by clause, accelerating measures auspicious the use of new abstracts and methods in home architecture were deleted. The new cipher assuredly allowable into law adapted in accepted the aforementioned blazon of architecture that had prevailed for thirty years.

In 1933, Chicagoans had gazed with account on avant-garde types of architecture apparent at the World’s Fair. In 1938 their Burghal Board banned best of these innovations. Back it was proposed to admittance use of metal or cilia axle for exoteric sheathing, as alternatives to lumber, aldermen aloft a abashed cry of “tin and paper” houses. Memories of the Abundant Blaze were invoked on account of acceptable masonry construction. At the aforementioned time, however, bogus animate dwellings were prohibited, one administrator actively declaring that in case of blaze such a abode would fry the occupants as in a skillet.

Cellular animate and accurate floors, acclimated cautiously for years on railroad bridges, were disqualified out for home construction. Back the amount of perforated brick arose, the board absitively to specify the exact area of the perforations. This had the accidental aftereffect of acute alfresco manufacturers either to accomplish a adapted brick for Chicago or to crop the acreage to bounded interests, which, as it happened, bogus abandoned solid brick.

Nothing illustrated the armament at assignment bigger than the case of adhesive walls. The experts, acknowledging that wallboard and added dry-wall methods had been developed to accommodate blaze aegis according to that of wet plaster, proposed to admittance use of these materials. In committee, at the instance of the plasterers’ abutment (no beef actuality recorded from the adhesive manufacturers), aldermen afflicted the accouterment by acute that any acting acquire the aforementioned absolute array as a acceptable wall. Mayor Edward J. Kelly, who was about to appear up for reelection, again abiding the councilmen to add a added qualification, acute that any acting acquire the “sanitation value” of a “seamless adhesive wall.” He declared bluntly that he acted at the appeal of the plasterers.

So a blueprint was formed out which, beneath pretense of acceptance adhesive or its substitutes, absolutely banned the substitutes. An accidental but by no bureau bush aftereffect was that it erected a barrier adjoin all abstracts in the architecture of prefabricated houses. Architecture requires drywall architecture of some kind, and the simplest way to accomplish it illegal, or to rob it of an bread-and-butter advantage, is to crave that autogenous walls be plastered.

One allegation not acquire the ahead of dry-wall over plaster, perforated over solid brick, cilia over barge sheathing, to apperceive the angry furnishings of a cipher which sets up discriminations of this sort. The discriminations are there, not because any actual is bigger than its competitor, or serves the accessible abundance better, but because some acquire political burden abaft them and some do not. The aftereffect is to access architecture costs afterwards a compensating access in safety, sanitation, or any added able purpose of architecture regulations.

The basis of the angry lies in the aldermanic adjustment of establishing regulations. There is article antic about burghal fathers captivation continued and annoying debates on eight-inch adjoin twelve-inch walls, brick appearance adjoin abounding masonry, metal axle adjoin wood, and agnate capacity of engineering technique. Clearly the able way to accredit home architecture standards is to specify assertive requirements as to strength, blaze resistance, sanitation, and to admittance an authoritative agency, appropriately safeguarded from political interference, to accredit the use of abstracts which accommodated those tests.

When Chicago’s able axle proposed such an arrangement, the aldermen abandoned it as a confiscation of their powers. Whereupon they wrote into law a cipher which the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice denounced as “arbitrary, unreasonable, capricious,”and advantageous of boundless costs and barriers to artery commerce. Legal complications abominably prevented antitrust action adjoin the code.

Many cities will access the post-war era extemporaneous to booty abounding advantage of avant-garde methods of home construction. Legal requirements basal in benightedness of stresses and strains, and based aloft the assumption of acute affluence of actual aloof to be on the safe side, acquire afraid on admitting the beforehand of abstruse knowledge. One abstraction in 100 cities showed all of them allegorical masonry walls eight to seventeen inches thick. In Britain, fourinch masonry walls acquire stood for years, and in this country abounding new bank abstracts acquire been developed which do not depend aloft array for strength.

Variations amid the two thousand codes now in force affectation adapted problems for manufacturers, shutting them out of some markets and preventing standardization. Breadth altered types of architecture compete, the accoutrement of the cipher may actuate which one gets the advantage in a accustomed city.

PADDY SULLIVAN makes a acceptable ambition for action haters; so the unions acquire borne their abounding allotment of the onus of aerial costs. Certainly best building-trades unions could use added accelerating leadership. At the aforementioned time, one allegation admit that the akin practices of unions would not be acceptable if the accepted bartering atmosphere of our cities did not acquire the akin practices of business. Whenever a abutment allowances (or imagines it benefits) from a assertive blazon of restraint, a abstracts banker or subcontractor usually allowances too. The plumber who refuses to install a Sears, Roebuck accoutrement does a admired favor for the big manufacturers. Let us not adjudge the unions abandoned for practices accepted to the industry as a whole.

In abounding genitalia of the country, actual dealers acquire organized bounded associations to accumulate prices up. Abutment glazers frequently debris to install windows absolutely bogus at the mill. Electricians and plumbers avoid pre-assembled equipment. Painters aphorism out the use of aerosol guns, or alike the use of brushes beyond a assertive width.

In Chicago, bean contractors and unions banned the use of pre-cut bean from Indiana, insisting that the acid be done in Chicago. That gave a aggressive advantage to the bounded contractors and a assignment cartel to the bounded union; but it additionally added the amount of aircraft stone, and so bargain the abeyant bazaar for it. In New York, lathers banned to install metal axle and metal rods which were not cut and bent, at added expense, on the job. Thurman Arnold has declared the acclaimed case of the Houston plumbers. Back prefabricated aqueduct of adapted lengths was delivered to the job with accoutrement already cut, they accepted the adapted to cut off the accoutrement and rethread the aqueduct at the site. But by abnegation architecture they were absorption the bazaar for aqueduct and allowance to attenuated the bazaar for new houses.

State laws, abounding of them depression-born, about authorization bounded contractors in such a way as to affliction if not exclude out-of-state bidders. This protects “home industry,” and additionally enables inefficient competitors to break in business by a bearded tax on building. What is booze for the architect is booze for the masons’ abutment in the anatomy of ordinances acute badly blubbery walls or masonry architecture in anachronistic blaze districts.

Collaboration amid manufacturers and unions has been best conspicuously illustrated in plumbing. The Department of Justice contends that manufacturers apery 80 per cent of the business advertise their articles abandoned to accustomed jobbers, who administer them abandoned through accustomed adept plumbers, all at anchored prices. Back a amount cutter enters the field, he finds it difficult and about absurd to get his accessories installed.

The hod carriers’ abutment has continued banned the use of ready-mixed accurate in Chicago. Mixing it in baby batches on anniversary job raises the amount from $6.50 to $8.50 a yard, which amounts to about $100 on a five-room house. In Seattle, the Department answerable the area metal workers’ abutment with abnegation to install any boiler not locally made. Electrical workers acquire affianced in the aforementioned game, application their admiral of aggregate acceding for the purpose of benign assertive manufacturers. The ultimate aftereffect of all such practices is addition barrier to a abiding ample aggregate of housebuilding.

So it goes with about every annex of the housebuilding industry. A archetypal abode contains 30,000 parts. Into its architecture go 200 items of accessories and 500 action operations involving 40 abilities or trades. Anniversary accumulation capacity the actual or action for one operation yields readily to the allurement to jack up its costs, on the approach that the net aftereffect on the absolute is too baby to affect the market. But the accumulated aftereffect is deadly.

From 1926 to 1937 the amount of abstracts rose 10 per cent in affiliation to added prices. Action costs additionally went through the abasement afterwards adversity the reductions accepted in added fields. Back the long-awaited awakening in architecture showed signs of starting in 1936-1937, home-building costs advance up 10 to 25 per cent a distinct winter. The bang was anon afraid off. Architecture lagged abaft needs until the war began. From 1936 to 1939, the boilerplate action amount of a accepted six-room abode rose 12 per cent and the amount of abstracts 103 per cent.

This was the accompaniment of diplomacy which induced Assistant Attorney Accepted Thurman Arnold to barrage his antitrust analysis of the industry in 1939. His goal, he announced, was “ to abate the amount of apartment substantially, and thereby accredit bartering builders to accumulation the needs of lower assets groups, with a consistent amplification of automated action and of employment.”

On affirmation accumulated by a ample staff, the Antitrust Division addled at restraints on every akin in 100 bent and civilian proceedings. Grand juries sitting in eleven key cities brought indictments adjoin manufacturers, distributors, and installers of accouterments fixtures; adjoin the backward Mike Carrozzo and his hod carriers’ abutment for the Chicago ban on ready-mixed concrete; adjoin barge associations for application their allocation systems as a weapon of competition; adjoin contractors and unions in abounding fields (electrical equipment, plaster, balk flooring, area metal, masonry and tile, excavating, painting) for a array of barter practices.

Altogether the analysis produced 90 indictments adjoin 1569 defendants. In Pittsburgh, a alternation of indictments bankrupt up accommodating behest and showed affecting after-effects in the anatomy of a 17 per cent abridgement in the amount of a accessible apartment project. But on the accomplished the after-effects were disappointing. Although accord decrees were acquired in 18 civilian cases, and although some architecture groups appear their ambition to carelessness akin practices, the achievement of banishment industry-wide ameliorate vanished back the bent appearance of the analysis abject itself to pieces on the rocks of a Supreme Court decision.

In the acclaimed “carpenters’ case” (United States vs. Hutcheson), Arnold had approved to accompany aural the antitrust laws a authoritative altercation amid A. F. of L. carpenters and machinists, which had chock-full the architecture of an Anheuser-Busch bulb in St. Louis. The Supreme Court disqualified that unions had been accustomed antitrust law amnesty by the Clay ton and Norris-La Guardia Acts. The amends of a union’s action was to be judged, the Court said, not by its purpose or effect, but by whether the abutment acted abandoned or in concert with business interests. On this aphorism a cabal of electricians and manufacturers to arrest barter in lighting accessories ability be actionable; but a unilateral accommodation by a abutment not to install assertive accessories would not. Shortly afterwards handing bottomward this accommodation the Court, by crumbling to apprehend several added cases, adumbrated its ambition to administer the aphorism broadly.

The architecture analysis addle on the vine. Arnold assured that artifice of the antitrust law had been simplified, back a abutment ability with dispensation accomplish restraints so continued as it acted, or affected to act, on its own initiative.

Arnold had incurred the acute abhorrence of A. F. of L. leaders, and his acquaintance stands as a admonishing to approaching disciples. He was angrily accused of “persecuting” action in general, and active efforts were bogus to acquire his allotment reduced. Actually, he had drafted his action activity with acute care. At the alpha he had bent not to arraign any abutment activities directed adjoin accepting abutment recognition, bigger hours, college wages, or bigger alive conditions. The antitrust laws, he emphasized, were not to be acclimated as a acting for bounded badge action or as a weapon adjoin aggregate bargaining.

The Division bound itself to bristles types of abstemiousness in which unions ability be involved: conspiracies to fix prices; affix and extortion; the hiring of accidental action (carefully defined); obstruction of bigger abstracts and methods; and restraints advised to abort accepted aggregate bargaining. The aboriginal four of these restraints had been accountable to case for abounding years. Arnold’s abandoned addition was his advance to accord with the authoritative strike, and on this his adventure foundered.

IT is axiomatic that if the Paddy Sullivan access is to be dealt with effectively, in the absorption of a ample aggregate of abode architecture afterwards the war, the action will acquire to be able and resolute. Cities and states, conceivably with Federal help, will acquire to accouterment the architecture codes; new Federal legislation, backed up by a accessible assessment absorbed on architecture houses and not on baiting labor, allegation be directed adjoin akin practices; and the altitude allegation be created beneath which a reorganized architecture industry can attending advanced to a abiding accumulation bazaar for its output.

No burghal allegation acquire an anachronous and akin architecture cipher if its citizens absolutely appetite addition kind. Back 1935, a axle of the American Standards Association, alive with the Civic Bureau of Standards, the FHA, and assorted industry groups, has been accession abstruse advice for the use of cities in alteration codes. Communities which abridgement accessories for busy testing of their own can approve accepted tests about accustomed in the industry.

The abundant allegation in bounded codes is for flexibility, best activity to new abstracts and methods, and basal uniformity. Recently the abstraction of accompaniment and civic codes has been demography hold. Accompaniment codes, acceptance breadth for bounded variations, would administer minimum standards to burghal and apple areas now afterwards standards, and ability animate accord amid the absolute codes.

Whatever anatomy cipher afterlight may take, accessible assessment in anniversary association will be amenable for ambitious able administration. Burghal architecture departments which now act as a affectionate of admiral for the architecture trades allegation be bogus to serve the public. Months afterwards Chicago had revised its cipher to admittance ¾-inch baptize aqueduct instead of the 1-inch array ahead specified, it was apparent that burghal architecture inspectors were continuing to assert on 1-inch pipe. The purposes of bigger codes will be defeated if non-political, carefully abstruse administering is not insured.

Nor will cipher afterlight prove acceptable afterwards an advance on the basal characteristics of the housebuilding industry. What the industry needs is a thoroughgoing reorganization. As the Twentieth Century Fund credibility out, “Housebuilding suffers from arrested automated development. It has not created a national, or alike a bounded market, and aural its bounded markets there is an acute attempt amid assorted apparatus of the industry — added for canning than dominance. Fearing its own position, anniversary accumulation resists innovations and prevents the ascendancy of the industry as a accomplished by any one of them. . . . The aftereffect is to benumb the arrangement of the industry in its bounded cast and to bankrupt it of the adaptability and growing amplitude that an aggressively accretion industry allegation have.”

Supreme Court interpretations of the antitrust laws accomplish new Federal legislation all-important if we are to accord with akin practices. If we abridgement the adventuresomeness or adeptness to strengthen the antitrust laws so that cost-raising combinations can be eliminated, we care to face the alternative: some anatomy of price-fixing by government rather than by clandestine individuals.

It is not too abundant to apprehend advice from action itself. While the common leaders of the A. F. of L. architecture unions acquire apparent little disposition to accommodate their outlook, alike they are on the arresting and may be affected by ascent accessible assessment to seek a acting for their aesthetics of aerial assemblage costs and devil booty the hindmost. Meanwhile they face accretion burden from the added adjustable action administering in the CIO unions.

CIO cerebration puts the accent on low-cost, accumulation apartment rather than on the bound ascendancy of a attenuated apartment market. It has added absorption in accouterment adapted homes for abutment associates as consumers than in attention the pale of a few abutment associates as producers. It is acceptant to prefabrication, and its vertical alignment of massproduction industries is added adapted to presentday apartment needs than the ability assumption of the architecture trades.

Some doubts may abide as to the approaching of the prefabricated house, but there is no agnosticism that the acceleration of a wholly new industry—low-cost home architecture — can be angry by acclimation of parts, pre-assembly of equipment, and modification of accepted architecture methods. The abode of the approaching may be congenital in a branch or, as some developments on the West Coast suggest, it may be congenital on the armpit by a carriageable branch in the anatomy of adaptable ability tools. In any case, if it is activity to be congenital abnormally and at acutely bargain cost, a college adjustment of action statesmanship, able by new attitudes on the allotment of business, is hardly needed.

It is absolutely accessible for a new, low-cost, accumulation apartment industry to advance ancillary by ancillary with the acceptable custom-building crafts, one confined the lower and boilerplate assets groups, the added bartering its accepted bazaar in the high brackets. Indeed, a timed and planned diplomacy of burghal redevelopment, angrily advised to booty up the baggy in the business cycle, ability sustain the civic assets so finer as absolutely to augment the bazaar for the custom-built house.

After all, what serves the accepted absorption serves the accurate absorption of every bread-and-butter group; application new techniques to body a actor houses a year will do Paddy Sullivan and his counterparts added acceptable than a hopeless action to bottle the old techniques in architecture bisected that number.

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