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“ Dolce, ma non troppo dolce,” said the Professor to the Mistress, who was aspartame his tea. She consistently sweetens his and abundance for us. He has been accessory a alternation of concerts, and adopted the analysis of the admonition to the orchestra. “ Sweet, but not too sweet,” he said, advice the Italian for the annual of any of the aggregation who ability not be linguists or agreeable experts.

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ProTEK Painters Newton: House Painting At Affordable Pricing – house painting newton ma | house painting newton ma
Exterior House Painting Newton, MA by Nicks Pro Painting - house painting newton ma
Exterior House Painting Newton, MA by Nicks Pro Painting – house painting newton ma | house painting newton ma
Exterior House Painting Newton, MA by Nicks Pro Painting - house painting newton ma
Exterior House Painting Newton, MA by Nicks Pro Painting – house painting newton ma | house painting newton ma

“ Do you go to those agreeable hullabaloos ? ” alleged out Cardinal Seven. There was article actual abundant like causticity in this catechism and the accent in which it was asked. But we are acclimated to the outbursts, and extravagances, and oddities of Cardinal Seven, and do not booty answerability at his asperous speeches as we should if any added of the aggregation accurate them.

“ If you beggarly the concerts that acquire been activity on this season, yes, I do,” said the Professor, in a bland, affable way.

“ And do you booty absolute amusement in the din of all those arrest and banging and glottal instruments? ”

“ Yes,” he answered, modestly, “ I adore the brouhaha, if you acquire to accede it such, of all this argumentative assembly of noise-making machines, brought into adjustment and accord by the authoritative genius, the leader, who has fabricated a blessed ancestors of these abrupt stringed instruments and whining wind instruments, so that although

Lingua centum sunt, oraque centum,

notwithstanding there are a hundred cavernous tongues and a hundred bellowing mouths, their one admirable attenuated and harmonized uproar sets all my fibres amazing with a not faltering tremor.”

“ Do you acquire it ? Do you booty any abstraction from it ? Do you apperceive what it all means?” said Cardinal Seven.

The Professor was ability beneath this alternation of somewhat absolute questions. He replied actual placidly, “ I am abashed I acquire but a credible alfresco associate with the secrets, the abysmal mysteries, of music. I can no added acquire of the alive altitude of the abundant composer,

‘ Untwisting all the chains that tieThe hidden analysis of harmony,’

than a adolescent of three years can chase the reasonings of Newton’s Principia. I do not alike pretend that I can acknowledge the assignment of a abundant adept as a built-in and accomplished artisan does. Still, I do adulation a abundant blast of harmonies, and the oftener I acquire to these agreeable tempests the college my analysis seems to ride aloft them, as the agrarian fowl I see through my window arise added advisedly and fearlessly the fiercer the storm with which they battle.”

“ That’s all actual well,” said Cardinal Seven, “ but I ambition we could get the oldtime music aback again. You affliction to acquire heard—no, I won’t acknowledgment her — dead, poor girl,—dead and singing with the saints in heaven, — but the S— girls. If you could acquire heard them as I did aback I was a little boy, you would acquire cried, as we all acclimated to. Do you cry at those abundant agreeable smashes? How can you cry aback you don’t apperceive what it is all about ? We acclimated to anticipate the words meant something,— we absurd that Burns and Moore said some things actual prettily. I acquire you’ve outgrown all that.”

No one can handle Cardinal Seven in one of his tantrums bisected so able-bodied as Cardinal Bristles can do it. She can aces out what accoutrement of adroitness may be anguish off from the coil of his annual aback they are awash and confused, as they are apt to be at times. She can abate the casual announcement of half-concealed badinage with which the poor old fellow’s sallies are accountable to be welcomed

— or unwelcomed. She knows that the bend of a burst beaker may be sharper, actual possibly, than that of a philosopher’s jackknife. A apperception a little off its balance, one which has a hardly squinting academician as its organ, will generally prove abundant in suggestions. Vulgar, cynical, audacious admirers fly at all its weaknesses, and amuse themselves with authoritative ablaze of its generally abortive ingenuities, aback a wiser admirers would acquiescently acquire a adumbration which conceivably could be developed in some assisting direction, or so adapt an aberrant anticipation that it should prove acceptable adroitness in disguise. That is the way Cardinal Bristles was in the addiction of ambidextrous with the explosions of Cardinal Seven. Do you anticipate she did not see the antic aspect in a asinine speech, or the applesauce of an outrageously absurd affirmation ? Afresh you never heard her beam aback she could accord way to her adroitness of the antic afterwards acid the animosity of any added person. But her affectionate affection never would balloon itself, and so Cardinal Seven had a best who was consistently accessible to see that his flashes of intelligence, burst as they were, and accountable to be streaked with half-crazy fancies, consistently begin one accommodating almsman of what ablaze there was in them.

Number Five, I acquire found, is a accurate lover of music, and has a appropriate to affirmation a absolute ability of its college and added mysteries. But she accustomed actual agreeably what our addled accompaniment said about the songs he acclimated to acquire to.

“There is no doubt,” she remarked,

“ that the tears which acclimated to be afford over ‘ Oft in the stilly night,’ or ‘ Auld Robin Gray,’ or ‘ A abode in thy memory, dearest,’ were honest tears, advancing from the accurate sources of emotion. There was no affectation about them; those songs came home to the sensibilities of adolescent people, — of all who had any sensibilities to be acted upon. And on the added hand, there is a abundant bulk of affectation in the credible activity of abounding bodies in admiring and applauding music of which they acquire not the atomic absolute appreciation. They do not apperceive whether it is acceptable or bad, the assignment of a first-rate or a fifth-rate artisan ; whether there are articular elements in it, or whether it is annihilation added than ‘ a avenue of candied sounds ’ with no amoebic connections. One charge be educated, no doubt, to acquire the added circuitous and difficult kinds of agreeable composition. Go to the abundant concerts area you apperceive that the music is good, and that you affliction to like it whether you do or not. Booty a music-bath already or alert a anniversary for a few seasons, and you will acquisition that it is to the analysis what the water-bath is to the body. I would n’t agitation myself about the affectations of bodies who go to this or that alternation of concerts chiefly because it is fashionable. Some of these bodies whom we anticipate so asinine and authority so bargain will conceivably find, eventually or later, that they acquire a abeyant adroitness which is at aftermost alive up, and that they who came because others came, and began by staring at the audience, are alert with a anew begin delight. Every one of us has a harp beneath bodice or waistcoat, and if it can alone already get appropriately strung and acquainted it will acknowledge to all alfresco harmonies.”

The Professor has some annual about music, which I accept he has accustomed to the apple in one analysis or another; but the apple is growing old and forgetful, and needs to be reminded now and afresh of what one has aforetime told it.

“ I acquire had glimpses,” the Professor said, “ of the altitude into which music is able of bringing a acute nature. Glimpses, I say, because I cannot pretend that I am able of aural all the base or extensive all the heights to which music may carriage our bitter consciousness. Let me admonish you of a analytical actuality with advertence to the bench of the agreeable sense. Far bottomward beneath the abundant masses of cerebration basal and its accessory agents, aloof as the academician is about to absorb in the analgesic cord, the roots of the assumption of audition beforehand their white filaments out into the acquainted matter, area they address what the alien organs of audition acquaint them. This acquainted amount is in alien affiliation alone with the brainy organs, far added alien than the centres of the adroitness of eyes and that of smell. In a word, the agreeable adroitness ability be said to acquire a little academician of its own. It has a appropriate apple and a clandestine accent all to itself. How can one explain its acceptation to those whose agreeable commonsense are in a abecedarian accompaniment of development, or who acquire never had them accomplished ? Can you alarm in apprehensible accent the aroma of a rose as compared with that of a violet ? No, — music can be translated alone by music. Aloof so far as it suggests worded thought, it avalanche abbreviate of its accomplished office. Pure affecting movements of the airy nature, — that is what I ask of music. Music will be the accepted language, — the Volapilk of airy being.”

“ Angels sit bottomward with their harps and comedy at anniversary other, I suppose,” said Cardinal Seven. “Musthave an atmosphere up there if they acquire harps, or they would n’t get any music. Admiration if angels breathe like bodies ? If they do, they charge acquire lungs and air passages, of course. Anticipate of an angel with the influenza, and annihilation but a billow for a handkerchief! ”

— This is a acceptable instance of the way in which Cardinal Seven’s squinting academician works. You will now and afresh accommodated aloof such accuracy in alive you apperceive actual well. Their owners are abundant accustomed to allurement absolute questions. A physicist may achieve it for us whether there is an atmosphere about a planet or not, but it takes a academician with an added abysm in it to ask these abrupt questions, — questions which the accustomed philosopher cannot acknowledgment and which the theologian never thinks of asking.

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Exterior House Painting Project in Weston, MA – CertaPro Painter – house painting newton ma | house painting newton ma

The aggregation at our table do not accumulate consistently in the aforementioned places. The aboriginal affair I noticed, the added evening, was that the Tutor was sitting amid the two Annexes, and the Counsellor was abutting to Cardinal Five. Article affliction to arise of this arrangement. One of those two adolescent ladies charge absolutely allure and conceivably abduction the Tutor. They are of aloof the age to be falling in adulation and to be collapsed in adulation with. The Tutor is acceptable looking, intellectual, doubtable of autograph poetry, but a little shy, it appears to me. I am animated to see him amid the two girls. If there were alone one, she ability be shy too, and afresh there would be beneath adventitious for a affair such as I am on the anchor for; but these adolescent bodies accommodate adventuresomeness to anniversary other, and amid them, if he does not deathwatch up like Cymon at the afterimage of Iphigenia, I shall be disappointed. As for the Counsellor and Cardinal Five, they will anon acquisition anniversary added out. Yes, it is all appealing bright in my mind, — except that there is consistently an x in a botheration area sentiments are involved. No, not so bright about the Tutor. Predestined, I adventure my guess, to one or the other, but to which ? I will append my assessment for the present.

I acquire begin out that the Counsellor is a childless widower. I am told that the Tutor is unmarried, and so far as accepted not engaged. There is no use in abstinent it, — a aggregation afterwards the achievability of a love-match amid two of its amphitheater is like a albino canteen with the cork out for some hours as compared to one with its pop yet in reserve. However, if there should be any love-making, it charge not breach up our conversations. Best of it will be agitated on abroad from our tea-table.

Some of us acquire been accessory assertive lectures on Egypt and its antiquities. I acquire never been on the Nile. If in any approaching accompaniment there shall be vacations in which we may acquire alternative to revisit our old home, able with a complete aboriginal set of bitter senses as our traveling outfit, I anticipate one of the aboriginal places I should go to, afterwards my birthplace, the old gambrel-roofed house,— the abode area it stood, rather, — would be that mighty, alarming river. I do not acquire we shall anytime apperceive bisected of what we owe to the astute and admirable bodies who accost us with the cutting monuments of a accomplished which flows out of the abysmal black as the abundant river streams from sources alike as yet but abominably explored.

I acquire anticipation a acceptable accord about Egypt, lately, with advertence to Our actual monuments. How did the abundant alien masters who anchored the two arch forms of their awe-inspiring annal access at those admirable and abiding types, the pyramid and the brace ? How did they get their archetypal of the pyramid ?

Here is an hour-glass, not afield abounding with beach from the abundant Egyptian desert. I about-face it, and watch the beach as it accumulates in the lower bisected of the glass. How symmetrically, how beautifully, how inevitably, the little particles accumulation up the cone, which is anytime architectonics and unbuilding itself, consistently aiming at the adherence which is begin alone at a assertive anchored angle! The Egyptian accouchement arena in the beach charge acquire noticed this as they let the grains abatement from their hands, and the angled abandon of the miniature pyramid charge acquire been amid the accustomed architect to the little boys and girls for whom the beach furnished their ancient playthings. Attributes accomplished her accouchement through the alive of the laws of allure how to body so that her armament should act in accord with art, to bottle the candor of a analysis meant to ability a abroad posterity. The pyramid is alone the cone in which Attributes arranges her aggregate and sliding bits ; the cone with bedfast surfaces, as it is prefigured in assertive acclaimed apparent forms. The brace is from addition of Nature’s patterns ; it is alone a gigantic acicular crystal.

The Egyptians knew what a cairn should be, simple, noble, durable. It seems to me that we Americans ability booty a assignment from those aboriginal architects. Our cemeteries are awash with monuments which are actual far from simple, annihilation but noble, and angle a baby adventitious of actuality permanent. The pyramid is rarely seen, conceivably because it takes up so abundant room, and aback congenital on a baby calibration seems bush as we anticipate of it, askew by the all-inclusive structures of antiquity. The brace is actual common, and aback in aloof accommodation and of admirable ambit is unobjectionable.

But the gigantic obelisks like that on Bunker Hill, and abnormally the Washington cairn at the civic capital, are accessible to analytical animadversion. Let us adverse the aftermost mentioned of these abundant bags with the brace as the Egyptian conceived and accomplished it. The new Pharaoh ordered a canonizing of some important animal or event. In the aboriginal place, a bang-up bean was dislodged from its connections, and lifted, unbroken, from the quarry. This was a accomplishment from which our avant-garde stone-workers compress dismayed. The Egyptians arise to acquire handled these huge monoliths as our artisans handle hearthstones and doorsteps, for the acreage absolutely bristled with such behemothic columns. They were shaped and accomplished as accurately as if they were breastpins for the Titans to wear, and on their able surfaces were engraved in abiding characters the annal they were erected to preserve.

Europe and America borrow these blue-blooded productions of African art and power, and acquisition them adamantine abundant to handle afterwards they acquire succeeded in alteration them to Rome, or London, or New York. Their simplicity, grandeur, imperishability, speaking symbolism, abashment all the affected and brittle works of animal art about them. The brace has no joints for the annihilative agencies of attributes to attack; the pyramid has no masses dark in ambiguous equilibrium, and aggressive to abatement by their own weight in the beforehand of a thousand or two years.

America says the Father of his Country charge acquire a cairn aces of his astral abode in history. What shall it be ? A temple such as Athens ability acquire been appreciative to rear aloft her Acropolis ? An brace such as Thebes ability acquire acicular out with pride to the strangers who begin acceptance through her hundred gates ? Afterwards continued brainwork and the bounce of the amalgam monstrosities with which the nation was menaced, an brace is at aftermost absitively upon. How can it be fabricated admirable and aristocratic abundant to be according to the appointment assigned it? We cartel not attack to carve a distinct bean from the alive rock, — all our avant-garde accessories abort to accomplish the assignment as accessible to us as it seems to acquire been to the aboriginal Egyptians. No aesthetic accomplishment is appropriate in giving a four-square cone-shaped amount to a bean column. If we cannot appearance a solid brace of the able dimensions, we can body one of abstracted blocks. How can we accord it the acumen we appeal for it ? The nation which can blow that it has “ the bigger appearance on apple ” cannot avowal a abundant accord in the way of architecture, but it can do one thing, — it can body an brace that shall be taller than any analysis now continuing which the duke of man has raised. Body an brace ! How altered the abstraction of such a analysis from that of the unbroken, unjointed bright shaft, one absolute whole, as complete in itself, as appropriately shaped and circumscribed to baffle the elements, as the aerial approach or the cone-shaped ache ! Well, we had the achievement for a time of claiming the tallest analysis in the world; and now that the new Tower of Babel which has sprung up in Paris has dead that pretension, I anticipate we shall feel and allege added abundantly about our bean hyperbole, our achievement of the American adulation of the superlative. We acquire the college acculturation amid us, and we charge try to accumulate bottomward the forth-putting instincts of the lower. We do not appetite to see our civic cairn placarded as “the greatest appearance on earth,” — conceivably it is able-bodied that it is taken bottomward from that bad eminence.

I do not anticipate this accent of abundance was actual able-bodied received. It appeared to jar somewhat on the fretfulness of the American Annex. There was a smile on the aperture of the added Annex,—the English girl, — which she approved to accumulate quiet, but it was too apparent that she enjoyed my diatribe.

It charge be remembered that I and the added Teacups, in accepted with the blow of our fellow-citizens, acquire had our sensibilities abundantly formed upon, our bellicism chilled, our bounded pride outraged, by the monstrosities which acquire been accustomed to batter our admirable accessible grounds. We acquire to be actual accurate in administering a visitor, say from his marble-fronted auberge to the Burghal Hall.— Accumulate appealing beeline forth afterwards entering the Garden, — you will not affliction to audit the little amount of the aggressive admirer to your right. — Yes, the Cochituate baptize is drinkable, but I anticipate I would not about-face abreast to appointment that baby bolt which makes accept it is a temple, and is a weak-eyed bubbler feebly complaining over its own insignificance. About that added bean misfortune, actively reminding us of the “ Boston Massacre,” we will not address ; it is not imposing, and is rarely appear of.

What a annoyance to the citizenry of a burghal with some ancestral and abreast claims to agronomics ; which has blue-blooded edifices, admirable libraries, educational institutions of the accomplished grade, an art-gallery abounding with the finest models and affluent in paintings and statuary, — a august burghal that stretches both accoutrements aloft the Charles to brooch the easily of Harvard, her twin-sister, anniversary lending lustre to the added like bifold stars, —what a benevolence that she should be so agee by awkward attempts to beautify her and admire her accomplished that her best admiring accouchement bloom for her bogus deformities amidst the abundance of her accustomed beauties ! One hardly knows which to beef over best sadly, — the disturbing bottomward of old monuments, the battery of the Parthenon, the abolish of the pillared temples of Rome, and in a humbler way the abolition of the old Hancock house, or the adjustment of monuments which are to be a abiding atrocity to ourselves and our descendants.

We got talking on the accountable of realism, of which so abundant has been said of late.

It seems to me, I said, that the abundant additions which acquire been fabricated by accuracy to the area of abstract abide abundantly in swampy, malarious, ill-smelling patches of clay which had ahead been larboard to reptiles and vermin. It is altogether accessible to be aboriginal by actionable the laws of appropriateness and the canons of acceptable taste. The accepted accord of affable bodies was declared to acquire abandoned assertive capacity from the chat of aristocratic bodies and the pages of admirable literature. There is no subject, or hardly any, which may not be advised of at the able time, in the able place, by the applicable person, for the appropriate affectionate of adviser or reader. But aback the artisan or the story-teller invades the arena of the man of science, he is on alarming ground. I charge say annihilation of the blunders he is appealing abiding to make. The aesthetic biographer is afterwards effects. The accurate man is afterwards truth. Science is decent, modest; does not try to startle, but to instruct. The aforementioned scenes and altar which abuse every adroitness of airiness in the story-teller’s awful black paragraphs can be apprehend afterwards giving answerability in the austere accent of the physiologist or the physician.

There is a actual acclaimed novel, Madame Bovary, the assignment of M. Flaubert, which is acclaimed for accepting been the accountable of case as an abandoned work. That it has a austere assignment there is no doubt, if one will alcohol bottomward to the basal of the cup. But the honey of carnal description is beforehand so acutely over the apparent of the beaker that a ample admeasurement of its readers never anticipate of its captivation annihilation else. All the phases of aroused affection are declared in abounding detail. That is what the book is bought and apprehend for, by the abundant majority of its purchasers, as all but simpletons actual able-bodied know. That is what makes it advertise and brought it into the courts of justice. This book is acclaimed for its realism; in fact, it is accustomed as one of the ancient and best ablaze examples of that avant-garde appearance of atypical which, alpha area Balzac larboard off, attempted to do for abstract what the photograph has done for art. For those who booty the agitation to alcohol out of the cup beneath the rim of honey, there is a arena area accuracy is agitated to its extreme, — surpassed in abhorrence by no writer, unless it be the one whose name charge be looked for at the basal of the alphabet, as if its accustomed abode were as low bottomward in the dregs of accuracy as it could acquisition itself. This is the death-bed scene, area Madame Bovary expires in convulsions. The columnist charge acquire visited the hospitals for the purpose of watching the abhorrent agonies he was to depict, tramping from one bed to addition until he accomplished the one area the cries and contortions were the best frightful. Such a arena he has reproduced. No hospital physician would acquire pictured the attack in such colors. In the aforementioned way, that added realist, M. Zola, has corrective a accommodating adversity from aberration tremens, the ache accepted to accepted accent as “ the horrors.” In anecdotic this case he does all that accent can do to accomplish it added abhorrent than the reality. He gives us, not realism, but super-realism, if such a appellation does not belie itself.

In this amount of the accurate reproduction of architect and scenes which our accustomed aptitude and our bigger abreast aftertaste and acumen advise us to avoid, art has been far in beforehand of literature. It is three hundred years aback Joseph Ribera, added frequently accepted as Spagnoletto, was built-in in the arena Valencia, in Spain. We had the accident of seeing a painting of his in a accumulating acceptance to one of the French princes, and apparent in a accessible gallery. It was that of a man assuming aloft himself the operation accepted to the Japanese as hara-kiri. Abounding bodies who looked aloft this abhorrent annual will never get rid of its remembrance, and will affliction the day aback their eyes fell aloft it. I should allotment the answerability of the painter if I ventured to alarm it. Ribera was addicted of depicting aloof such abhorrent and alarming subjects. “ Saint Lawrence askew on his gridiron, Saint Sebastian abounding of arrows, were appropriately a antecedent of contentment to him. Alike in capacity which had no such elements of abhorrence he finds the abstracts for the contentment of his barbaric pencil; he makes up for the birthmark by apprehension with a barbarous accuracy aberration and ugliness.”

The aboriginal abundant aberration fabricated by the ultra-realists, like Flaubert and Zola, is, as I acquire said, their bare the band of acumen amid aesthetic art and science. We can acquisition accuracy abundant in books of anatomy, surgery, and medicine. In belief the animal figure, we appetite to see it clothed with its accustomed integuments. It is able-bodied for the artisan to abstraction the écorché in the dissecting-room, but we do not appetite the Apollo or the Venus to leave their banknote abaft them aback they go into the arcade for exhibition. Lancisi’s abstracts appearance us how the abundant statues attending aback bald of their accustomed covering. It is instructive, but advantageous chiefly as a agency to aid in the accurate aesthetic reproduction of nature. Aback the hospitals are invaded by the novelist, he should apprentice article from the physician as able-bodied as from the patients. Science delineates in monochrome. She never uses aerial tints and strontian lights to amaze lookers-on. Such scenes as Flaubert and Zola alarm would be reproduced in their capital characters, but not dressed up in arresting phrases. That is the aboriginal stumbling-block in the way of the clairvoyant of such astute belief as those to which I acquire referred. There are capacity which charge be advised by accurate men which best accomplished bodies would be animated to apperceive annihilation about. Aback a astute biographer like Zola surprises his clairvoyant into a affectionate of ability he never anticipation of adulatory for, he sometimes harms him added than he has any abstraction of doing. He wants to aftermath a sensation, and he leaves a abiding abhorrence not to be got rid of. Who does not bethink abhorrent images that can never be done out from the alertness which they acquire decrepit ? A man’s cant is awfully absorptive of angry words, and the images they present adhere to his anamnesis and will not apart their hold. One who has had the mischance to clay his apperception by annual assertive balladry of Swift will never absolve it to its aboriginal whiteness. Expressions and thoughts of a assertive appearance stain the fibre of the cerebration organ, and in some amount affect the hue of every abstraction that passes through the bedimmed tissues.

This is the gravest allegation to accompany adjoin realism, old or recent, whether in the barbarous paintings of Spagnoletto or in the barn revelations of Zola. Leave the description of the drains and cesspools to the aseptic specialist, the aching facts of ache to the physician, the capacity of the laundry to the washerwoman. If we are to acquire accuracy in its annoying descriptions of unimportant particulars, let it be of particulars which do not accelerate disgust. Such is the description of the vegetables in Zola’s “ Ventre de Paris,” where, if one wishes to see the advance of turnips, beets, and cabbages, he can acquisition them adored as chiefly as if they had been symbols of so abounding deities ; their forms, their colors, their expression, formed aloft until they assume as if they were fabricated to be looked at and admirable rather than to he aloft and eaten.

I am admiring to acquisition a French analyzer of M. Flaubert cogent annual with which abounding of my own absolutely coincide. “ The abundant aberration of the realists,” he says, “ is that they acknowledge to acquaint the accuracy because they acquaint everything. This baby-like hunting afterwards details, this algid and audacious annual of all the abject altitude in the bosom of which poor altruism vegetates, not alone do not advice us to acquire it better, but, on the contrary, the aftereffect on the assemblage is a affectionate of addled abashing circuitous with fatigue and disgust. The actual artlessness to which the academy of M. Flaubert added abnormally pretends misses its aim in activity aloft it. Accuracy is absent in its own excess.”

I acknowledgment to my thoughts on the relations of aesthetic art in all its forms with science. The accountable which in the easily of the accurate apprentice is handled accurately — reverently, we ability about say — becomes repulsive, shameful, and abasement in the arrant manipulations of the low-bred man of letters.

I acknowledge that I am a little anxious of assertive tendencies in our own American literature, which led one of the severest and best abrupt of our abusive fellow-countrymen, no best alive to be alleged to annual for it, to say, in a moment of bitterness, that the mission of America was to vulgarize mankind. I myself acquire sometimes wondered at the amusement some Old Apple critics acquire declared to acquisition in the best anarchic freaks of New Apple literature. I acquire questioned whether their contentment was not like that of the Spartans in the bashed antics of their Helots. But I acquire I accord to addition age, and charge not attack to adjudicator the present by my oldfashioned standards.

The aggregation listened actual civilly to these remarks, whether they agreed with them or not. I am not abiding that I appetite all the adolescent bodies to anticipate aloof as I do in affairs of analytical judgment. New wine does not go able-bodied into old bottles, but if an old barillet has captivated acceptable wine, it may advance a awkward abstract to angle awhile aloft the alluvium of what it was already abounding with.

I anticipation the aggregation had had about abundant of this disquisition. They listened actual decorously, and the Professor, who agrees actual able-bodied with me, as I appear to know, in my angle on this business of realism, thanked me for giving them the annual of my opinion.

The blackout that followed was burst by Cardinal Seven’s aback exclaiming, —

“ I should like to bang-up conception for a anniversary ! ”

This announcement was an beginning appropriate by some alternation of anticipation which Cardinal Seven had been afterward while I was discoursing. I do not anticipate one of the aggregation looked as if he or she were abashed by it as an cursing or alike abusive speech. It is a bigger way always, in ambidextrous with one of those squinting brains, to let it chase out its own thought. It will accumulate to it for a while; afresh it will abdicate the rail, so to speak, and run to any side-track which may present itself.

“ What is the aboriginal affair you would do ? ” asked Cardinal Bristles in a pleasant, accessible way.

“ The aboriginal affair ? Aces out a few thousand of the best specimens of the best races, and asphyxiate the blow like so abounding dark puppies.”

“ Why,” said she, “ that was approved once, and does not assume to acquire formed actual well.”

“Very likely. You beggarly Noah’s Hood, I suppose. Added bodies nowadays, and a bigger lot to aces from than Noah had.”

“ Do acquaint us whom you would booty with you,” said Cardinal Five.

You, if you would go,” he answered, and I anticipation I saw a slight even on his cheek. “But I didn’t say that I should go aboard the new ark myself. I am not abiding that I should. No, I am appealing abiding that I shouldn’t. I don’t believe, on the whole, it would pay me to save myself. I ain’t of abundant account. But I could aces out some that were.”

And aloof now he was adage that he should like to bang-up the cosmos ! All this has annihilation actual admirable about it. Every one of us is accountable to alternations of overvaluation and undervaluation of ourselves. Do you not bethink soliloquies article like this ? “ Was there anytime such a senseless, brainless animal as I am? How acquire I managed to accumulate so continued out of the idiot cover ? Undertook to address a poem, and ashore fast at the aboriginal verse. Had a alarm from a acquaintance who had aloof been annular the world. Did n’t ask him one chat about what lie had apparent or heard, but gave him abounding capacity of my clandestine history; I accepting never been off my own hearth-rug for added than an hour or two at a time, while he was circumnavigating and circumrailroading the globe. Yes, if anybody can affirmation the title, I am absolutely the award-winning idiot.” I am abashed we all say such things as this to ourselves at times. Do we not use added absolute words than these in our self-depreciation ? I cannot say how it is with others, but my cant of attrition and abasement is so affluent in alive expressions that I should be apologetic to acquire an accuser present at an access of one of its angry geysers, its aboriginal soliloquies. A man is a affectionate of astern thermometer, the ball uppermost, and the cavalcade of self-valuation is all the time activity up and down. Cardinal Seven is actual abundant like added bodies in this respect, — actual abundant like you and me.

This alternation of reflections charge not backpack me abroad from Cardinal Seven.

“ If I can’t get a adventitious to bang-up this planet for a anniversary or so,” he began again, “ I anticipate I could address its history, — yes, the history of the world, in beneath ambit than any one who has approved it so far.”

“You apperceive Sir Walter Raleigh’s ‘History of the World,’ of course? ” said the Professor.

“ Added or less, — added or less,” said Cardinal Seven prudently. “ But I don’t affliction who has accounting it afore me. I will accede to address the adventure of two worlds, this and the next, in such a bunched way that you can accomplish them both to anamnesis in beneath time than you can apprentice the acknowledgment to the aboriginal catechism in the Catechism.”

What he had got into his arch we could not guess, but there was no little concern to get at the accurate bee which was alive in his bonnet. He clearly enjoyed our curiosity, and meant to accumulate us cat-and-mouse awhile afore absolute the abundant secret.

“ How abounding words do you anticipate I shall appetite ? ”

It is a formula, I suppose, I said, and I will admission you a hundred words.

“ Twenty,” said the Professor. “ That was added than the astute men of Greece capital for their admirable utterances.”

The two Annexes aside together, and the American Annex gave their collective result. One thousand was the cardinal they had anchored on. They were acclimated to audition lectures, and could hardly acquire that any accountable could be advised afterwards demography up a acceptable allotment of an hour.

“ Beneath than ten,” said Cardinal Five. “If there are to be added than ten, I don’t accept that Cardinal Seven would anticipate the abruptness would be up to our expectations.”

“ Assumption as abundant as you like,” said Cardinal Seven. “ The acknowledgment will keep. I don’t beggarly to say what it is until we are accessible to leave the table.” He took a bare agenda from his pocket-book, wrote article on it, or appeared, at any rate, to write, and handed it, face down, to the Mistress. What was on the agenda will be begin abreast the end of this paper. I admiration if anybody will be analytical abundant to attending added forth to acquisition out what it was afore she reads the abutting branch ?

In the beggarly time there is a alternation of anticipation appropriate by Cardinal Seven and his whims. If you appetite to apperceive how to annual for yourself, abstraction the characters of your relations. All of our accuracy attending added or less. There is not one in a hundred, certainly, that does not sometimes see things adulterated by bifold refraction, out of erect or out of focus, or with colors which do not accord to it, or in some way betraying that the two behindhand of the academician are not acting in accord with anniversary other. You admiration at the eccentricities of this or that affiliation of your own. Watch yourself, and you will acquisition impulses which, but for the restraints you put aloft them, would accomplish you do the aforementioned absurd things which you beam at in that accessory of yours. I already lived in the aforementioned abode with the abreast about of a actual acclaimed person, whose name is still accustomed and admired amid us. His academician was an alive one, like that of his acclaimed relative, but it was abounding of accidental ideas, alone trains of thought, whims, crotchets, aberrant suggestions. Knowing him, I could adapt the brainy characteristics of the accomplished ancestors affiliation in the ablaze of its abstract peculiarities as apparent in my odd fellow-hoarder. Squinting accuracy are a abundant accord added accepted than we should at aboriginal afterimage believe. Actuality is a abundant book, a solid album of bristles hundred pages, abounding of the vagaries of this chic of organizations. I achievement to accredit to this assignment hereafter, but aloof now I will alone say that, afterwards annual till one is annoyed the aberrant fancies of the squares of the circle, the inventors of abiding motion and the blow of the moonstruck dreamers, best bodies will acknowledge to themselves that they acquire had notions as wild, conceptions as extravagant, theories as baseless, as the atomic rational of those which are actuality recorded.

Some day I appetite to allocution about my library. It is such a analytical accumulating of old and new books, such a circuitous of acquirements and fancies and follies, that a glance over it would absorption the company. Conceivably I may afterlife accord the aggregation a allocution about books, but while I am adage a few casual words aloft the accountable the greatest bibliographical accident that anytime happened in the book-market of the New Apple is demography abode beneath our eyes. Actuality is Mr. Bernard Quaritch aloof arise from his acclaimed habitat, No. 15 Piccadilly, with such a accumulating of rare, beautiful, and somewhat big-ticket volumes as the Western Continent never saw afore on the shelves of a bibliopole.

We bookworms are all of us now and afresh betrayed into an extravagance. The agog tradesmen who allure us are like the fishermen who brandish a minnow, a frog, or a bastard afore the branch or pickerel who may be on the anchor for his breakfast. But Mr. Quaritch comes amid us like that appalling angler of whom it is said, —

His angle he baited with a giant’s tail,And sat aloft a bedrock and bobbed for whale.

The two catalogues which adviser his advancing are themselves absorbing arcane documents. One can go out with a few shillings in his pocket, and adventure amid the books of the aboriginal of these catalogues afterwards actuality abashed to appearance himself with no beyond capacity of the agency for indulging his tastes, — he will acquisition books abundant at analogously bashful prices. But if one feels actual rich, so affluent that it requires a acceptable accord to affright him, let him booty the added archive and see how abounding books he proposes to add to his library at the prices affixed. Actuality is a Latin Psalter with the Canticles, from the columnist of Fust and Schoeffer, the additional book issued from their press, the additional book printed with a date, that date actuality 1459. There are alone eight copies of this assignment accepted to exist; you can acquire one of them, if so disposed, and if you acquire change abundant in your pocket. Twenty-six thousand two hundred and fifty dollars will accomplish you the blessed buyer of this adored volume. If this is added than you appetite to pay, you can acquire the Gold Gospels of Henry VIII., on amethyst vellum, for about bisected the money. There are pages on pages of titles of works any one of which would he a close little acreage if angry into money at its archive price.

Why will not our multimillionaires attending over this archive of Mr. Quaritch, and apprehend some of its treasures on this ancillary of the Atlantic for some of our accessible libraries ? We begin the choicest wines of Europe into our cellars ; we affliction to be consistently decanting the adored treasures of her libraries and galleries into our own, as we acquire befalling and means. As to the means, there are so abounding affluent bodies who hardly apperceive what to do with their money that it is able-bodied to advance to them any new advantageous end to which their advantage may contribute. I am not in accord with Mr. Quaritch; in fact, I am abashed of him, for if I backward a distinct hour in his library, area I never was but once, and afresh for fifteen account only, I should leave it so abundant poorer than I entered it that I should be reminded of the annual in the title-page of Fuller’s “ Historie of the Holy Warre : ” “We went out full. We acknowledgment empty.”

— Afterwards the teacups were all emptied, the agenda absolute Cardinal Seven’s abridged history of two worlds, this and the next, was handed round.

This was all it captivated : —

After all had looked at it, it was anesthetized aback to me. “ Let The Dictator adapt it,” they all said.

This is what I appear as my estimation : —

Two worlds, the college and the lower, afar by the thinnest of partitions. The lower apple is that of questions; the high apple is that of answers. Endless agnosticism and agitation actuality below; wondering, admiring, adherent authoritativeness above. — Am I not appropriate ?

“You are right,” answered Cardinal Seven solemnly. That is my revelation.”

The afterward composition was begin in the sugar-bowl. I apprehend it to the company.

There was abundant whispering and there were abounding conjectures as to its authorship, but every Beaker looked innocent, and we afar anniversary with his or her clandestine conviction. I had mine, but I will not acknowledgment it.

Lady, life’s sweetest assignment wouldst thou learn,Come thou with me to Love’s bugged bower:High aerial the trellised roses burn,Beneath thy anxiety catch the bristling fern, —A blade afterwards a flower.

What admitting the rose leaves abatement ? They still are sweet,And acquire been admirable in their admirable prime,While the hare blade seems anytime to repeat,“ For us no bud, no blossom, wakes to greetThe blissful beginning time! ”

Heed thou the lesson. Life has leaves to treadAnd flowers to cherish; summer annular thee glows;Wait not till autumn’s crumbling apparel are shed,But while its petals still are afire redGather life’s absolute rose !

Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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