This is my method how I make currently over $7k per month with payday
loans /cash advance offers.
The number is steadily growing and you will see why.
You can be from any country for it to work. Just ability to get into CPA

Tips When Filling In Your CPA Application
1. Always Be Honest – This goes without saying… CPA Networks are not
there to filter out newbies, their main goal is to filter our scammers. So
make sure you fill out your right address, real name, DOB etc

2. This is NOT a must but highly recommended – Have your own website
whether it’s a blog of a niche sites. If you rather not build a website and just want to mass market, fill in
something like “ This will let them know
that you just plan to mass market and don’t really have a website of your

3. You know what Niche/offer you want to promote and what traffic
source you’ll be using, that’s fine.

4. Experience or No Experience? Again, be honest when filling in this
section. If you are completely newbie and have never made a single dime
online. Tell them that you are 100% serious and that you’re studying
really hard.
If you’ve bought any courses, list them down that you can invested in
courses, if you’ve been reading blog posts like this one, tell them!
Basically, they are NOT filtering marketers who are trying hard, they are
filtering out scammers. So be honest and let them know that you’re
ready to take action

5. Budget – This part is the hard part and as much as I want to say be
honest, sometimes you can’t. If your REAL HONEST budget is something
like $100. Then that will actually look pretty bad.
I recommend saying something like $500 – $1,000. This will let the
network know that you’re serious and ready to market once you’re

6. Other questions are pretty obvious so I won’t touch on them here.
After you have filled in your application and have uploaded all the
necessary documents to verify your identity.

Now when you are accepted into CPA network, you are ready to go.
Method in nutshell:
I contact pawn shops and offer them a deal where they will hand out
fliers with my website on it that redirects people to payday loan/cash
advance offer.
Those offers pay anywhere $25 to $80 for qualified lead.
Pawn shop guys get 25% of commission.

So the reason why this works is simple.
1. People who visit pawn shops need money fast. Very fast. If they do not
need money urgently they would not take out loans and as collateral
they offer phones, computers, tv's, cars etc.

2. Pawn shop can only give them a certain amount of money. So if the
phone is worth $200, pawn shop will offer them about $100 to $150.
Most of the time this is not enough for people and they are desperate for

3. Once the loan has been given them the pawn shop worker tells them
to visit a certain company website that they have affiliation with for a
cash advance loan. And they will be given a flyer.

4. Person goes online, applies and I get commission of $80.

More Details:
So keep in mind that you would probably need to call those pawn shop
owners up. Unless you live in a city that has them around.
Offer them a certain amount for every customer they bring. Do not tell
them it’s only 25% or how much you are getting.
Tracking: set up a domain and for each pawn shop have a subdomain
that redirects people through their specific subid to the offer.

That way you know when to pay and who to pay.
I have found that most people want weekly payments. So it’s good if you
have that ability.

Some pawn shops are offering loans themselves. I don’t stay away from
the ones that give loans. Because some of them only give to certain
people and reject some. Those are people to whom this is beneficial.

Also, they don’t give very big loans. After getting the loan, some people
still need more money.
Flyer should be a full page each one. You go partially or full color and
print them yourself or you just have them printed on Fiverr. I've got a
few full page color created and will probably continue ordering them
from Fiverr.
Contacting the pawnshops: you call them or contact owners via their
website (if they have). I mostly call each one to get the manager's name
and then using a spin off the ‘7878 22 letters' thread and sending a ‘bulky
package' – pretty much a professional proposal to them and then a
couple of days after it arrives, calling the manager and asking if he got it –
and if he had any questions (or she of course).

For the website I use WordPress for the display of the offers. You can
also do a custom coding of it, using html and php. The advantage you
would have with that is if you wanted to create multiple sites for a region
(ie, different cities in a state, ‘,,'), you could
use the same SQL database for the ads and just have to edit the one
database to change all of the sites.

You could also do a 2 step landing page, where the first page collect
emails from the people, then in the auto-response have the link to the
offers page. This way you would be building a list to market to later (If
they need a loan once, they will need one again, or would do well with
work online offers), and you could also run email promotions for the
pawnshops directly to their customers (for a fee of course). This of
course would have to be done in such a way to not seem too spammy
and be discussed with the shop owner.

Another idea with the multiple offers on a landing page would be the
ability to sell advertising to locally based loan providers (assuming they
are not in competition with the pawnshops). Perhaps a “National
Lenders” and “Local Lenders” section on the page.
On the other hand, simple redirect with a subdomain will do the job too

With as much as these offers pay out, I see no real reason to ‘low ball'
the pawnshop managers. You can be straight up with them – 50/50 cut.
50% for them for producing the lead, 50% for you for handling the
backend. This way with the multiple offers being different payouts, you
just look at what their SubID produced for each network for that pay
period and pay them 1/2 of that payout. This honesty can go a long way
in keeping a strong working relationship once it starts paying out for

More pawn shops you recruit more you earn. I started out with $300 per
week with one pawn shop. Slowly but surely it grew. In 3 months of
doing this I am making constant $7k+
P.S I have been full time CPA marketer for a long time and if any of you
would like to mastermind or chat about CPA I would be well up for it. I do
not have that much time, so I would really prefer chatting with people
with whom we could mastermind and chat about methods etc.

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